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  1. I don't think Snyder has much trouble with these three. Kyle's at a different level. I agree with the poster that said Nickal could pin Snyder - not beat him, pin him.
  2. I'm just glad Oregon no longer has a wrestling team.
  3. Mudflap needs to find a new gig. He's predictable, boring, and no longer funny.
  4. I think Brown deserved to win because Wilps quit wrestling, but that dropping to the mat to draw a locked hands is a cheap trick and the ref should have ignored it. Ii's liking flopping to draw a charge in basketball.
  5. Gable did it in 1969. I thought Chris Taylor did too.
  6. When Metcalf was coaching at Iowa it was ying, ying, and ying with no yang. At this point, Iowa's best move is to swap Terry and Mark's positions and groom Perry to take over. Plan B would be go big with Dake, DT, or JB. Of these three, I'd wager Dake would be the best coach.
  7. Lee has a mono-like illness. Nobody knows how long it lingers. Tom and Terry have had more success coaching at 125 and 133 than anyone eise in the country. You don't know what your talking about.
  8. Yep - some dope was playing games.
  9. Ray ran into two of the better wrestlers in US history - Randleman and Les Gutches. I doubt anyone had two tougher opponents to get through.
  10. That what I heard from people that wrestled at ISU. Pollard didn't like some things Cael was doing and called him out.
  11. Muscle memory embedded by years of folkstyle scrambling is difficult to overcome. Our guys tend to have to rid themselves of techniques that work in folk but are bad news in freestyle. There is a huge difference between what Chamizo does and what Nolf does. They both scramble, but Nolf exposes himself and Frank, a lifetime freestyler, does not.
  12. I agree. Nick seems stuck in his semi-defensive comfort zone. He needs to be far more aggressive and take some chances. Tom Brands was aggressive on the level of Jason Nolf and thing open up big time with that kind of pace. NS has a long way to go to arrive at that level, but he has the talent.
  13. He needs to be suspended. He hit the guy because he was getting beat and then doubled down with his tough guy routine. This wasn't just a heat-of-the-moment incident. He embarrassed himself and team USA.
  14. Yes. It's very complicated - Minnesota looks down their noses at Iowa; Iowa thinks it's high time Nebraska outlawed incest; people in Wisconsin drink too much to care; everyone hates Missouri; and Illinois is not in the midwest.
  15. Believe it or not, Iowa's biggest historical rival is Minnesota, . Floyd of Rosedale is perhaps the greatest traveling football trophy ever.
  16. You're wrong. Wrestling is scheduled different. Check out the Big Ten football schedules - I'm surprised you missed that.
  17. I was in high school when I first heard of Dan Gable. After a bit, I drove up to Ames to watch Iowa State wrestle Oklahoma and to see this amazing athlete. When Gable's match came, I watched him run on the mat and take off his robe and I was shocked - "this is Dan Gable! He looks like nothing." Well, I learned something that day - it's not just muscles. Man, he was a machine.
  18. I don't think PSU can keep David Taylor in fold. Mostly, because Taylor's not going to wait 10 years plus for Cael to retire. If Dake or Taylor went to an Ohio State/Michigan quality school located near the NE USA, PSU is done.
  19. Norman Borlaug is from Cresco, IA - population maybe 3,000. This town also produced Harold Nichols, Gary Kurdelmeier, and Tom Peckham.
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