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  1. 2 hours ago, bnwtwg said:

    You said he isn’t developing any par terre. I’m simply pointing out that Snyder never has had and likely never will develop any turns. He is a terminator in neutral, it just so happens that the best wrestler in the world is also in his weight class at the same time.

    I said it a couple weeks ago and I’ll say it again now - if Sadulaev came just a quad earlier or quad later, we would very likely be celebrating Snyder’s 7th title today, or at least a 6th and spewing ad nauseum how he is on the Mt. Rushmore of freestyle greats. Snyder is criminally underrated because of his arch rival.


  2. On 8/10/2021 at 7:23 PM, BAC said:

    The difference between Kerk and Lee is one had his Olympic dream crushed by his coaches and the other did not.

    One had an ACL injury that was operated on and had resolved itself as well as it could, so he hit the mat for NCAAs and OTTs, with no indication any doctors recommended otherwise.  The other had an ACL injury that impacted his wrestling, then a one on the other knee, which together so affected his body that after NCAAs that he was too physically chewed up to chase the Olympic dream.

    No, he Lee didn't do those things at gunpoint.  He did what he always did:  He followed his coach's recommendations, apparently believing his coach had his best interests at heart.  And doing so got his coach his title, but killed his dream.

    It is unfortunate that you see things only in things of a PSU-Iowa rivalry, because it impacts your ability to think straight.  Had Cael wrecked Kerk's or Berge's Olympic dreams many of us would be hammering him, but he didn't.  Only Brands did that.

    I realize you're a Hawk fan and have no regard for the goals of their athletes when they're not wearing black and gold, but just once you really ought to step back, put your team loyalty aside, and consider the athlete's best interests too.  And while you're at it, look at things from the standpoint of your country, and how USA Wrestling would want to see colleges treat their future international stars.


    You have absolutely no idea what went into Lee's decision to wrestle after his ACL surgery and who made that decision.

  3. I didn't know this but David Taylor is the first Penn State wrestler to win Olympic gold. However, he is the second PSU wrestler to medal at the Olympics - the first was Katsutoshi Naito won the bronze medal at the featherweight division in 1924 representing Japan. Congratulations and hope this is the start of something big.

  4. 1 hour ago, Drew87 said:

    I was able to find it through nbc sports, i got redirected to sign in through a cable subscription. There are session replays for the mats.  I’m still looking for russian broadcasts.  

     I will say if you watch through nbc, for the love of god mute it, there are two british guys who are announcing it and it may be the first time they’ve watched wrestling in their life.

    I think this is correct. It's totally backward. Go to https://www.nbcolympics.com/, then click Peacock link (top right) and log on to Peacock. Confusing as hell.

  5. 30 minutes ago, IronChef said:

    How will you decide it's been a disaster? The US Track & Field trials went off in Eugene a few weeks ago with extremely high heat. The schedule was adjusted, and athletes made accommodations for triple digit temperatures. It is a long way from "unusual heat and humidity" to "disaster." 

    Just an opinion Chief, what do you care?

  6. Past Olympics in location with hot climates have been delayed until fall - Mexico City (1968) Oct. 12 - 27; Seoul (1988) - Sept. 17 - Oct. 2; Tokyo (1964) - Oct. 10 - 24. Apparently, NBC didn't want to lose $$$ moving it to the fall, so the heat and humidity (predicted to be very high) are going to be a huge problem.

    I'd be surprised if this isn't a disaster.

  7. 5 hours ago, alliseeisgold said:

    really sad what happened to lee. In high school he was in every freestyle - international type of tournament he could get his hands on. Was working with brandon slay constantly on freestyle. Was as pro - freestyle a kid as you will ever see.

    Gets to iowa and hasn't touched a foreigner since. Instead he's grinding his body into injuries to beat lesser talented college guys nobody cares about.


    He had ACL and shoulder surgery before he got to Iowa City. Looks like you should search around for somebody else to blame. Crap post.

  8. 19 hours ago, Coach_J said:

    The "market" argument is specious.  If you only market men's events, guess what, that's all people will view.  If you only offer crappy rewards/prizes to men, that's who will pursue the prizes in the greatest numbers.  When I coached in college, I was constantly told by the AD (also the head basketball coach) that he needed the gym for home games on specific dates at specific times because he was a "revenue" sport; all I ever got were crappy times/dates to host home events.  Funny, but the "market" was self-fulfilling--what was offered on the best dates with the best promotion and support mysteriously made the most money.  And we actually did pretty well bringing in money with no promotion (beyond what my staff and I did--nothing from the Sports Information Department), no support (the local newspaper did half page pre-game write-ups for basketball and glorious post game write-ups but I was told we'd be lucky to get any post-match coverage, even a dual box score), and no financing (we found outside sponsors to fund our tournament).  I only wonder what we could have done with a little cooperation from the powers that be.

    So in theory, with extensive "marketing" the WNBA could out draw the NBA? Is that where you're going?

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