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  1. I am one of those who post infrequently, but read quite often as the negativity is not worth it to me. I do appreciate fightingsioux's analysis. I see this forum, and many others, as the Wild Wild West, akin to something like Deadwood... few rules and not much regulation. I do enjoy great wrestling banter and conversation, not much of this in day to day life, so I like to come here and see what I can find. Anything we can do do build positivity around our sport is a good thing. Good thread and a good reminder.
  2. The problem with our sport is that it is a small circle. Everyone knows everyone. There is no separation between the athletes and what is supposed to be the media. All coverage is done by ex wrestles, non-media types, who cover the sport as a fan, not as a journalist. It is a symptom of social media. That is what most wrestling coverage is, not true journalism. Even the NCAAs on ESPN is a bunch of old wrestlers stammering through conversations with other current or former wrestlers. Compare that to the professionalism of March Madness coverage and it is night and day. And, you can't compare Dake to LeBron because they don't have a fan from the stands asking LeBron questions. Bader may as well have been drinking beers with Dake in his living room. I am a fan of what Flowrestilng has done for the sport and watch it all the time and will continue to do so, but high stakes journalism it is not.
  3. Three notables... Dennis Hall and Jim Gruenwald 1989 at Greco Jr. Nationals. Five-minute rounds: 0-0 with Hall until last 30 seconds... got tossed in a head an arm and it was over. Tied with Gruenwald... beat him in OT in a loser-out match. Kendall Cross... memorable training matches at the OSU camp summer of 1988. He was in college training for Espoir Nationals. I was a spry young buck and he taught me a few lessons.
  4. At the end of the match, the announcer chuckled as he quoted one of the wrestlers, "go back down to 70". I couldn't hear which wrestler said that, but from my perspective I thought Burroughs said that in jest to Chamizo, the joke being... I don't want to have to wrestle you again. And this was all in fun.
  5. This is why Jordan is Jordan... Great interview, https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/May/17/Burroughs-talks-about-big-win-over-Frank-Chamizo
  6. This is why Jordan is Jordan... Great Interview. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2018/May/17/Burroughs-talks-about-big-win-over-Frank-Chamizo
  7. D. You are the classless one, calling one of the worlds most respected wrestlers out. He is pure class. I have a post regarding this topic in the "Chamizo's weight class" thread, so I am not going to elaborate here.
  8. In my eyes, even before the match, the BTS match was going to (and I believe did) benefit Burroughs more. He now has a feel for Chamizo. That is probably more important when wrestling a guy that has such great balance and scramble ability. You can see the amazing adjustments that Burroughs made in just a couple of minutes. After losing the TD off his own shot in the first round, he seemed to get a better feel for Chamizo. And while the mat conditions were obviously a factor, they both had the same conditions. Now that Burroughs has the feel and when thy wrestle on a mat where Burroughs can close out, drive through a shot, and not slide, he should have the upper hand. Also, Burroughs was the one with the pressure. Chamizo had nothing to lose. Burroughs stayed calm and rose to the occasion. Those of you complaining about how Burroughs acted after the match... while this may seem like a friendly event to those sitting behind a screen and you want him to quietly pat Chamizo on the back and help him off the mat at the end, we want Burroughs to care about winning the match, to feel proud, and to roar after this type of victory. That is why he is able to accomplish what he does. We all know this is a battle let him express himself after he has one the battle. I am not sure if you noticed, but when the announcers were playing games on the mat prior to the final match, pretending that the night was over, they panned to Burroughs, he was focused, he looked determined. He was not taking this match lightly. He is a class act and one of the best wrestlers the world has ever seen. He is not doing immature skits in the end zone after a touch down. He is not overly braggadocio and yelling at the camera after it's over. He is a role model and the face of American wrestling. Yes, Kyle Snyder is the man too, but, Burroughs carried our sport through a long drought and is still going. He deserves our our gratitude.
  9. Burroughs won a world title with screws in his ankle 4 weeks after he broke it. He also won a world bronze after he tore up his knee in the first round (and that is the only time that Tsargush was able to beat him). Add all his accomplishments together and, as the title of the thread says, if he wins a world title this year, he is in the argument as the best US wrestler ever. The era of 6 weights and multiple soviets in one weight class, adds a dimension that was not there in years past. John Smith is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, as I grew up just a few years younger. But, even if he could beat the top level Russian, having to wrestle multiple former Soviets in the same tourney takes a tole. Not saying he would not still win, but it sure would make it much more difficult. With this year's World Gold, I would put Burroughs neck and neck with Smith.
  10. We had a few of our female wrestlers compete for teams in the Indian league a year or two ago. Seemed to be good for them and I don't remember anyone objecting to that. We need to support any positive opportunity that our top wrestlers get that helps them continue competing at a high level and puts money in their pockets.
  11. Kirk White of Boise State is from WA.... NCAA Champ 1999.
  12. Great to see Burroughs on the list, but as many have indicated here, the arbitrary use of the term "fit" is laughable. Case in point, not having Helen Maroulis on the women's list (and no wrestler for that mater) is case in point.
  13. Yes, he got conservative in the Dierenger match, surprisingly. I wonder if he just appears to have more movement against Dierenger because JB can control the match more.
  14. Yes, he did, but it was not multiple times. And, if the ref would have said something, it would only have been an attention, not 2. Juxtapose the Dake-Dierenger and the Dake-Burroughs match. Dake v Dierenger: Dake had a higher pace, more attacks, more movement and did not have hand/knee on mat near as much. What would happen if Dake wrested Burroughs the way he did Dierenger? Maybe open himself up to Burroughs attacks and thus to Burroughs take downs. But, it would also help him create more of his own attacks and lower the chance of being put on the clock. And, I believe, it would inhibit the Burroughs hands in the face to some degree. Burroughs would have to engage more proactively. Anyway, I think Dake has a lot of control over how the next Burroughs much plays out. He can play the chess match and hope. Or he can pick up the pace and believe. I also wonder what would happen if roles were reversed. What if Burroughs took a knee and placed his hand on the mat for 90% of the match?
  15. Quite right. That is why I think he gets overly frustrated and whines. I envision him saying to himself, "Don't you know who I am. Come on, I'm Kyle Dake. You know, Kid Dynamite." He was catered to and worshiped so intently during college, it seems to have been difficult for him to overcome that. The underdog role has been a tough change for him.
  16. The problem with Dake opening up too much is then it gives Burroughs more chance at re attacks. Dake is in a bind, take a couple calculated shots and maybe score or open up and maybe get scored upon. Can't blame him for being cautious. But then can't blame Burroughs for trying to get him to open up. Burroughs did have more movement and presented himself to Dake. Dake's three point stance is like not presenting in parterre.
  17. Many of you act like wrestling is a nice sport. Dave Schultz is one of the most respected US wrestlers of all time. He is not noted as a nice guy on the mat. In fact, the Schultz brothers were nortorious for being tough, and dare I say dirty.
  18. I wouldn't compare DT to Metcalf. DT moves better, is a much better technician, and makes much better in mach adjustments.
  19. I give full credit to DT. He has stuck with it when many would have been done. He could have looked at JB and Dake and said, there is no way I'm on the world team. But he bulked up, fell a little short, and still kept going. Now he is a World Cup Champion and beat the raining Olympic Champ in the finals, not just by Pin, but he was leading by points at the time. He dug deep a number of times during the tourney, and he did not have an easy road. By the way, many of you are forgetting, the easiest thing (even though it is difficult) is to get to the top. It is harder to stay there. Yazdani will have a long road ahead of him. That is why it has been a gift watching JB do what he has done. Now, it is time for us to support our current 86 World Cup Champ as he continues to improve.
  20. Remember, most movies "based" on real life events take on theatrics and interpretations while trying to fit it into a 2 hour story that will draw audiences. Time is not always accurate, yet the story is basically told. In order to fully appreciate the movie, you have to be able to separate yourself a bit from the reality of time and events. I know quite a bit of the back story and still enjoyed the movie for what it is, great performances and an ode to the wrestler I admired as a young boy. And yes, I had a lump in my throat as the theater emptied in a somber silence. On a side note, I remember warming up two mats away from Foxcatcher at the 1992 "John E DuPont" Nationals. I turned to one of my teammates and said, "who is that strange guy in the blue sweat suit." I can still remember some of the big named guys on Foxcatcher who were there wrestling around and joking with him. Even as a 21 year old, I could see from afar that he was not someone I would want to associate with. it is a shame that money is blinding.
  21. I will be interested to hear what Dan Hodge has to say. While I have always liked Metcalf and his dedication to wrestling and how he represented the United States, Dan talked about having complementary coaches at the national team level, coaches with different skill sets and styles. It seems to me that Zadic and Metcalf are basically cut from the same cloth.
  22. Interesting, and sorry to hear it. I continued this thread with you to make a point and that point has been made. We can have spirited debate without hatemongering. You can choose to keep it civil, but, yes, it is your choice. It is due to posts like yours that I have made just 50 since 2010. It is not worth it to me (very often) to put myself in the path of denigration and vulgar retorts.
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