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  1. a) This is a great analogy. b) I still haven't received a response c) I love their content, have defended them on here before, but am getting extremely disappointed in their very poor response. Troubling business practice, speaks to a bigger issue....
  2. You might want to just email and check with them to see what they say. I agree, if you paid for Feb. you should get your money back....but I'm just a customer like you. I don't speak for Flo, or have any special information besides the tweet from Martin I posted. If anyone emailed / contacted them during the match might want to try again. I think a few people on twitter posted that they were being told no refunds at first but it was after the match that Martin posted saying they would be refunding...so word may not have passed down the line that quickly. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt as long as they do the right thing here afterwords. Refunds are a solid start. I think an explanation and corrective actions would help to earn back some confidence.
  3. I am assuming the refund applies to the pay-per-view subscribers and the 2 month 'free' applies to monthly/annual subscribers. I would sure hope so, the reason I am an annual subscriber is to have access to events like this...and I sure didn't get it. Email:support@flosports.tv
  4. I am a supporter of Flo and just defended them on here the other day. My opinion of the positive they have done for the sport hasn't changed but it is obvious they need to tighten up their service. I would highly encourage everyone to take advantage of the offer for a refund or 2-months of free service. The financial pain will make them more likely to respond appropriately to the situation and, hopefully, take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future. I hope they learn a lesson and use it to become better/stronger. Martin Floreani ‏@martinoflo 1h 1 hour agoMore @Mkosz1 besides getting better...we are offering up full refunds or two months free at support@flosports.tv
  5. You might want to learn the definition of liberal (instead of just assuming a negative context based on your personal political views).....but, regardless, I think it would be hard to argue that any media outlets have done MORE for wrestling than Flo. I am a huge fan and support and applaud their efforts. Companies need to make money and they have earned (quite literally) the rights to produce this event how they see best. That's what business do, use the leverage to make money and expand their products/markets. Monetizing wrestling events is GOOD for our sport, not bad. What do you suggest? That it be forced to be free to all...and therefore no media outlets can afford to broadcast (ie. limiting / regulating business....)? Not like this was going to be prime time ESPN showing. liberal: favorable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms
  6. Sure it wasn't "sticky foot"? Was your club coach Mr. Brinzer?
  7. Awesome! Great interview Jason. Excited to see where this goes.
  8. I think BAC hit the nail on the head here. I'm also wondering if there is additional support beyond the numbers, perhaps a source, that they aren't revealing? I think it's an important topic and hope that Flo can tighten this up significantly if the evidence backs it up. At the moment the statistics look amateurish and they are using them to make some pretty firm statements and serious accusations, a little scary if they aren't true, possibly even slander. I think Flo should make their whole dataset public, it's part of the story, and would add some transparency and allow others to sift through the data. Also, are the referee's actually supposed to be randomly assigned? Is that part of the procedure? If not, their statistics are pretty much meaningless...... **At the same time, glad Flo is putting the time and resources into this stuff. I think they're doing a good thing, I think their service and news is really good for the sport. This kind of investigative reporting is a big step and I just want to see it done right and not back fire on them. Hopefully they haven't already taken it too far.
  9. On the replay you can see the points were thrown up by the ref before the match was over. Silly on all accounts. Embarrassing.
  10. It definitely seemed like J'den did not realize he was losing the match until the final 10 seconds. I couldn't tell what the corner was yelling but they should have done more to get him on his offense at the end of the match. Did the coaches not realize he was losing? I would find it hard to believe that nether the athlete or coaches know the rules...right?....
  11. Still sticking to this comment? Not saying he can't with some (a lot) of improvement, but he hasn't done anything close to justifying this statement. You are talking about two multi-multi-time world champs and a guy that can give the both grief vs. a 1st time silver medalist at a lower weight class....
  12. I haven't been following the boards of late and generally don't get too actively involved in discussion, so forgive me if this has been brought up (perhaps multiple times) already.....is there any serious discussion to start migrating the rules towards the international style? Where would that start, with the NWCA? If not, there really should be. There is a lot of talk and t-shirts about 'save olympic wrestling', but I believe we need to show our full support with committed actions. We want to be the best in the world and participate on an Olympic level, then we should promote that style from youth on up. I know people will get on here and argue about how folkstyle is better, etc. But that is really besides the point. Other people will point out how terrible FILA is, etc. but how can we expect to have real influence if our entire community doesn't support the international style. Curious about the subject and others thoughts.
  13. Sports Illustrated - Dan Hodge Cover (April 1957)
  14. That sounds like an opinion, which you are entitled too. Do you recognize that the entire NWCA committee and a majority of D-1 coaches have a different opinion and have agreed to move forward with the proposal? I think you should move forward with your new coaches organization. Good luck with it.
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