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  1. Youth wrestling used to be freestyle through the early 90s. I wrestled Freestyle only from 6 years old until I started middle school and then only wrestles folkstyle in school. When I graduated college in '93 and started coaching, little guys were wrestling folkstyle first and maybe freestyle.
  2. Sorry, no. I was his college teammate.
  3. I actually knew that. I was teammates with Jeff Thue, Bruce's 92 finals opponent.
  4. Bruce won 84 and 92 against Canada. Always something we can question or compare.
  5. Remember, there were 10 weights when Smith won his 2 Olympic gold's and one of his golds he lost a match. With today's rules he would have been wrestling for bronze (maybe not even that as the guy he lost to lost). JBs Olympic gold was with 7 weights. Factor in the USSR v Russia argument, as well. Smith had a 6 year senior career (including his first Goodwill Games). JB has a 10 year senior career and is still going.
  6. Not always true... and "cannot" is more preferred than a hard and fast rule.
  7. I didn't say Russia brings their other Olympians. Just said if US had Gable, the US wins. People can go back and forth about who is there and who isn't.
  8. The US missing the best 125 KG. With Gable, US wins.
  9. If Russia sent all their top guys and a few other top guys showed up who aren't there, it would take less points to win. Who knows? The US may have been able to win a tougher worlds with fewer medals. It may actually be more difficult to win the current world championship because it takes a stronger team from top to bottom o score enough points.
  10. Happens all the time. Women's college national tournaments have included both US and Canadian colleges/universities for years.
  11. Doesn't seem like people are giving DT the credit he deserves for taking out the guy who everyone thought was best in the world behind Sad. If DT was not there, Yaz would be undefeated and 2x only champ. I remember a majority of people said his first win (pin) against Yaz was a fluke. Obviously not. He has beaten him every way possible. Maybe David just needed to let himself grow into his best self at 86. As a person who cut a lot of weight during college, I wish I allowed myself to be healthy up a weight or two.
  12. Smith is not a commentator. If you listen for what he is, a decorated wrestler and coach, it is good. It is amazingly good when JB is there. The banter between the two is great, especially when they start addressing one and other by name and having a conversation. JB elevates the commentary 10 fold.
  13. I'm assuming that is why they changed Jordan to a regular announcer role. Match announcing is much better now.
  14. Remember in one of the J'Den flow episodes he talked about having some dark moments psychologically. While he did rise above and accomplish greatness, we are not privy to what psychological trauma still lingers (if any).
  15. What rules do we enforce and what rules do we let slide? A slipper slope, as has been stated. I was born on December 28. My teammate was born a week later. We were in the same grade, but every other year I had to wrestle an age group above him because I was a week older. If I had been born 3+ days later I would not have had to move up an age group. Did my 3+ days give me that much of an advantage. Should I have been given grace and allowed to wrestle down an age group?
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