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  1. I would say no to both, as well. Just an interesting thought when we try to armchair analyze JB v Taylor. The Gable v Peterson's is not a surprise, especially since they qualified "in practice" since Gable was the go all out all the time mentality. I'm sure match time would have been different.
  2. Question1: Would Smith have beaten Kenny Monday in '93? Question 2: Would it have been a close match?
  3. Point is, rules where different, medal match qualifying was different, # of weight classes, number of former Russians/Soviets... Whoes to say if everything was the same for Burroughs as it was for Smith, or vice versa, that their medal count or color of medals would be the same. Things would be a lot different for many wrestlers if double elimination was never eliminated. So, comparing athlete accomplishments over time is in many cases subjective.
  4. Remember, one of Smith's titles came with one loss. Today, one loss and you may not get another match.
  5. Another option, go back to having summer and winter Olympics the same year... 2022, at least for one cycle. That gives everyone more time to figure things out. If next summer becomes safe for sports to have separate world championships they could do that in 2021. If they want to go back to alternating years for Olympics they can go back to 2024 and 2026.
  6. 1994, 150 lb NCAA finals. Lincoln McIlravy, Iowa vs Brian Harper, Michigan. 0-0 after first. McIlravy leading 2-1, end of second. sometime during the middle of the third period on a restart McIlravy slaps off and says, "let's go live." At the end of the match, score was 8-3.
  7. Was listening to a local ESPN affiliate Radio station and the name Spenser Lee caught my attention. I turned it up as they mentioned it was their weekly hometown hero series. They rattled off Lee's accomplishments and said he was on his way to his 3rd NCAA title before the cancellation and his team Penn State was seeking another team championship. They mentioned Penn State a couple more times and I thought, "Well, hope the Iowa faithful aren't listening."
  8. The irony for Dake would be watching Jordan leave his shoes on the mat after Jordan wins the Olympic Gold. Which is not out of the question.
  9. I do agree with a lot of what you say, except, if Dake were to go up to 86 he would be running from the man he just blind sided. Would be a no win for him. I am a JB fan and hope he wins, but I also know the reality of time. It will be a highly anticipated series and one more year will only intensify the drama.
  10. I understand your point. DT does have a much easier road to the Olympic team and thus the gold medal. No matter how confident Dake is I'm sure he recognizes the irony. And as far as Askren, I'm inclined to agree with you, but his last three competitive bouts have got to bother him privately to some extent considering his competitiveness and bravado. And during this time of social isolation, thoughts tend to seep into your mind more often than normal.
  11. Unless I missed it, two factored that may have played into the Askren and Dake side that have not been mentioned: Askren was recently made a fool of by Burroughs on the mat (and then subsequently in the octagon) and may have been looking for payback. And Dake may be afraid that DT makes the Olympic team and wins gold while he sits home on his couch and the only thing he can do right now to ease his anxiety is poke the guy in his way.
  12. You are either in love with Dake or hate JB. Add this comment to your others on the international board and it is clear... you have issues.
  13. If you have Comcast just say "Vice season one episode two" into the voice remote and it comes right up.
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