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  1. Clever does not do it justice.
  2. What is disingenuous is Ban claiming something is disingenuous.
  3. Courage....Power.....Insight.....Your posts say it all.
  4. Another post showing how smart I think I am...... Cue Ban....NOW!
  5. I don't get it, you ask me to post and then complain when I do. Must be a Democrat.
  6. Thanks Ban for explaining the lack of drama in all things mudflap. It takes someone with your superior intelligence to explain that to us common folk.
  7. Ban, Like I said, your not that important. But whenever I get the time to check in here, you are always being asked to please leave. By many different people. But you seem to crave the attention thus your constant attempts to appear relevant. Please, seek help.
  8. I think one is older than the other one.
  9. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......................
  10. Actually Ban you are amusing to me but not really all that important. Your just another guy who thinks your smarter than you are and are shocked when people don't acknowledge your greatness.
  11. Well, now that we know what the progressive crowd thinks, we can relax.
  12. Guys like Taylor and Ban like to feel relevant so they appoint themselves leaders and advocates to things like LGBT. Just the thing wrestling needs, a couple of phony gay bandwagon jumpers.
  13. "All in fun"......Yea, right. Thats why you are so disliked, you don't get it.
  14. I thought you were banned? I hope you don't get this topic locked also.
  15. Bar Rescue huh? Tell us more about your educational background.
  16. Or he could be like you, trying to establish some credibility on a message board that he lacks in real life.
  17. Ban my boy, you come across like a buffoon. Calling everyone who disagrees with you "Rush" is not really showing your smarts, assuming you have any. Oh yea, you work at a college of some kind. My bad.
  18. Did you see what Scribe did to Flying Tiger?
  19. Well then, Northern Iowa should take a look at Minkel.
  20. And don't forget the Afton Quadrangular.
  21. Yea, there is just that pesky loss in the finals.....I mean those TWO pesky losses in the finals.
  22. Well, what weight is Dake going? Probably every other one.
  23. Lazor used his "concussion" as an excuse, he WANTED to be done.
  24. Your not hiding your wounded ego very well. Whizzbang indeed.
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