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  1. California, Iowa, Oklahoma, and New Jersey rank ahead of PA. And, none of our regions are comparable with Dagestan.
  2. 125 Abas 133 Stieber 141 Yianni 149 Dake 157 Burroughs 165 Taylor 174 Pendleton 184 Sanderson 197 Cox Hwt Snyder
  3. Yes, common ground - ibuprofen > acetaminophen. Unfortunately, I'm kinda of allergic to ibuprofen so it's aspirin for me.
  4. Henry Wittenberg, an Olympic gold and silver medalist who became one of America’s greatest amateur wrestlers while he was a New York City police officer, died on Tuesday at his home in Somers, N.Y. He was 91. His death was announced by his family. As a teenager, Wittenberg was devoted to chess and swimming. It was not until he arrived at City College that he turned to wrestling. He became a collegiate star, and after graduating in 1940, he dominated national and international freestyle wrestling in his weight group. He went undefeated in more than 300 consecutive matches during the 1940s, according to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.NY Times
  5. A "take" is an opinion. And, nobody stated you couldn't express your opinion.
  6. You're right. I thought that was a freestyle match - it wasn't.
  7. Gable lost one folkstyle match in his entire life - the last match of his career.
  8. This is one of the worst takes on a talented wrestler that I've ever read. Anthony Robles was also very predictable, but he wasn't limited - he did what worked.
  9. Congratulation Spencer - well deserved.
  10. Good post. Gable was also wrestling's Bobby Fischer. The Soviet Union vowed to find someone to beat him at the 1972 Olympics, they failed. The whole nation watched as he won gold without giving up a single point. He was a huge sports hero and energized the sport like no other.
  11. Add John Peterson - Olympic gold and silver. And, two world freestyle medals.
  12. He won three times. However, he was fortunate he only faced Kolat one time and that was Kolat's true freshman year. Kolat got upset in the semis in "94 and redshirted in "95.
  13. Iowa - Dan Gable – 2 x NCAA champ, world and Olympic gold Frank Gotch – "Gotch was the first American professional wrestler to win the world heavyweight free-style championship, and credited for popularizing professional wrestling in the United States. Gotch was to wrestling history in this country what John L. Sullivan was to boxing." Tom Brands - 3 x NCAA champ, world and Olympic gold Bill Koll – career undefeated three time NCAA champion Terry Brands - 2 x NCAA champ, 2 x world gold and Olympic bronze Barry Davis – 3 x NCAA champion, 2 x world silver and Olympic silver Jim Zalesky - 3 x NCAA champion Mark Ironside – 2 x NCAA champion, Hodge winner Jeff McGinness – 2 x NCAA champion, Junior World gold Royce Alger - 2 x NCAA champ, world silver, or Tim Krieger - 2 x NCAA champion, four time #1 at NCAA tournament
  14. I have great fear that Marinelli & Joseph are #2 & #3. That would be the greatest seeding injustice of all time.
  15. That's not even the point. All things being fairly equal, a recent head-to-head win ought to carry the day. I'm criticizing the algorithm.
  16. I can't for the life of me understand why "we" bow down to algorithms. If your algorithm says Gross>Rivera, DeSanto>RBY, Lee>Pletcher, O'Connor>Lugo, Hidley>Deakin, and Joseph>Marinelli, you might want go manual or find a new algorithm. Pretty ridiculous IMO.
  17. Iowa under Brands was yang and yang. Tom got smart and got rid of Zadick, Metcalf, et al. and brought on Morningstar. Added some ying to the yangs brothers. Iowa's a different place now and Tom and Terry are truly enjoying it.
  18. I'm sure the export sanctions will be lifted. No doubt on that one. You sure your government will allow an Israeli vaccine in the country? There's lots of unnecessary nonsense going on and everyone needs to stop.
  19. I signed. "Israeli researchers scrambling to develop a coronavirus vaccine say it could be ready in just three weeks – and available for use within 90 days, according to reports." NY Post Israel Weeks Away From Vaccine
  20. It's very easy to look at a wrestler as the sum of his skill set. However, great wrestlers like Gable, John Smith, and Burroughs are supreme competitors. They find a way to win. IMO, Spencer Lee is one of those competitors. Mueller may beat him, but he is not going to be able to replay the last match. It ain't that simply against a competitor.
  21. When Snyder and Cox face off, how many takedowns are we likely to see? It's conceivable we see none. This will most likely be decided on push outs and shot clock. IMO Snyder size gives him the advantage if the matches go that way.
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