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  1. I absolutely think any HS in PA with at least 600 students that is forfeiting on a regular basis has a coaching and or feeder program issue that is fixable
  2. I just read the article. Central Bucks is almost 2000 kids. If they are forfeiting that many weights it is a direct reflection on the coach. Which comes through in the quotes, blaming the kids, blaming millennials, blaming everyone else except himself. The district I live in is half the size of Central Bucks. And we have 3 kids at every weight except 106. And our program is very average, little better than .500. But we have a good coach and commitment at all levels and engagement in the community. From the quotes in that article it’s no shock kids don’t want to wrestle for those guys.
  3. The problem is a lack of commitment to building a program and recruiting and retaining kids. Creating fewer opportunities doesn’t solve anything
  4. Ok so let’s change everything so there are no forfeits in Wyoming. Makes sense.
  5. A reduction in weight classes is asinine. Unrelated but a forfeit should actually be worth more than a pin.
  6. Most leagues don’t work like that. We participated in Northwest and in North Jersey and I can tell you unequivocally they do not. Age is never brought up. It is extremely common for kids to wrestle opponents 3-4 years older. There is one year end tourney regardless of age. I would rather not discuss specific kids names on here but you truly don’t know what you are talking about. Go look at 80 pounds for example in Northwest Jersey and you will see 6th grade kids that won matches at the states who wrestled 2nd and 3rd graders. Look at heavyweight in North Jersey and you will see a 4th grader who wrestled multiple 8th graders. This happens all the time. You are just wrong.
  7. At states and tourneys yes. But not in leagues which is where the majority of rec wrestlers compete. Leagues like Tri County, North Jersey, North West Jersey, Central Jersey, raritan valley, Grade School etc are not age based. It just goes by weight class. I see 3rd graders wrestling 6th graders all the time. In the K-8 leagues it’s not uncommon to see big 4th graders wrestling middle school kids. I actually don’t know that I’ve ever seen a rec league dual that DIDNT have a few matches like that.
  8. Yes it is stupid and yes it is what we do in NJ. Most kids wrestle in leagues that are not age based. It is very common to see 3rd and 4th graders wrestling 6th graders ( and older) especially in that 60-80 pound range.
  9. The youth dual meet system in NJ also is killing the depth of the sport. Most kids participate in a K-6 league or a K-8 league or both. Age isn’t a factor. So you get a decent 80 pounder who is 10 years old wrestling 12 and 13 year olds and getting pinned in 20 seconds. It’s just stupid. These leagues all have postseason tourneys that again don’t take age into account at all. It is just asinine. For your average, decent athlete seasonal wrestler there are very few reasonable places to wrestle. In the leagues you get significantly older kids and then in the tourneys it’s all club kids because the seasonal kids are wrestling during the week and those parents aren’t sitting in a gym for 10 hours on the weekend
  10. Actually no other sports work that way. If you face a baseball team with an elite pitcher everyone faces the same kid. And usually that kid wants to play on a club team against other club players. There are different circuits that are more clearly defined. Also, you don’t have to wait for 4 hours and pay $100 to get only one at bat against that pitcher. This is true for all team sports. For individual sports, in track you are in heats with a bunch of dudes and even if you can’t win you can try to set a personal best. I don’t know much about tennis but again I know you don’t wait 4 hours to play for 30 seconds The wrestling model is totally flawed.
  11. And don’t forget back then you could lose in the pools and still win. Smith lost a match en route to at least one of his Golds
  12. The year round club wrestler that gets his jollies pounding Rec kids is actually killing the sport. These type of kids are around in most sports but in team sport having one or two kids like that isn’t the same as an individual sport. And those club kids in team sports tend to play on club teams against other club teams so the normal kids can play against other multi sport kids. In wrestling, at least in PA and NJ, there is no middle class. There are beginner tourneys and then opens. In the open tourneys that 3 sport kid who is a good athlete but doesn’t wrestle in a club 4 nights a week gets hammered. And of course they are all money makers. There is no bigger disgrace than the NJ USA wrestling kids states where kids are paying close to $100 (for USA card and the tourney fee) to enter a single elimination tourney where, until you have placed in the states you are likely to run into a state place winner your first match . Little Johnny’s parents pay the $100, go have him weigh in Friday night (kills an hour or more) and then sit around 4 hours on Sunday til he finally wrestles. Gets pinned in a minute, no wrestleback. Signs up for lacrosse the next day and who can blame him?
  13. If this is accurate (I’m sure it is) anyone that thinks Helen wouldn’t pound the vast overwhelming majority of Hs wrestlers today is retarded. Like I said above, the top women are closer to beating boys than the 125 pounders are to beating 184 pounders but nobody is suggesting the 125 pounders suck.
  14. I find it interesting that many of the folks bashing women’s wrestling here are the same ones that talk about how great the men’s light weights are and knock the wrestling ability of the bigger guys. Typical lightweight inferiority complex. Yes you can beat girls, good for you. Couldn’t I use the same argument you guys are using about the women to say that in college 125 and 133 are awful since every single division I 184 pounder would annihilate Lee or Gross? How come you are so excited about the strength advantage when talking about girls but when you compare across weight classes that is forbidden? Compares the girls to the girls and the 125 pounders to the 125 pounders. Because if we start talking about who would win regardless of gender or size it’s true we won’t be talking about the girls anymore but we also won’t be talking about anyone below 170
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