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  1. I might have missed it, but is there a link to the brackets? Thanks in advance!
  2. Got it and responded. Thanks!
  3. Pinnum -- send me a PM and I can answer some of your questions. JB knows what he's talking about though ;)
  4. "You're telling me that you want people to be nice to each other? Being miserable and treating everyone else like dirt is every New Yorker's God given right!" Depends on who you talk to: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/13452608/ns/us_news-life/t/new-york-named-politest-city-world/ :geek:
  5. Agreed -- blown call right off the bat changes the match
  6. Delgado spent most of the third period running! Diving towards the legs after the ref has blown his whistle does not constitute offense. In addition, at least two of his funk attempts were just grabbing an ankle, not actual attempts to score. Delgado only took 1-2 true shots during the match (one of which he scored).
  7. If you mean "outstanding" sarcastically, then yes, you are correct. :roll:
  8. Huh? We must have been watching two different things. He was talking about guys coming from all over to train at his camp. I didn't hear anything close to recruiting.
  9. At some point, regardless of how well a coach [or assistant(s)] is liked, you have to look at the overall product. Save for a few individuals, this program has been down for some time. It may be time to clean house and start from scratch. Having an entirely new staff can lead to a change in attitude, recruiting, and outlook. The A.D. needs to take a hard look and do what's in the best interest for the school and the wrestling program as a whole.
  10. Are people misspelling "Schopp" on purpose?
  11. Every school has distractions, but hopefully UCM will present fewer than a larger school might. No one ever claimed it was an Ivy League institution, but every school can present challenges to a student-athlete. And Fudge, going to class and doing the work is part of the equation.
  12. Central Missouri is a DII school located in Warrensburg, MO, about an hour east of Kansas City. After long-time coach Robin Ersland stepped down a few years ago, his assistant, Justin Ensign took over. Ensign previously wrestled and was an assistant at former DI Wagner College before the program was dropped. UCM is usually in or near the top 25 in DII each year. Cagnina should flourish there with minimal distractions, and as long as he can keep his grades up. He will have returning DII NQ Eric Mateo as a workout partner, which should benefit both wrestlers. Good luck to Cagnina and UCM!
  13. I thought it was very classy of him to do. They just completed their run in the NCAA basketball tournament on Saturday, and he's already looking out for other sports and athletes. Awesome to see the support across different sports!
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