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  1. Need two all session tickets. Due to health reasons they must be lower level. Am willing to pay a premium. Please contact by text to : 402-916-0609 or email to j_jeggspuehler@hotmail.com
  2. i will be in Lincoln on Saturday for session one and two. Looking forward to some great wrestling. Also have one extra great seat, Section A9 Row 9 Seat 2 session 1 and 2.. If you need an extra ticket contact j_jeggspuegler@hotmail.com. Face value 50.00, will sell 40.00
  3. I have tickets (1) to Thursday, Friday and Saturday (days 4,5, and 6) Cost 291.75 plus S&H that I would sell for 250.00 Great seats Sec 102 Row E Seat 12 email to : j_jeggspuehler@hotmail.com Last minute change of plans go USA !
  4. I would be interested in purchasing 2, 3, or 4 lower level all session seats. Please e-mail to j_jeggspuehler@hotmail.com.
  5. From the rule book: "4 points - To the Greco-Roman wrestler performing a hold in a standing position, which brings his opponent into a danger position by direct projection over a short amplitude. - To the Freestyle wrestler who brings his opponent into a danger position by direct projection and demonstrates control. Short amplitude is not required in Freestyle. - For any hold executed by raising a wrestler from the ground, over a short amplitude, even if one or both of the attacking wrestler’s knees are on the ground. - To the Greco-Roman wrestler who executes a grand amplitude hold which does not place the opponent in a direct and immediate danger position. NB. If, in performing a hold, the defending wrestler maintains contact with the mat with one of his hands, but is immediately placed in a danger position, the attacking wrestler will receive 4 points." The way I read the rule the Greco wrestler must be in the standing position but it doesn't say that for the Freestyle wrestler.?????????????
  6. In the Burroughs vs Taylor match, twice Taylor ran a cradle on Burroughs and rec'd. 2 points each time. I thought the rules state that if during the sequence that the offensive wrestler gains control of the defensive wrestler and the defensive wrestler is put in "danger" (exposes his back),the offensive wrestler is given 4 points. Both times Taylor was given 2 points. Why? I'm sure I'm missing something. Please help.
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