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  1. Correnti from Rutgers just entered the portal at 197. NQ two years back but seemingly regressed after that.
  2. Rutgers: 125: Aguilar (Aragona redshirts) 133: Suriano 141: Lipari 149: Benner/VanBrill (younger)/Firestone 157: Benner/VanBrill (younger) 165: Glasgow (hopefully healthy) 174: Grello 184: Janzer (looking forward to it) 197: Correnti 285: Colucci as an aside, it looks like Raimo to ASU a Done deal.
  3. Suriano can turn on the offense when he wants to (the Lizak match is a good example), but he tightens up against the top guys. I thought both Suriano and Fix could have been more aggressive in the finals, but ultimately Suriano was more willing to shoot while Fix waited for a counter or penalty. Headgear call could’ve went either way but I don’t think anyone is too upset about Fix losing with that strategy.
  4. Interested to see if the hands to the face changes result in more offense from Fix.
  5. He’s better off teaching Fix a go-to takedown than insisting on a hands to the face call. Fix never tried to score.
  6. Despite all of the baseless Rutgers hate, I think the coaching staff did a great job developing Van Brill. The guy didn’t win a state title in high school and still ended up a multiple NCAA qualifier. Same with Gravina, who I don’t think ever placed top 8 in high school.
  7. I’m not a fan of Stoll or his old-school heavyweight style. That being said, I thought he outwrestled Parris apart from the stall calls and deserved to win that match.
  8. Is the speculation that White would be seeded behind Cassar based on strength of schedule?
  9. He generally doesn’t do himself any favors in interviews. I thought he wrestled well last night and hope he keeps the momentum. I don’t blame Micic- he was injured most of the year and probably just got a match in to stay fresh. Suriano, Nolf, etc. have all done that in conference tournaments. Not necessarily the same as a Lee “duck” when it’s because you need to be healthy in two weeks to have a shot at a title.
  10. Exciting match overall. Some notes. Ashnault is exciting to watch and really pushes to score throughout. Hope he keeps it up down the stretch. Van Brill looked sharp against Monday at 157. I think Monday has a lot of potential and will put it together over the next few seasons. I hope Glasgow is ok- he torqued his knee early on and could barely stand. I really like Gravina but for a guy who is tough on top and solid defensively, he’s never developed a go-to shot. Lots of counter wrestling. Pleasantly surprised by Correnti’s effort today. He was inches away from being in bounds on that TD and stayed away from upper body (which has been tough for him lately).
  11. He looked good against Jordan and Gfeller. We should see an exciting match vs Kolodzik in a few weeks. Tough weight class though.
  12. NJFAN


    I’m a fan of all three NJ D1 teams (though Princeton has been the most fun to watch develop as of late). Rutgers is doing fine and is in much better shape than a decade ago. They have a similar dynamic as Rider- some solid in-state kids with the occasional blue chip. They get knocked for the aggressive culture, but I think a lot of that is caused by reactions to overzealous fans on these boards. Some of it is derserved: the hands to the face with Retherford last year and the Suriano self-hype leading to his loss this weekend were both bad looks. Ashnault is really fun to watch and I don’t think getting an extra year is worthy of criticism. I expect Leeth to get one next year too. I don’t care for the post-match gunslinging. Suriano is one of the best in the country but he really needs more offense from his feet in these top matches. He doesn’t do himself a lot of favors in interviews but he’s young. I don’t blame people for rooting against him. I feel strongly that Rutgers was much better situated in the EIWA than the big ten. They can’t compete with most of the big ten schools and I think a realistic high-end goal is to be in the top 20 every year with occasional AAs and maybe a NC down the road. I hope Pritzlaff becomes the head coach relatively soon. As a program I don’t see them ever having reach far outside of NJ/PA.
  13. Where does he end up next year? Flo interview with Lewis made it seem like he is not staying at Rutgers (a huge loss for them).
  14. 125: Bresser over Crus 125: Suriano over Hayes 125: Lee over Piccininni 125: Nathan Tomasello over Lamont 133: Gross over Bridges 133: Wilson over Brock 133: Parker over Pletcher 133: DeSanto over Micic 141: Meredith over Perry 141: Joey Mckenna over Smith 141: Heil over Diakomihalis 141: Eierman over Zacherl 149: Retherford over Lewallen 149: Heilman over Hayes 149: Kolodzik over Leeth 149: Tsirtsis over Perry 157: Berger over Hidlay 157: Zilverbeg over Pantaleo 157: Kem over Nolf 157: Jordan over Van Brill 165:Marsteller over Martinez 165: Walsh over Marinelli 165: Joseph over White 165: McFadden over Wick 174: Valencia over Bernstein 174: Amine over Kutler 174: Jordan over Lewis 174: Hall over Lujan 184: Nickal over Dean 184: Renda over Abounder 184: Preisch over Zavatsky 184: Martin over Ness 197: Moore over Konel 197: Macchiavello over Rasheed 197: Miklus over Haught 197: Darmstadt over Weiler 285: Snyder over White 285: Kasper over Hemida 285: Dhesi over Nevills 285: Coon over Butler
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