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  1. So I was listening to the podcast of Flowrestling and Sammie Henson was on there giving a funny story. He said he was at a training camp and the coaches roomed him with Terry Brands and it was tense. Sammie asked Bruce Burnett to switch him with someone else since they were so intense. My question is did they ever wrestle at any of the training camps and how did it go? Both are so similar and I always wondered how their match would be in a practice.
  2. The Brands brothers, always loved watching their highlight videos. Pure animals
  3. I think Cassar will give Gable all he can handle. Looking forward to that match
  4. Starter-RBY Penn State Backup- Anthony Cassar Penn State
  5. I wonder what Henson's next move will be. He always struck me as a top notch assistant but not the Head Coach type. He never seems to get much done at WVU besides Moisey.
  6. Well Mizzou had a much better 2nd round, minus McGhee. I think Mizzou will be just fine. Quarters will be a big test and the guys on the backside will need to win some matches for Mizzou to get top 4. It's going to be a fun and nerve wracking day of wrestling!
  7. 2009-Mark Ellis (Mizzou) vs Konrad Dudziak (Duke) was pretty entertaining. A lot of good scrambles in that match with heavies that moved more like midweights Also Kerry McCoy vs Stephen Neal was another good one
  8. Missouri- Sammie Henson-3x NCAA All American, 2X NCAA Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, World Champion and World Bronze Medalist
  9. Scott Schatzmann took 7th his true freshman year at 126 in 1996 for Northwestern U
  10. No Aaron Assad is wrestling 125 today
  11. Suriano-Penn State Eierman- Mizzou
  12. Blaise Butler (Mizzou) Jason Nolf (PSU)
  13. Wow! Green looked very tough, hell of a tournament. He looks very sharp on his feet and very comfortable. He has a bright future and I am looking forward to seeing more of him on the international scene.
  14. He is not way bigger, did you see how thick Ringer is through the chest. Bo is taller but Ringer is thicker and obviously stronger the way he man handled him all over the mat
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