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  1. Quarterbacks are coaches on the field. They read defenses, call audibles, abort ill-fated plays, etc. It's impossible to rate a quarterback and not factor this aspect. I think Brady as coach on the field has no peers. He simply makes the plays when they count and he doesn't do it by shear athleticism.
  2. They were both sadists. Dave did a pretty good nice guy imitation though.
  3. NCAA - 133: starting in the quarters, every match will be the finals.
  4. Seth Gross will be the transfer legend.
  5. The refs excuse for failing to call stalling is always "let the wrestlers decide who wins." The mantra should be "call stalling and make the wrestlers decide who wins." I agree 100% with your post. The thought of these two meeting in the NCAA finals ought to scare the hell out of anyone concerned about the future of D1 wrestling.
  6. Kerry McCoy is the worst coach in college athletics. He's simply an embarrassment.
  7. Perhaps, but two members of the senior world team - Gilman and Colon - are from Iowa. None from PA this year.
  8. This plays out all over the world in many disciplines from art to music to sports. Strong regional traditions of excellence have existed throughout history. Just for kicks check out the great musicians that have came out of Mississippi and dominanted the world in the 20th centery.
  9. Yes, Sadulaev gets lucky - a lot! I'm seeing a pattern.
  10. I think were looking good too with Lee, Gable, Yianni, et al. We just start late vis-a-vis the Russians so they are usually younger than us. It's works to their advantage.
  11. A little misleading - the core of the Russian team is very young - Uguev - 23, Rshidov - 22, Sidakov - 22, Sadulaev - 22.
  12. I agree with the posters that mak Yeah, he's just getter a little older and losing some close matches. It happens to all wrestlers - accept the ones that retire while on top.
  13. Amen. This all over the place. At any rate, my favorite team moment/performance which has nothing to do with my team was Bubba machine-gunning his ankle bands.
  14. Silly Milly - God you guys are slow.
  15. And . . . Gable was AWOL a good portion of the year with hip replacement. Nobody thought Iowa was going to beat OSU that year. Nobody.
  16. I was no more than 30 feet away - Uker had Slay in a cradle for near a minute and pinned him clearly. Oh well, aside from that everything went well for Iowa.
  17. You got your opinion, I got mine. I'm not going round and round with you as that's a pointless waste of time.
  18. The best wrestler Nolf faced in college was Imar - and they split matches. Nolf hasn't majored Kemerer in three tries (9-4, 8-2, and 6-2). Last year - pre-injury - Nolf barely got by Pantaleo - 6-4. Junior/senior Burrough's is a HUGE step up from anyone Nolf has faced in college.
  19. Most of Iowa's best foot-soldier wrestlers under Gable resembled Jason Nolf. Then there were the talented ones. Not understanding your post - seems either ill-informed or trollish.
  20. No - if Jordan said he knew about it they would crucify him for not reporting it. This is a political hit job plain and simply.
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