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  1. Dave and Mark Schultz credited to UCLA - come on. Kevin Jackson should be Iowa State.
  2. Probably the campus squirrel hunting. But seriously, for a state with one of the lower percentage of black residences in the country, the University of Iowa has an outlandish tradition in welcoming minorities. First woman in the entire nation to earn a law degree - 1873 G. Alexander Clark - first black in the United States to earn a law degree - 1879 Believed to be the first black varsity athlete ever - Frank Holbrook 1895 The first black All-American football player Duke Slater - 1921 The first black NCAA wrestling champion - Simon Roberts 1956 The University of Iowa is not perfect, but the school tradition for welcoming blacks and minorities is well know - at least in Iowa. But then again, wrestlers hunting rabbits and squirrels on campus is the quick take I guess.
  3. John Meeks. He just wilted in college. Might have been just too nice of a kid for the sport.
  4. You have been told time and time again that Iowa has been recruiting the elite level black wrestlers, yet you ignore this and continue to insinuate that the Brands don't want black wrestlers. At this point I'm not so sure you're not just trolling. Iowa went hard after John Meeks, RBY, Mark Hall, and Gable Steveson. They were top priority recruits and Iowa had their money on the table. And then, you invent some incoherent criterion that allows you to claim that black Iowa wrestlers Marion, Cooper, and Moody don't count as black recruits. Absolutely bizarre. Plus you ignore Aaron Cashman and the many Hispanic minorities Iowa hand recruited. You're making no sense.
  5. Your comical criterion - recruited out of high school with a state championship - just coincidentally excludes every black Iowa has had on the team. Why don't you drop it.
  6. The the report, followup ESPN article and followup investigation (released today) concern the football program. Most of the complaints concerned "drug testing" "dress codes" "discipline" "academic support", etc. within the football program. Not one word about the wrestling program.
  7. I'd be willing to bet you have zero knowledge of the culture of the Iowa Athletic Department. If I'm wrong, then please clue us in.
  8. Well you're wrong. Aside from Aaron Brooks, I can't recall a top black recruit Iowa didn't go after. And, they offered money. You see what you want to see.
  9. Jesse Whitmer won a national title and couldn't get off bottom if his life depended on it.
  10. Mark won three world freestyle golds at 82 KG. Cael wrestled freestyle at 84 KG. I think Mark may have been only slightly smaller.
  11. I go Cael v. Mark Schultz or Cael v. Kevin Randleman - both better matches than Cael v. Gabe dean.
  12. Well deserved - congratulations Spencer.
  13. I think they average .25 takedowns a match. I'l check my math later.
  14. I think this was one of the most entertaining matches ever. I fell out of my chair laughing watching this. It was just nuts.
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