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  1. Just about every "elite" wrestler is "cocky" some just don't verbalize it , doesn't make them less cocky . Dake wears his emotions on his sleeve , and confidence is paramount to success in this sport. Dake has the drive to eventually beat Burroughs , and yes Burroughs has an advantage at the moment in terms of training freestyle and his mental edge of proven success at the highest level. Once Dake gets some wins against elite international competition and trains freestyle longer I wouldn't pencil Burroughs in as an automatic for 2016, but still our likely rep. Doubtful Burroughs Tech falls Dake again IMHO. Dake has the ability /drive to close the gap quickly. Taylor will also likely get a win over Dake at some point , but Taylor doesn't seem to have the horse power to do that consistently.
  2. Hodge = Dake then ,Ruth ,Wright ,Steiber in that order .
  3. Quarters on the middle mats (3-4-5-6) and consis outside. So they run at the same time, with the quarters being aired on tv and stream. 11 Eastern. Thanks !
  4. When does it start today? Quarters before consis?
  5. Any idea what happened with Sako this year? I would have thought he would qualify unless injured etc. Next year he will be a jr ? senior?
  6. Maybe not the smartest decision , but who cares , it's his medal . Besides it's not like the kid got a dui and ran over an old lady in a wheelchair , or got busted brewing some meth . I'm sure his life will be unchanged due to his tossing of his medal.
  7. Also possible Ramos was looking past Graff to the Steiber rematch, which Ive seen many times produce an upset or a much closer match than expected . I'm pretty sure Ramos and his coaches will prepare a different mind set if he faces Graf before Steiber at NCAA'S .
  8. So you have the following scenarios covered for today: Ramos getting majored, pinned, or winning. A few things to add: He is stupid strong. His strength has been an integral part of his skill set for awhile and he knows how to use it. He is great from neutral. You should be aware he is probably the best freestyler in college today, and that that is 95% wrestled on your feet. He tech-falled Mike Zadick recently. He put up a better fight against the AZE gold medalist than the rest of the planet, including taking him down. He's truly World Class and that's not hyperbolic. I'm well aware how "good" he is . Still amazes me some of the top guys don't defend his bar series better. I get he is strong ....but others have been strong . Thanks for the replies.
  9. Lakewood steve , Let me rephrase in that watching him I contend his speed/quickness is average . Obviously he is able to make up for that due to his timing setup technique . I "You are seriously adorable" Evidently I didn't bestow enough accolades to suit you by saying I could also see him majoring or pinning the second best wrestler at his weight in the country?? What more can I say to appease you ...He is super duper? Well I'm sorry , but even more than that I'm amazed you have time to stalk the boards and grace us with your opinions while coaching Mr Sanderson?!
  10. There have been some pretty good guys on top in the past ..Moore Brothers PSU , Mitch Clark , Jesse Jantzen . Steiber is obviously fully mature at the weight /age...but it amazes me few can stop from getting turned with his bar series . I mean he could be "strong" but he isn't Superman . I don't think he is that great from neutral , his speed quickness I would say is average at best . If Ramos can escape without getting turned IMHO he has a decent shot ...but I could also see Steiber over powering Ramos for a major or a fall. What makes Steiber's bar series so effective?
  11. If it acts smells and looks like a punk its a punk ....as for his pigment , stupid comment and it aint working ...i guess you have to look at percentages of "punk" actions. DSJ will beat Green when it counts if he gets that far.
  12. Did Steiber get a RS for his first year in college when he was at 125? He is a RS soph? He could possibly be #1 I still think he is VERY fortunate to have the title from last year , Oliver had the 2 in many an opinion.
  13. Next door neighbor was a few years older on the high school wrestling team. I was in 7th grade and a bit smaller than him , younger etc. He would use me as a training aid especially when we got in arguments . When I was finally a freshman and joined the 9th grade team i could beat out the varsity 98 lber . They wouldnt let me wrestle off that season , but was the varsity 105 the next year as a soph......etc etc. Spent many years coaching on and off ....Highlight of my "career" Winning my last college bout over an opponent who beat me in the finals of a tourney earlier in the year . As well as the many stellar coaches /individuals/athletes I competed against ... I have been fortunate to have met through the sport.
  14. I doubt anyone will say " he was never as good as Taylor" . Maybe you forgot he beat Taylor already and has never been pinned in an Ncaa final :) "Best ever " is subjective , I don't care how many titles you won. Not all weightclasses or opponents are created equal. What Cael did was amazing , he's truly one of the greatest ....but his path to four titles wasn't the same as several other great wrestlers in terms of opponent quality. Dake will probably have too many losses compared to Cael for most to consider his legacy to be as "great" . However, i hope he wins his fourth , no matter what happens he's already in elite company.
  15. I think the match benifitted Dake more . Quite frankly if they both opened up full throttle I'd bet the house Dake wins more scrambles, and the probablilty one of them ends up on their back once or twice will benefit Dake IMO. Taylor could win this match up , but his best chance is from a defensive Dake like we saw last night , and Taylor wasn't willing to open up either and try to TEST Dake's defense, I'm personally not shocked by that .
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