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  1. Yianni is better. The Zain/Metcalf comparisons are right on.
  2. Even Yianni can't consistently attack from space. It's a rare skill that is not necessary to winning a NCAA championship.
  3. The Iowa coaches let the wrestlers decide. I honestly don't understand why some posters get on here and claim Brands is stopping wrestlers from competing in the off-season. Either they're just ignorant or they're trolls. Sammy Brooks wrestled freestyle every year he was at Iowa.
  4. Once he became a starter, he did not wrestle freestyle until he graduated. Neither did Ramos. I think Sammy Brooks wrestled FS throughout his career. There's no rule for or against it at Iowa.
  5. Ramos and Gilman wrestled no freestyle while at Iowa yet both won world team spots within months of finishing as seniors. I guess they must have watched some instructional videos.
  6. Good point. Cornell is already pulling in the best, so there's that too.
  7. I saw that only after I posted. So, I included my link. Good job throwing this together.
  8. Here's a link to US freestyle results from day 1. USA Freestyle Results
  9. Add - Iowa - Terry McCann, Olympic Gold 1960 Iowa State - Ben Peterson, Olympic Gold 1972, Bronze 1973, Olympic Silver, 1976 Iowa State - Glenn Brand, Olympic Gold 1948 UNI - Bill Smith - Olympic Gold 1952 OSU - Bobby Douglas, World Silver, 1966 Oklahoma - Dan Hodge, Olympic Silver, 1956
  10. Gee, an Iowa hater disguised as a thoughtful poster.
  11. So Nolf is a funk wrestler? I wasn't aware. I thought he was a high pace, super offense type, 7 minutes of hell wrestler.
  12. Really? The best Iowa wrestlers under Gable wrestled very much like Zain and Nolf.
  13. It used to be worthwhile to wade through the bad English. Now this stuff is just boring.
  14. I just looked this up and I'm shocked - our last medal at 65/66 KG was Bill Zadick's gold in 2006. We have not medaled at that weight in 12 years.
  15. Only won 9-3, just more evidence Suriano will win.
  16. It shouldn't be hard - Gable retired at 48 years old.
  17. I've got a long history of getting these things wrong - I thought Kellen Russell and Quentin Wright would be top of the heap. So I'm not picking Bo. I've decided it's all about neutral and one needs to ignore the shiny objects. Bo is not close to DT, J'den, or Synder in neutral. So there - I'm probably wrong again. Actually, Kevin Jackson is super good at predicting FS success. He flat out predicted Askren would flop.
  18. Sophmore Jeff McGuiness beat Abe three times in 1995. So those two actually did matchup.
  19. 149 was not considered a weak class in 2008. Holy Cow. Everyone knew the top four plus Schlatter were insanely good. Iowa fans were scared sh*tless of Caldwell and Schlatter - and, Palmer gave Metcalf fits. At the tournament the pre-semifinal buzz at 149 was insane. It was the talk of the tournament. In the quarters, Palmer almost had a late takedown to beat Metcalf and everyone knew he'd be a tough out.
  20. Yep. Mark was a talented athlete. He started wrestling later because he was a gymnast. it didn't take him long to get the hang of wrestling.
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