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  1. NJ cheating for hometown boys. Caught red handed.
  2. I think Dake takes this spot. Isn't Lewis in the mix?
  3. 57 Lee 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Cox 97 Snyder 125 Cassar
  4. Just try wrestling without strong athletic thumbs.
  5. I think the Russian approach is best - basic athletic skills (i.e., soccer, thumbling, gymnastics, swimming), then start wrestling at ten. Some of our wrestler are a little burned out and some are too robotic from wrestling too much.
  6. Amen to this. Seems like half the wrestling fans can't figure out how good Dake is. Same issue with football fans and Tom Brady. Amazing.
  7. The entire Mike Evans/Logan Storley catalog.
  8. So I gather that Zain has a great shot of getting a TRO if Trump comes out for Yainni. Otherwise not.
  9. There is not enough time to litigate this except on a TRO basis. So technically a lawsuit would remain but it would be tried after the worlds. There is no point in that. Zain better win it on the mat.
  10. A temporary restraining order is the only possibility. But since the world are coming up so quick, a TRO would essentially just hand it to Zain with no recourse for Yianni. Bottom line - no judge is going to mess with this.
  11. Can you recall anyone that got out? Did Taylor?
  12. My financial advisor says Dieringer - so it's Dake in 2.
  13. So a Metcalf, whose championships straddle two decades, gets down graded in both decades? Seems to me Metcalf shouldn't be included at all. Yianni and Spencer Lee will be in the same position.
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