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  1. What? Even ignoring 1984, here are Gable's world medalists - 1981 Chris Campbell - 1st 1986 Barry Davis - 2nd 1987 Barry Davis 2nd 1990 Royce Alger - 2nd, Chris Campbell - 2nd 1991 Brad Penrith - 2nd 1992 Chris Campbell - 3rd (Bronze) 1993 Terry Brands - 1st, Tom Brands 1st 1995 Terry Brands - 1st 1996 Tom Brands - 1st (Gold) 1998 Lincoln McIlravy - 3rd 1999 Lincoln McIlravy - 2nd 2000 Terry Brands - 3rd (Bronze), Lincoln McIlravy - 3rd (Bronze) 2001 Joe Williams - 3rd 2005 Joe Williams - 3rd 2006 Bill Zadick - 1st Three Iowa wrestlers - Randy Lewis, Chuck Yagla, and Chris Campbell earned spots on the 1980 Olympic team that did not compete. Olympic Gold medalists Ben and John Peterson with train and were coached by Gable. In 1972 the brothers prepared for the Olympics in Gable's parent's basement in Waterloo.
  2. It's Spencer Lee's job if he wants it. He will transition in. The lesson of ISU losing Gable is very fresh in Iowa.
  3. Does anyone seriously think Marinelli would have beat Mamiti twice by opening up his offense? IMO, if he follows JB's advise he would have no chance to win those matches and he can forget the nationals. Marinelli is playing to his strength against some extremely tough wrestlers.
  4. Iowa scored 27 bonus points at last years NCAA tournament. Are those awarded for snapping heads and pushing opponents out of bounds?
  5. I don't like it. The NCAA must enact strong disincentives. Remember injury timeouts?
  6. Eric Juergens (3,3,1,1) - five tournament wins against NCAA champions - Abas (twice), Eric Larkin, Aaron Holker, and Johnny Thompson.
  7. Ultimately it all evens out because recruits and their parents are not going to want to be pawns on a game board.
  8. Eric Voelker, Iowa State, never won a state title but won two NCAA championships.
  9. Some obituaries state cause of death, others don't. You're the one making it political.
  10. Spencer is probably the answer. But, #2 is Cal Jones - 3 time first team all-American (only three year eligible). Snubbed the NFL, played one year in Canada and made the CFL all-star team as a rookie. Then died in a plane crash. Would have been a legend.
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