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  1. Taylor always looks awesome until he hits an athlete. There may no longer be a Dake or Cox in his path, so could be gold. I've always thought Chamizo was top three pfp in the world. Nothing I saw today changes my mine.
  2. IMO early the early challenge did not decide this match. These guys are too good - either could have easily adjusted tactics to account for a different score.
  3. Ah . . . being a wrestling fan is like dating Miley Cyrus - have to put up with a lot.
  4. Sounds like a contract - BTS better be prepared to refund money.
  5. headache


    Wrestling is becoming what we used to call a country club sport - e.g. golf, tennis, swimming. Not a good trend.
  6. He certainly has what it takes to win a title - he just needs some more work. Cory Clark got the finals twice and didn't look so good. Then, he dug deeper and won. Why can't Suriano.
  7. He'll have more than Lee to work with -there's Gilman, Cory Clark, the Dardanes, and the 141 pounders (Murin & Turk). Desanto will be pushed hard in practice. Hopefully, this will work out well for him.
  8. In the entire history of Iowa wrestling there have been only 5 AAs from PA: Ray Brinzer, Mike Evans, Michael Kemerer, Spencer Lee and Jody Strittmatter. I expect there will be more in the future, but, historically, powerhouse PA has not played much of a role in Iowa wrestling.
  9. 65 KG is wide open at the WTT. If Stieber can string together two good matches in a row, watch out. Imar looks real good until he doesn't. Ramos by criteria - what a surprise. Coon looking good.
  10. Because I didn't know Frank had moved up.
  11. Why would anyone pick Green for gold? Is Chamizo retiring or moving up? Not following logic here.
  12. Misinformed - Metcalf is in the rearview mirror; Mark Perry is next up. Think it's an accident that Zadick, St. John, and Metcalf left? Iowa is moving in another direction.
  13. It all started with the hand slaps after missed freethrows. This country is going down the toilet.
  14. Michigan State may not exist in a few years.
  15. Dake's finals victims were two Hawks and two Lions.
  16. The award is for the most outstanding wrestler - which was neither Bo or, hypotheticall, Martin. You're simply arguing that "most outstanding" actually means "most valuable." Nice try - but we all know those are two very different concepts. If you're not a lawyer, you should consider law school - you're a natural.
  17. Wrestling draws very few casual viewers. Your logic is way off.
  18. Ed Banach is 102.5 according to my count. 79 is way off.
  19. Bo may have been the Most Valuable Wrestler. The Outstanding Wrestler was Spencer Lee.
  20. That was the ugliest injury I ever saw. If you get a chance, don't watch it.
  21. Uh . . . challenging a guy in a lower weight is not a good optic. If this is prelude-hype for a big payday for these guys, Frank should have challenged Burroughs. I'm puzzled.
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