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  1. There is now at National Registry for Wrestling, nr4w.com, that is focused on promotion of wrestling on TV. If you want to know when college wrestling events will be broadcast, sign up for this registry. Coach Al Bevilacqua has created this registry with help of Danielle Hobeika. Coach Bevilacqua is a great leader and visionary in our sport. You can sign up now at www.nr4w.com.
  2. Stanford @ Arizona State live on the PAC 12 Network.
  3. I think outside events have much potential. I would like to see more at the schools in south. I broadcast a Beauty and the Beast PAC 12 Network Dual recently. Very exciting. I encourage schools to do one annually. How else can we creatively promote and grow our sport? How about a single 7 minute promotional battle during the intermission? Maybe let some assistant coaches go at it? Brands vs Guerrero? Burroughs vs Paulson Steiner vs Tirapelle etc, etc Brainstorming a bit... How about a single match between stars at halftime of a football or basketball game? How about doubleheaders with wrestling following womens or men's basketball games? Have the football coach attend and speak for a few minutes at intermission or start of the match. More ideas?
  4. Both of this weekend's duals were very competitive. Today's OU @ OSU dual came down to final match at 197 between Meeks and Rutt. Dual started at HWT. Should be a reply or more on PAC 12 Network today.
  5. Arizona upset Boise State Friday night in an exciting dual where each team won 5 matches. It was Beauty and Beast with gymnastics going on at same time. I think this is a good format that more colleges should try for many reasons. Remaining PAC 12 Network TV Schedule. today - Sat, 1/25 - Wrestling: Oklahoma @ Oregon St @ 11:30A Next month Mon, 2/3 - Wrestling: Stanford @ ASU @ 5P Sun, 2/9 - Wrestling: Oregon St @ ASU @ 2P NCAA Qualifier Sun, 3/2 - Pac-12 Wrestling Championships: All Teams @ Stanford @ 5P
  6. Today and tomorrow. Fri, 1/24 - Wrestling: Boise St @ ASU @ 4P Sat, 1/25 - Wrestling: Oklahoma @ Oregon St @ 11:30A Next month Mon, 2/3 - Wrestling: Stanford @ ASU @ 5P Sun, 2/9 - Wrestling: Oregon St @ ASU @ 2P NCAA Qualifier Sun, 3/2 - Pac-12 Wrestling Championships: All Teams @ Stanford @ 5P
  7. Some featured matches from the duals Friday and Saturday will be: 184: Blake Stauffer (ASU) vs Jake Swartz (BSU) Should be many other close matches. 149 Kendric Maple (OU) v Scott Sakaguchi (OSU) 197 Taylor Meeks (OSU) vs Travis Rutt (OU) and many other highly ranked wrestlers including Andrew Howe and RJ Pena.
  8. Olympian Ken Chertow will be your analyst for several remaining Pac-12 duals. Fri, 1/24 - Wrestling: Boise St @ ASU @ 4P Sat, 1/25 - Wrestling: Oklahoma @ Oregon St @ 11:30A Mon, 2/3 - Wrestling: Stanford @ ASU @ 5P Sun, 2/9 - Wrestling: Oregon St @ ASU @ 2P Sun, 3/2 - Pac-12 Wrestling Championships: All Teams @ Stanford @ TBD You can see a week-by-week Pac-12 wrestling schedule here: http://pac-12.com/schedule/week?sport=wrestling If you'd like to schedule a clinic with Coach Chertow when he's in your area during the dates listed above, email kc@kenchertow.com
  9. Friday 1/24 Boise State at Arizona State 4pm PST Saturday 1/25 Oklahoma @ Oregon State 11:30am PST Watch and set DVR.
  10. Air Force and Oregon State are both strong at 149 and 157 so those should be good ones. AFA Martinez is having a super season at 125 with only 2 losses. Meeks has been dominating since heeling from injury. What do you PAC 12 and WAC fans think of the other match ups? Can AFA win a couple close ones and make the dual close? Looking to next weekend we will broadcast two big duals live Boise State at Arizona State Friday at 5 and then Oklahoma at Oregon State Saturday at 1130am. I encourage you to tune in to PAC 12 Network to watch college wrestling.
  11. This dual meet will be broadcast live at 3pm Pacific Time. Oregon State has 3 returning All-Americans in their line up. Air Force has a few very good wrestlers led by #6 ranked Josh Martinez and 2x NCAA round of 12 Josh Kreimier. Match up at 157 with Pena and Kreimier could be a good one. Likely line ups below. 125: Palmer 133: Van Anrooy 141: Delgado 149: Sakaguchi 157: Pena 165: Chay or Elder 174: Latham 184: Morehead 197: Meeks HWT: Dhesi 125 - #6 Josh Martinez, So. 133 - Greg Rinker, Sr. OR Carter McElhany, Jr. 141 - David Walker, Fr. 149 - Natrelle Demison, Fr. 157 - Josh Kreimier, Sr. OR Daniel Baucke, Sr. 165 - Jesse Stafford, Jr. 174 - Scott Reilly, So. 184 - Willie Baker, So. OR Garrett Wells, Jr. 197 - Parker Hines, Fr. 285 - Marcus Malecek, So. OR Cody Davis, Sr.
  12. Air Force Academy @ OSU on PAC 12 Network live at 3pm PST Sunday. Oregon State @ Stanford was a very exciting dual this past weekend.
  13. Super event. I encourage college coaches and wrestlers to keep embracing it.
  14. Mitchell's high school coach was Pat Flynn, Tim's brother, as well as head coach Mike Maney. They did great work with Mitchell. I saw Mitchell make steady improvement from age 6 to 18 and he continues to do so in college with his coaches. Yes Mitchell was a regular at my camps as well as HTC for a decade. He and AJ have wrestled each other and other dedicated kids at my camps and Home Training Center annually since they were little kids. Consistent hard work truly does make dreams come true. Mitchell hit 3 sweet, perfectly timed moves in last night's finals and is now Midlands Champion forever. Can anyone point me to video of Colon vs Schopp and Graff and Schopp vs Graff? Thanks
  15. When you can counter and ride that well against a 4x IA State Champ, and then hit sweet 3rd period sweep, maybe you just need to to wrestle in winter? That said though, Monk does extra. I know he did my camps annually during jr high and high school. He made steady improvements annually and continues to do so. Hoping to see him succeed at NCAAs.
  16. In addition to AJ and numerous tough teammates, Mitchell can also workout regularly with assistant coach Cliff Moore. He has been wrestling tough competition since he was a little kid so the iron has already sharpened the iron. One could argue that rigors of Big Ten schedule hurt some wrestlers as much as help.
  17. Stanford hosts two dual meets live Jan 9 and 11. Jan 9 Boise State @ Stanford 4:30pm Jan 11 Oregon State @ Stanford 3pm These are the top 3 PAC 12 teams this season and these duals should help determine who is the best dual meet team in the PAC 12. Earlier this season Boise State upset Oregon State in Corvallis and it came down to the final seconds of the final bout. Arizona State is also looking to make noise in the PAC 12 and they host a couple live duals later this season Jan 24 and Feb 3.
  18. Good dual tonight. WY won a few matches with bonus points in two. They were close in a couple losses as well, so they held their own. We got coverage doubled this year from 5 events to 10. Some spring semester live duals include Boise St @ Stanford OSU @ Stanford Air Force at OSU ASU @ OSU OKlahoma at OSU PAC 12 Finals Set those DVRs to catch college wrestling all season. PSU @ Iowa tonight!
  19. DVR Some potential good ones between ranked wrestlers. 157 ANDY MCCULLEY – RJ PENA 197 SHANE WOODS – TAYLOR MEEKS WY seeks bonus points. 125 – Tyler Cox (WYO) – Pat Rollins (OSU) Toss up - could be wild exciting match 141 – Cole Mendenhall (WYO) – Joey Delgado(OSU)
  20. Interesting comments and predictions. Keep em coming. I agree plenty of outstanding west coast wrestlers. West coast coaches have to work hard to keep them home. Wire and WA coaches - any organized efforts to get WA or WA State to reinstate wrestling? We need NCAA D1 program in WA, as well as FL, TX etc, etc. Ken
  21. Interesting posts. An idea and a few miscellaneous thoughts. How about a featured exhibition bout for the fans at the end of dual meets? For example, Retherford vs Ramos Saturday night. The concept was a big hit at NWCA All Star meet, perhaps it could be done at typical dual meets. If Ramos vs Retherford every went down I think it could be a high scoring match. I think Tony would struggle to escape even worse than Logan. If NCAA rules or liability issues would not let that work, how about go at it in an exhibition battle? Who do you pick? Cunningham vs Morningstar? Guerrero vs Brands? Or we can go younger - for example, Varner vs Bergman would have been fun to watch after Penn State throttled OSU. I agree dual meets are critical to the promotion of our sport. I urge fans to get behind the National Duals. It WILL help our sport in the long run for many reasons.
  22. This dual is at 7pm PST (10pm EST). Hope you can tune in and set your DVR. Any Oregon State and Wyoming fans want to talk about the match ups and make your picks? WY won a couple against Okie State this weekend. Who is the best team in the far west this season and looking forward - BSU, OSU, WY, Stanford, others? Ken
  23. Nick is a key leader with ASICS Wrestling along with Neil Duncan. They both worked with the late Bill Farrell for over 30 years connecting ASICS with our wrestling community. Nick is still a great guy! He was also an outstanding wrestler. He was NCAA Champion for Hofstra in the mid 70s. I think he is their only NCAA Wrestling Champion ever. With so much talent in NY, NJ and PA this should not be the case.
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