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    headache reacted to VakAttack in Does Iowa recruit Iowa?   
    The hilarious bitterness of Penn State fans is insane, plus with the ridiculously obvious "nobody believes in us" underdogging of the most successful program of the last decade....come on guys, have some pride.
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    headache reacted to Mr. Poopy butthole in Iowa v Ohio State Feb 2021   
    They sent out Aaron Cashman. He did ok in the 1st period but then proceeded to lose by techfall. I just don't get it. In a foreshortened season, why take away a marquee match up from your star wrestler? Iowa isn't the only one to do this of course, but I'm getting fed up with it.
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    headache got a reaction from AHamilton in Iowa v Ohio State Feb 2021   
    Romero should have been hit for stalling much earlier. Might have salvaged the match. 
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    headache reacted to AHamilton in Iowa v Ohio State Feb 2021   
    Except for the part where he did not wrestle and just reacted to Kem's offense for four minutes.
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    headache reacted to TheOhioState in Dan Gable: Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony   
    For a laugh, go to the 6:05 mark.
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    headache reacted to Drake_Mallard in Who could have been a great coach?   
    Wrestling is full of guys who compete and then go directly to coaching. It seems like there are very few who dont go that route. Who are some that didn't, but would have been great coaches had they stayed in the sport.
    I say Mark Ironside. Blue collar, good communicator, business owner, very consistent in everything he does. I think he would have been a top coach today had he chose to do so. 
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    headache reacted to lu_alum in Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of All-Time   
    Mythology is flawed. Cannot declared the list to be “of all time” if it does not factor in the era when individuals had three years of NCAA eligibility. What about guys like Uetake, Simons, Caruso, the Peerys, Koll, etc?

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    headache reacted to 152lbs in Fix suspended for doping   
    I have no vested interest in this argument whatsoever.  Athletes at this level have long been counseled they are held responsible for everything they ingest, inject, inhale, or otherwise consume.  To claim ignorance of taking any given banned substance no longer flies.
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    headache got a reaction from TFBJR in Iowa Hawkeyes -- Culture with black athletes   
    I'd be willing to bet you have zero knowledge of the culture of the Iowa Athletic Department. If I'm wrong, then please clue us in.
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    headache reacted to npope in Iowa Hawkeyes -- Culture with black athletes   
    Oh c'mon guys, this is getting ridiculous. I think we all know that the bottom line is that Iowa (or any other school) should be recruiting the best wrestlers available regardless of their skin color. The issue initially raised was that maybe Iowa isn't doing that because of some statistics presented over the past 15 years. Iowa wrestling, with its historical wealth of great black athletes, including national champs, does not deserve to be cast in this negative light (and I am NOT an Iowa fan).
    Class is a new poster (at least a new name) and he latched on to a volatile topic (race) to get things roiling on the forum. Kudos to him for hitting on a topic that generated six pages of response so far. If any of you truly think that Iowa is somehow not recruiting the best athletes out there, regardless of race, you are living under a rock. The evidence repeatedly cited is a lack of black H.S. state champs in the last 15 years. Fine, but that fact does not embrace at all the fact that the wrestlers themselves are at least 50% of this equation - they may not want to live in Iowa City for four years - no matter who is the coach. Class has laid out one hypothesis and ignored multiple other possible explanations. And six pages worth or responses have taken the bait. I am sure Class is very pleased with himself.
    Ordinarily I would be pleased with this particular stirring of the pot, but in this highly sensitized racial environment, maybe it isn't the most positive of topics.
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    headache reacted to Antitroll2828 in Iowa Hawkeyes -- Culture with black athletes   
    This is 4 pages of you insinuating that brands doesn’t recruit certain kids just because they are black ...it that’s not trying to make someone out to be a racist idk what is....
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    headache got a reaction from Idaho in Iowa Hawkeyes -- Culture with black athletes   
    The the report, followup ESPN article and followup investigation (released today) concern the football program. Most of the complaints concerned "drug testing" "dress codes" "discipline" "academic support", etc. within the football program. Not one word about the wrestling program. 
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    headache reacted to IronChef in Iowa Hawkeyes -- Culture with black athletes   
    There is no reason to connect the article on ESPN to the wrestling team at Iowa. The original poster wants to discuss the “possible implication to wrestling” when there is no implication that wrestling is involved. It was invented out of whole cloth by the original poster and then “supported” by anecdotal evidence about the makeup of the team. Class goes on to wonder about the makeup of the other Big Ten teams before claiming to be unable to click on some rosters and figure it out.
    There is a way to have a conversation about systemic racism in college sports and the experience of black athletes on predominantly white campuses, but using an article about a football team as a flimsy way to go after a wrestling team at the same school isn’t it. 
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    headache reacted to nyum in Merged: Downey thread   
    Cancel culture really has no place in wrestling if you ask me
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    headache got a reaction from TexRef in Best Wrestlers in Ohio State History   
    Kevin Randleman - 2,1,1, ineligible
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    headache reacted to ShakaAloha in ncaa champ fantasy match   
    I was referring to the collegiate versions of Mark Schultz and Cael Sanderson.  Didn't Schultz win his fist NCAA title at 167 and his last two at 177?  I thought Cael won his NCAA titles at 184 (3x) and 197?
    So even though they competed in the same Olympic weight, it wouldn't be appropriate to match them up in a fantasy college match-up, right?
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    headache got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Spencer vs. Fix   
    I think they average .25 takedowns a match. I'l check my math later.
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    headache got a reaction from mistydawn in Spencer Lee wins Sullivan Award   
    Well deserved - congratulations Spencer. 
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    headache reacted to de4856 in Spencer Lee wins Sullivan Award   
    Well congrats to Sabrina and Spencer. 
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    headache reacted to AHamilton in Spencer Lee wins Sullivan Award   
    Wrestled more than half the season.  Also wonder how much US Open was factored in.  It is not a "college" award, it is an "amateur award."
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    headache got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Spencer vs. Fix   
    I think they average .25 takedowns a match. I'l check my math later.
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    headache reacted to PHL in New Jerseys Top NCAA Team   
    Burley was way before my time but the summer after beating Metcalf Caldwell was also number 2 on the Senior circuit beating  Schwab and losing to Frayer. And the loss to Frayer was on exposure (pure Freestyle vs folkstyle)
    It really is a shame he got hurt rollerblading 
    I think peak Caldwell is clearly better than peak Molinaro (in college)
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    headache got a reaction from Jim L in Best College Matches All-Time (via YouTube)   
    Buuba was good. DT was better, but I wouldn't call it a fluke. Taylor had about 3 1/2 minutes to get Jenkins but couldn't. 
    2007 - Junior World freestyle champ
    2088 - runner up at NCAA
    2009 - was 22-0 before injury; DNP at NCAA
    2011 - NCAA champ
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    headache reacted to fadzaev2 in Best College Matches All-Time (via YouTube)   
    I agree, but he was getting Bubba tired...Bubba was taking little breaks and backing up.  Water over the damn...getting through this pandemic is a lot more important...would be nice to get to go fishing here soon.
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    headache reacted to Idaho in 4x CA State Champ Jesse Vasquez to Arizona State   
    Almost an exact post to what was put on here 5 years ago when the Valencia’s Maruca and shields arrived. We shall see. 
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