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  1. Big deal. Maybe I got hit in the head a few too many times. Wait 'til you get older and things don't work like they should. BTW, I'd LOVE to see DT and Dake.
  2. Who in the world is this Cable guy you keep referring to?It's been a long day.
  3. Jersey Joey, provide examples of any wrestler in the last ten years that has moved a weight class for the specific purpose of facing "the man". And actually, I am referring to the regular season too -- that is presicisely the context in which most of these matchups have occured. #1 In 1992 Prescott, a returning national champ, went for the purpose of wrestling Terry Brands, also a NCAA champion. #2 Nate Carr moved up to go against Zalesky in a dual. Gutsy move. #3 Cable took on Grant, the defending national champ a weight up. He did this in a dual. #4 What the hells the differance if Owings wasn't on the map. He move down specifically to wrestle Cable. Your examples of wrestlers moving to or staying in a difficult weight classes are not even remotely similar to these showdowns I'm referring to. Can you name one wrestler who switched weight clases for a single match or a season to face Cael Sanderson? How about to wrestle Taylor or Ruth? Who's gone after Dake? Back up your old fart comment. Until then I'll stand by my opinion that these guys don't want to wrestle each other.
  4. Use to be that the top dogs went out of their way to wrestle each other. Prescott moved up a weight to meet Terry Brands; Nate Carr moved up to match up with Zalesky; Kendall Cross went at it with Tom Brands; Cable went up a weight class to beat Mike Grant of Oklahoma; Owings moved down to take on Cable. There are numerous examples. But recently it seems today's stud collegiae wrestler avoid each other. Dake won't move up to wrestle DT. Howe seems to want to settle in at 174, coincidentally vacated by Ruth. Do these guys have a preseason meeting and work this out. Are there written Mutual Non-Agression Pacts. What gives?
  5. Actually that's part of the problem. It will sell out when more people don't show up. Almost Yogi-ish. If the people don't want to come, you can't stop them. Yeah, nobody goes there anymore; it's too crowed.
  6. Never heard so many whiny babies in my life. If you don't like the location, don't go. It'll sell out.
  7. So you saying, for example, if Tony Ramos beat Jordan Oliver in a dual meet, Ramos and Iowa could not benefit from an improved seeding because the Ramos win was just a "compelling individual pairing" in a "sentimental" dual competition. I'll be damned. You didn't mention the winning team of that dual. I would say you reinforced my point. If the point of your post was to state that dual meet team scores are irrelevant to the current championship process than I guess I missed that.[No offense but that fact is too obvious to warrant a post.] I thought you were stating that the dual meets themselves are irrelevant. If my post reinforces your post, fine. But it wasn't my intention to do so.
  8. So you saying, for example, if Tony Ramos beat Jordan Oliver in a dual meet, Ramos and Iowa could not benefit from an improved seeding because the Ramos win was just a "compelling individual pairing" in a "sentimental" dual competition. I'll be damned.
  9. SetonHall -- a "minor haircut." Brian Smith called it a "subtle change". My doctor says "this might sting a little". Infomercial tells me "...and this can be yours today for only $19.95, but wait......" And on, and on........ I'm getting a little uneasy here.
  10. Dake beat Molinaro who became a national champ. Unfortunately, Dake did not wrestle Kellen Russell at 141 nor a healthy Caldwell at 149. We'd know more if he had. But according to my eyeballs he's a great one. The book is still out on Taylor. He puts up big numbers and looks invincible but he hasn't wrestled any great ones, at least in folkstyle. If I had to rank the all-time greats I'd heavily factor competitiveness. I've heard people say "Gable couldn't win today wrestling like that." Well if he was wrestling today he'd just be ahead of today's curve instead of yesterday's. Same with John Smith. These guys are flatout great competitors -- they will not lose. I'd start with Smith, Gable, and Sanderson -- any order really.
  11. When I attend the Nationals about 80% of the time and nearly all of my enjoyment is following all the matches that impact the team championship. I don't care if my teams up or not, I'm crewing my program watching a match that has meaning for me and seemingly the whole crowd. Over the three days there is almost always a big match, if not two, going. How many young men from less significant programs have knocked off a giant from a power program and heard the roars of 14,000 screaming fans. It's a one of a kind thrill. You can see it on their faces when they salute the crowd, arms raised in victory. With no team championship at stake something will be missing. The atmosphere will be a little too - let's say -- polite or congenial. I want the insanity; the over-the-top rivalries and srewball world of college wrestling. Is it absolutely necessary to strip down our national championship in order to make improvements elsewhere? Can't we adopt a carryover scoring system and have a team champion based on both a dual and individual format. Finally, how can we grow wrestling by eliminating the one facet off our sport that truely works. JB, I appreciate every sincere opinion I hear. I'm sure we all have the best of intentions. Unfortunately a bad idea with good intentions can sink a ship as well. I just hope the powers that be put a lot of thought into this proposal.
  12. I diagree strongly JB. The dual format proposal is being made to "grow wrestling" by increasing its fan base. The proposal is being sold as a means to get butts in the seats and eyeballs to the TV. Why wouldn't the NCAA want fan inpute? Marketing professionals almost always use focus groups and surveys to determine what products and packaging consumers like and what will sell. The future of collegiate wrestling is ultimately in the hands of consumers, or here, fans. Coaches know wrestling but not necessarily marketing. Also, coaches are often too close to the action and may not possess the objectivity and detachment to anticipate what fans want. I don't know if "polling" fans is wise, but public imput should be solicited. This is not a proposed rule change involving only athlete safety where fan imput is irrelevant. This is a sports marketing proposal that requires an assessment of fan reaction. Last, you mention that the hysterical reaction by some is not supported by evidence or data. True, but we do have data on how the current championship format is working. The NCAA sponsors nearly 90 championships in all collegiate athletic divisions. Of these 90 only 5 generated a profit last year. Quoting the NCAA: "In 2010-11, the only championships generating revenue over expenses were Division I Basketball, Division I Baseball, Division I Mens Ice Hockey, Division I Lacrosse and Division I Wrestling." We also know that in recent years ESPN and the BTN have drastically expanded television and media coverage. Also, the successes of Penn State and Cornell have revved up east coast interest in collegiate wrestling. In light of this, shouln't the burden of coming forth with data be on those advocating this change. Or are the advocates simply saying "anything's better than this", "what have we got to loss", ...... For decades Fila has put on both the Freestyle World Championship and the World Cup. Which one gets the attention of athletes and fans? Russia doesn't even send their best team to the World Cup. This is a working model that may be a predictor of relative merits of the dual vs. individual format. I strongly believe fan imput is cricial to this process and that the burden should be on the dual format proponents to demonstrate that the change is more likely to grow wrestling than maintaining our currently successful championship format.
  13. I believe next year we'll see a "career accomplishment" Hodge go to Kyle Dake.
  14. Ness deserved the Hodge. My bitch was giving Ness the OW at the 2010 NCAA tournament. There were 4-6 wrestlers who had better tournaments than Ness.
  15. Give Dennis a little respect. In 2010 he cleared out Franklin Gomez in both the Big Tens and nationals -- he beat Gomez four straight times. He made life a little easier for Ness. Ness deserved his title and Hodge award; Varner got his Gold; and Dennis is tough. No argument necessary.
  16. As an Iowan I can tell you that we have a long and glorious history of being flipped off. Varner's one of many. Besides he took a LOT of crap from the Hawk fans. No big deal.Agree this is stupid discussion. Many great wrestler never won the Hodge.
  17. One of my favorites. And it get better with age. Andrew Long Gone but Not Forgotten ./viewtopic.php?p=60241./viewtopic.php?p=60241by Kentucky_Mudflap »» Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:43 pm Gents its all over the internet and old news Andrew Longs gone up to PSU to Kale but friends you know the Voice of Wrestlings gonna give you the inside dope KJ aint no saint we all know that he didnt just give Andrew a release to Kale out of the kindness of his heart hes an ******* gents hes proud to admit it. Pollerds still stinging from Kale telling him to go **** a tree so him and KJ sent him up to State College for a reason hes a ticking bomb a bad headline a cancer a explosion waiten to happen never met a drink he didnt take they bought him a grayhound ticket and stapled it to his poncho put him on the bus and faxed that release gents Kales two smart to fall for that trick but hes looking at a national championship and he thinks Longs the savior blinded him to the truth. Hombres my hearts going out to Andrew tell me one of you guys aint been in a twelve step program and Ill call you a liar sometimes a guy needs six or seven chances gets a fresh start we all got to get behind him and best wishes Andrew Long and Godspeed your gonna need it.
  18. Penn State/Nebraska. Never laughed so hard in my life.
  19. Check hotels in West Des Moines, Clive, Urbandale, Johnston, Ankeny, and Altoona --all very nice suburban areas. These suburbs are 20 or less minutes away -- mostly less. I-35 and I-80 intersect in Des Moines and there are many, many, hotels/motels in the area. After 8:00 a.m. there is very little traffic.
  20. Here's Newby's profile contained in College Wrestling News article entitled "Twenty Best High School Wrestler in the Last Twenty Years.". He was ranked 12th: 12. Jacob Newby (Oklahoma) Slick and quick, Newby's only place in Fargo was at the top of the podium. Although he won Cadet Nationals after his freshman year, it was his big upset of defending champion Chad Renner in the finals of Junior Nationals after his junior year that really vaulted him to stardom. The following year, Newby not only repeated in dominating fashion as Junior Nationals champion at 154 pounds, but also won FILA Junior Nationals (20-and-under age group), defeating Marcus Mollica, who would go on to win NCAA's the following spring. After finishing fourth in the NCAA's as a redshirt freshman, Newby gave up wrestling to pursue a music career.
  21. That was Jacob Newby. What happened to him?
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