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  1. DII Costanzo, DIII Gruenwald, and my kid wrestles for Matt Nagel at Concordia Moorhead and I couldn't be happier with him and his staff.
  2. I believe his high school coach was Mike Houck. May have played a role in his success.
  3. I believe his high school coach was Mike Houck. May have played a role in his success.
  4. The NLWC wrestlers have no par terre offense or defense.
  5. He feels pressure real good and can react to it well.
  6. He should to Minneapolis and train Greco.
  7. We are about to lose a whole generation of international wrestling knowledge. It is already very obvious we don't have nearly the level of technique of wrestlers from the 80s and 90s. If we don't reverse this trend we won't be competitive in another 10 years.
  8. Cox is amazingly athletic and explosive for a big guy, but he ran hard in that match, and he won't be able to do that in Rio. Also he'll get eaten alive with that stance internationally.
  9. USA wrestling needs to bring in International refs.
  10. My Freestyle favorites are Yazdani and Y.B. Rodriguez. Greco would probably be Sourian.
  11. He'll never get low enough or change levels enough to beat Yazdani. He should concentrate on college.
  12. He looked unchallenged. That was easy for him. I love his style
  13. My point was never to bash our best wrestler and say he needs to change his style my point in this thread was to illustrate that overall even with our best wrestlerso we utilize to narrow of a skill set and overall as a country we lack the technical prowess to create complete wrestlers. We avoid to many situations.
  14. https://youtu.be/KiKQn77DmDw Another example
  15. Your post best describes our greatest weakness internally, saying he needs clear and escape certain ties instead of learning to own those ties is why we can't win consistently on the international level.
  16. JB is one of the best in the world but he is far from one of the most technical. He is a freak first and foremost. He is so dominant from neutral he can afford being weak on bottom.
  17. His strength is no doubt an advantage but Varner being on his elbows, turning in the wrong way and not moving or trying to roll the lock is what made it easy for Yazdani to turn him.
  18. After watching Varner get destroyed by Yazdani I wonder how weak the freestyle coaching base is with respect to our defence specifically. He appeared clueless on stopping what looked like a poorly executed gut. https://youtu.be/dWRmaBwWHGk
  19. once you wrestle for a country you are ineligible for 2 years after you switch.
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