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  1. I'm assuming that if you saw two 6 year olds wrestling around you would say it is awful. I'm assuming if you saw two beginning middle school wrestlers going at it you would say the same. And, comparatively, you would probably be right. But, at the same time, you are denigrating the sport and the majority of people who participate in it. Without the thousands of "awful" wrestlers, wrestling in American schools would become extinct. I have been involved in wrestling for over 40 years as a competitor and coach and know the value of wrestling at all levels. The more we support this gret sport the better off our sport is.
  2. That is not the rhetoric you spew. You talk about how awful most local HS wrestling is. I am a freestyler at heart. That is my favorite style. But, folkstyle offers wrestling a path through public schools that freestyle never will. Would I like some rule changes in folk, yes. But, I will pump up HS wtestling and it's benefits because it is by far one of the best places for young people to learn and grow.
  3. I guess I'm glad you realize it, but the fact is that hasn't stopped you from tainting the board with negative rhetoric. Not that I personally have anything against you, but all the same, it is because of the negative comments like yours that keep me from posting very often. We need to celebrate and support our sport in an amongst our banter on the board.
  4. LJB, You are an elitist. The purpose of high school sports in general is for young people to have a positive and active activity to participate in, to learn life skills and sportsmanship. Look at almost any other sport and it is the same way. The local HS teams for the most part are made up of participants, kids who want to be a part of something, kids who want to be with their friends. In the grand scheme of things, that is more important. The club or traveling team is made up of the top level guys. That is why a large number of premier soccer players will not participate on HS teams. They know that HS soccer is not at their level. Instead of being the "a$$hole" travel to your big tourneys for your kids, step back and allow the local sports to have the massive impact on society that they do. And just because you travel all over and witness high level wrestling doesn't mean you have any idea what is like to be one of those kids filling a spot on their high school team. There are many more participants filling a spot than champions in this world and we are better off because of the participants and they are better of for participating. If a HS track team has 100 members, there three times as many on the JV team than varsity. That is a good thing. As a HS coach, it is quite common to have a conversation with one of my former wrestlers who would be considered a "participant" who looks back at their days on the mat as a turning point in their life. Sometimes it is a wrestler who won one, two, maybe three matches in their career. But, the impact the sport had on their life is immeasurable.
  5. I am rooting for JO to have a break out spring and summer. He has always been one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. The two times I have seen him wrestle Bajarang, he gets a lead in the first and seems to stop wrestling in the second. I am sure part of it is Bajarang adjustments. The 60 seconds on his back didn't help, but got to hand it to Bajarang for eating up the time.
  6. I am one of those who post infrequently, but read quite often as the negativity is not worth it to me. I do appreciate fightingsioux's analysis. I see this forum, and many others, as the Wild Wild West, akin to something like Deadwood... few rules and not much regulation. I do enjoy great wrestling banter and conversation, not much of this in day to day life, so I like to come here and see what I can find. Anything we can do do build positivity around our sport is a good thing. Good thread and a good reminder.
  7. The problem with our sport is that it is a small circle. Everyone knows everyone. There is no separation between the athletes and what is supposed to be the media. All coverage is done by ex wrestles, non-media types, who cover the sport as a fan, not as a journalist. It is a symptom of social media. That is what most wrestling coverage is, not true journalism. Even the NCAAs on ESPN is a bunch of old wrestlers stammering through conversations with other current or former wrestlers. Compare that to the professionalism of March Madness coverage and it is night and day. And, you can't compare Dake to LeBron because they don't have a fan from the stands asking LeBron questions. Bader may as well have been drinking beers with Dake in his living room. I am a fan of what Flowrestilng has done for the sport and watch it all the time and will continue to do so, but high stakes journalism it is not.
  8. Three notables... Dennis Hall and Jim Gruenwald 1989 at Greco Jr. Nationals. Five-minute rounds: 0-0 with Hall until last 30 seconds... got tossed in a head an arm and it was over. Tied with Gruenwald... beat him in OT in a loser-out match. Kendall Cross... memorable training matches at the OSU camp summer of 1988. He was in college training for Espoir Nationals. I was a spry young buck and he taught me a few lessons.
  9. At the end of the match, the announcer chuckled as he quoted one of the wrestlers, "go back down to 70". I couldn't hear which wrestler said that, but from my perspective I thought Burroughs said that in jest to Chamizo, the joke being... I don't want to have to wrestle you again. And this was all in fun.
  10. This is why Jordan is Jordan... Great interview, https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/May/17/Burroughs-talks-about-big-win-over-Frank-Chamizo
  11. This is why Jordan is Jordan... Great Interview. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/May/17/Burroughs-talks-about-big-win-over-Frank-Chamizo
  12. D. You are the classless one, calling one of the worlds most respected wrestlers out. He is pure class. I have a post regarding this topic in the "Chamizo's weight class" thread, so I am not going to elaborate here.
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