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  1. Wrestlestat needs to eyeball these rankings and make adjustments. It's a huge weakness simply to rely on an algorithm.
  2. I still favor Hall, but that was a legit win for Kemmerer. I'd like to see these two in the finals.
  3. Yep - Hall's never been in front of a hostile crowd.
  4. I thought Yianni was going to be the next big thing. Sure not looking that way now. I'm a little surprised.
  5. You got this all wrong. Turk thought Stoll was an intruder and shot him. No charges were filed. Stoll would not give police a straight story wanting to protect Turk - not a crime in Iowa. Tell me where this is a felony "with mandatory jail."
  6. The domestic assault charge was bogus and was dismissed. You left that out. As a freshman, Alex Meyer was arrested for rabbit hunting on campus. Oh My. Alex is in medical school now. He's a real bad dude.
  7. Burroughs dominance began sometime in his junior year, probably at the time he won the Las Vegas Invitational by beating defending NCAA champion Jordan Leen of Cornell. He wasn't too bad as a 19 year old sophomore either - finishing third in a very tough 149 pound field.
  8. Burroughs had his double going full steam in 2009. Nolf would have no answer for that.
  9. The new not-funny, ill-informed, butthurt mudflap. It's getting old.
  10. If Suriano was not injured than he faces Gilman in the BIGs. He either wins or loses. Either way NCAA bracket probably is drawn up differently and maybe he faces Gilman again and Gilman doesn't wrestle Cruz. Lots of possibilities.
  11. Folkstyle yes. Freestyle - not so much. And, the OP asks about dominant freestyle locals such as Dagestan. We don't have a Dagestan.
  12. I also can't ID Michael Young, bronze 1970. Help?
  13. Here's a complete list going back to 1970 - [I could have miss someone, but I think I got all the world medalists] CA – Varner, Abas, Jamill Kelly, Townsend Saunders, D. Schultz, M. Schultz, Greg Gibson, Joe Gonzales, John Azevedo, Stephen Neal IA – Dan Gable, Barry Davis, Joe Corso, Royce Alger, Terry Brands, Tom Brands, Tolly Thompson, Thomas Gilman, Joe Colon PA – Coleman Scott, Jake Herbert, Cary Kolat, Kurt Angle, Stan Dziedzic, Kevin Darkus, Bobby Weaver NJ – Burroughs, James Green, Donnie Pritzlaff, Baumgarten, Chris Campbell, Gene Mills OH – Taylor, Mark Coleman, Lee Kemp, Jim Humphrey, Bobby Douglas, Joe McFarland, Logan Stieber NY – Dake, Gwiazdowski, Kerry McCoy, Brad Penrith, Ed Banach, Lou Banach WI – Hartung, Jack Reinwand, Russ Hellickson, John Peterson, Ben Peterson, Andrew Rein Oklahoma – John Smith, Kenny Monday, Kendall Cross, Wayne Wells, Lee Roy Smith MI - Zeke Jones, Kevin Jackson, Chris Taylor, Andre Metzger OR – Les Gutches, Fred Fozzard, Henk Schenk, Rick Sanders Montana – Bill Zadick, Mike Zadick, Brandon Eggum, Gene Davis SD – Randy Lewis, Jim Scherr, Bill Scherr, McIlravy IL – Joe Williams, Kirk Trost, Larry Kristoff, Donald Behm Maryland – Snyder, Lloyd Keaser Missouri – J'den Cox, Sammie Henson TX – Dlagnev, Brandon Slay AZ – Cejudo, William Rosado Utah – Cael Sanderson KS – Melvin Douglas LA – Cormier TN – Bill Harlow
  14. I forgot Angle too. I'm in a fog this AM. [I'm working on a list]
  15. In the last 40 years only Coleman Scott (bronze) and Jake Herbert (silver) have medaled out of PA. The PA success has been almost exclusively folkstyle. Edit - should have included Stan Dziedzic.
  16. NJ cheating for hometown boys. Caught red handed.
  17. I think Dake takes this spot. Isn't Lewis in the mix?
  18. 57 Lee 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Cox 97 Snyder 125 Cassar
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