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  1. IQ tests positively correlate to academic and job performance. Anyone who says they are meaningless is not paying attention to the data. Speaking from personal experience, I'd say the correlation between IQ and wrestling success is very low (neither positive nor negative). I've met great wrestlers who span the bell curve. The four factors I'd suggest are most important to wrestling success are (1) mental toughness (fortitude and the will to win), (2) caliber of coaching, (3) time invested in practice and competition, and (4) natural athletic ability.
  2. Benion from IL won it in '95 as a #7 seed. He unexpectedly made the finals again in '96 as a #6 seed (losing to Joe Williams), then took 3rd in '97 (Williams won again). Holker from ISU won @ 141 in 2002 as a #5 seed. Took 7th the following year (also as #5 seed).
  3. Tarpley here. I'm not KMF, but thanks for thinking of me. I also suspected Alger or Lewboo. Alger is sharper and funnier than he may appear, and he's got that Lisbon blue-collar background to draw from in creating the character, but people who claim to know swear it's not Alger. And I can't see Lewboo writing anything that doesn't frequently mention Lewboo, so that seems to rule him out too. Someone please pour JB some truth serum so we can solve this.
  4. Grown man. Check. Knows what he's doing. Check. Has an Olympic dream. Check. Wasn't on the International Olympic Committee that decided to limit freestyle wresting to 6 weights. Check. One doesn't have to be in favor of massive weight cutting to support Scott making a tough decision in a tough situation. There are so many more important things in the world to be outraged about. I'm rooting for Ramos, but best of luck to Scott.
  5. I don't recall Martin ever wrestling at US Open FS...or Sunkist.
  6. Nice match by Jones. Tough on top. They met several more times in college--Martin beat Zeke 6-3 in 88 Midlands finals (Zeke beat Terry Brands in semis), and I recall Martin beating Zeke in a dual in 89? by a point or two. Zeke beat Martin in second round of 89 NCAAs, 5-3 (Martin was #8 seed, Zeke #9). Of course, this is the match Zeke chose to post on YouTube :) Zeke had the better NCAA career: DNP-6-4-2 vs. Martin's DNP-7-DNP. And Zeke obviously had a better FS career.
  7. It's not a theoretical question. The data can be plotted--take the top 100-ranked HS seniors from the past ~10 years and plot vs. total career NCAA points scored. You'd have to exclude the past 5 years, actually, since they haven't yet had full NCAA careers, but you get the idea. You could also plot the NCAA points scored by wrestlers ranked outside of the top 100 to have that additional comparison. My bet is you'd get a wide distribution but a strong positive correlation between HS success and college success. I don't have the time or inclination to do it, you understand. I'm like a McKinsey consultant: I just come up with the idea and collect my check. I do appreciate the interesting work done here by Johnny--it's not statistical, but not entirely anecdotal either. His point seems to be that there is not a perfect correlation between HS success and college success. (Or perhaps he's saying there's no correlation whatsoever, in which case I'd respectfully disagree.) For the record, I wish Iowa had gotten little Tsirtsis instead of Skonieczny and Baldosaro. But I'm not bitter.
  8. Over the past 5 recruiting seasons, Penn State has signed 9 top-30 recruits, Iowa 10, and Ohio State 10. So on that broad level there is parity. (I didn't have the energy to check Minny and Okie St, but I'm guessing they're in the same ballpark.) The big difference? All 10 of Penn State's were top-10. 8 of Ohio State's were top-10. Only 1 of Iowa's was top-10. They've each had some defections (e.g. Campolattano, Skonieczny. Sherlock and Ballweg were both just outside the top 30.) They've each had some guys under-perform so far (e.g. Altons, Moore, Dziewa, Courts). And Iowa and PSU have both had some low-ranked guys over-perform (e.g. English, Burak; Grothus may join the list). One can also argue whether there is a significant difference between top-10 vs. top-30. For example, Penn State got #3 Gulibon, while Iowa "only" got #16 Gilman and #23 Clark. Things get pretty subjective when you're force-ranking every HS wrestler in the country. I'd say among just about anyone in the top 30, passion and mindset are more important than whether you're #2 or #29 going in. Everyone has to get better in order to win an NCAA title, so it's about how determined you are to get to the top. In short, Penn State is out-recruiting the BLUE-blue-chippers, and Ohio State is right behind. Iowa is maintaining parity among top-30 recruits, and time will tell if there is a real difference in those strategies.
  9. Villalonga should be mad that the ref decided that match. He should be mad at himself. We complain when refs don't call stalling. Then we complain when they do. Gable always said, "Don't leave it up to the ref." The way to avoid it is by initiating more action and scoring more points. Villalonga left it up to the ref, and he paid for it. Was it a good call or a bad call? Who cares? May as well complain about who won a ball grab in a 2012 freestyle match.
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