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  1. What move or moves does he typically pin his opponents with? Just for sake of discussion Aside from Taylor, Steiber, Schopp, Ruth, and Walsh who are the other top pinners this season and what specifically are they using to get falls? Port and Racciato got nice pins last week against Iowa and Penn State. They were off of scrambles but both finished with tight snake.
  2. Wyoming at Oregon State will be live on PAC 12 Network at 7pm PST/10pm EST. It should be an exciting dual meet so set your DVR and check it out. I will be serving as your analyst along with Jason Knapp. Jason and I worked together with CSTV and CBS Sports as well as some BTN. Jason was the 2012 Olympic Wrestling Play by Play man. He does a great job broadcasting our sport in professional fashion.
  3. Here are the OSU results from Vegas day 1. http://bit.ly/18q0d4D I think Powerhouse is accurate in the post above. Like many other posters above, I think OSU has higher expectations. I think Lathan and HWT will make steady progress all year. The lightweights need to get better and more consistent.
  4. I will host clinics and workouts at my Home Training Center before and after the big dual Sunday as well as Saturday. Details are on my website. We also have a few tickets left for wrestlers enrolling in camp.
  5. Re-broadcast is at 9am PST Tuesday on PAC 12 Network. It was a very exciting dual that came down to the wire. The final 2 bouts were a dramatic ending. Enjoy! Ken
  6. News release http://www.osubeavers.com/ViewArticle.d ... =209319533 Here are the final projected lineups for Sunday. I welcome discussion/opinions of who you think will win some of the individual match ups and why, especially for ones that are anticipated to be swing matches. Let us know your thoughts. Boise State: 125: Rami Haddadin 133: Ty Stevenson 141: Travis Himmelman 149: Chris Castillo 157: Holden Packard 165: Taylor West 174: Austin Dewey 184: Cody Dixon HWT: J.T. Felix Oregon State: 125: Pat Rollins 133: Drew Van Anrooy 141: Joey Delgado 149: Scott Sakaguchi 157: RJ Pena 165: Alex Elder or Seth Thomas 174: Joe Latham 184: Brian Engdahl or John Tuck 197: Taylor Meeks HWT Amarveer Dhesi
  7. Sunday at 11am PST Oregon St hosts Boise State and it will be live on PAC 12 Oregon. It will be re-broadcast nationally on the PAC 12 National Network Tuesday at 9am PST. Set your DVR. I will be your analyst along with 2012 Olympic Broadcaster Jason Knapp.
  8. US Olympian Ken Chertow will be the expert analyst for the Pac-12 Championship Finals at Arizona State University today at 5 PM MST (7 PM EST)! The finals will be broadcast live on the Pac-12 Network. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR! The competition will feature some of the best college wrestlers in the country, as Oregon State looks to defend its title! Immediately following the finals, Coach Chertow will conduct a fundraiser clinic to benefit USAW efforts to preserve Olympic wrestling. Details are here: http://kenchertow.com/pdfs/clinics/pac12.pdf
  9. PAC 12 Finals will be line on PAC 12 Network Saturday March 2 at 4pm MST (6pm EST, 3pm PST) This is one week before the Big 10, ACC, EIWA etc.
  10. Arizona State @ Oregon State at 1pm PST this Saturday Feb 9 on PAC Network. 8 days later the National Duals Regional will be at OSU and broadcast on FSN
  11. Okie State @ ASU @ 1pm Mountain Time. Also, the Boise St @ Oregon State dual is now posted on PAC 12 web site. http://video.pac-12.com/wrestling-no-18 ... egon-state
  12. Sunday January 27 at 1pm MST. Okie St @ Arizona St live on the PAC 12 Network. I will be your analyst joining one of PAC 12 regular play by play men for variety of sports, JB Long. We worked together for first time covering Boise State at Oregon State and he did great work representing our sport. We will do a couple more live duals on the PAC 12 Network in February and then PAC Conference Finals the first weekend in March. Ken
  13. Sunday's dual meet is live at 1pm Mountain Time which is noon PST/3pm EST. I have scheduled a few clinics during my visit to Tempe. Schedule is posted on my web site.
  14. PAC 12 Network burst onto the scene with an exciting football season and is now broadcasting the winter sports schedule. There are 5 live wrestling broadcasts this winter including the PAC 12 Finals. I encourage you to tune in and/set your DVR. I will be your analyst along with one of their regular play by play men, JB Long. Let the PAC 12 know you appreciate the coverage of our sport. Let them and/or me know if you have any feedback. http://support.pac-12.com/anonymous_requests/new Ken kc@kenchertow.com
  15. Impression he made on me last weekend was positive and I am not easily impressed, especially with 184 and up. He committed to many nice shots and won a couple scrambles.
  16. Great job with theweekendwars.com website. Keep on promoting our sport and building. Congratulations. We are broadcasting this page live on PAC 12 Network at 1pm MST. I am heading to Tempe to be the analyst and will also be doing clinics when I am in AZ. Ken
  17. Good to see JUCOs succeeding. We conducted camp at Harper College this summer and they have very good facilities, dedicated coaches, and serious wrestlers. I encourage prospects looking at Junior College to consider Harper. I will return to Harper to conduct camp this summer June 28-30. Harper is in Palatine IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago about 15 minutes from O'hare airport. Ken
  18. Sunday's exciting PAC 12 dual meet will be shown again Wednesday at 9am. Set DVR. If you do not have PAC 12 Network, ask your cable company to add it. If you have feedback for PAC 12 Network or just appreciate the coverage of our sport, here is the link to share your input. http://support.pac-12.com/anonymous_requests/new
  19. There will be a re-broadcast at 9am Wednesday. Set your DVR. Thanks for feedback. Great to hear I educated your parents and entertained your parents. That is your son at 141 for BSU? Denny - we cover ASU 3x this season. Enjoy. Two times are in Tempe. I recall you are an ASU supporter. You live near Tempe? Introduce yourself if you have opportunity. You can let PAC 12 Network know that you appreciate the coverage and offer any feedback you have through there web page. http://support.pac-12.com/anonymous_requests/new You can also watch PAC 12 Preview of each team with Les Gutches. Ken
  20. Thanks for the questions and comments during the match. Post match feedback is welcome here or directly to me at kc@kenchertow.com. Make it a great 2013! Ken
  21. Should be an exciting dual meet. This is first ever wrestling on PAC 12 Network. Email me questions and I will try to answer some during the match or after. kc@kenchertow.com Feedback and ideas to improve broadcast of wrestling on TV are always welcome. Ken
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