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  1. Spencer is probably the answer. But, #2 is Cal Jones - 3 time first team all-American (only three year eligible). Snubbed the NFL, played one year in Canada and made the CFL all-star team as a rookie. Then died in a plane crash. Would have been a legend.
  2. You have absolutely no idea what went into Lee's decision to wrestle after his ACL surgery and who made that decision.
  3. I didn't know this but David Taylor is the first Penn State wrestler to win Olympic gold. However, he is the second PSU wrestler to medal at the Olympics - the first was Katsutoshi Naito won the bronze medal at the featherweight division in 1924 representing Japan. Congratulations and hope this is the start of something big.
  4. Factor in that Sadulaev is not a full size 97 KG. When he moved up he sacrificed both size and the dominant parr terre offense he had at 86 KG. But he's still winning.
  5. At 125 KG, Steveson. At 97 KG, Sadulaev. How's that for a lousy answer.
  6. With a 2-0 lead, he's gonna let Snyder come at him. He'd be an idiot to play it any other way.
  7. I think this is correct. It's totally backward. Go to https://www.nbcolympics.com/, then click Peacock link (top right) and log on to Peacock. Confusing as hell.
  8. Past Olympics in location with hot climates have been delayed until fall - Mexico City (1968) Oct. 12 - 27; Seoul (1988) - Sept. 17 - Oct. 2; Tokyo (1964) - Oct. 10 - 24. Apparently, NBC didn't want to lose $$$ moving it to the fall, so the heat and humidity (predicted to be very high) are going to be a huge problem. I'd be surprised if this isn't a disaster.
  9. Really, everything except basketball. I particularly like volleyball.
  10. This is a bad joke - right?
  11. Lennie Zalesky was a 3 x AA and twice finished second at the NCAAs. Jim did better.
  12. Dennis is probably a place holder. I'm sure there is a grand plan yet to be revealed. Spencer is graduating and Iowa will clear the deck to keep him in Iowa City for life.
  13. If I were a dectective, I would certainly entertain the idea that Cox didn't want to wrestle.
  14. I thought it was Yianni's time. I was totally wrong about him.
  15. I'll vote for bad coverage. And, I'm bummed UCLA lost.
  16. Smith's international freestyle record was 100-5. His last competition was the 1992 Olympics. He was a few days short of his 27th birthday when he won his sixth consecutive gold.
  17. He had ACL and shoulder surgery before he got to Iowa City. Looks like you should search around for somebody else to blame. Crap post.
  18. Total means for the series. Why the insult? Did I do something to you to justify that?
  19. How many takedowns do you expect to see when these two wrestle? I'm guessing between zero and one - total.
  20. Romero should have been hit for stalling much earlier. Might have salvaged the match.
  21. So in theory, with extensive "marketing" the WNBA could out draw the NBA? Is that where you're going?
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