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  1. His knee will not make it another 4 years.
  2. I really wanted to see his unorthodox style against Lee. He knows that 2024 is not a realistic option and this story is not a new one. David Taylor has to be careful as well that he doesn't ruin his dream as well with his knee. This is Taylors last chance at Olympic Gold as well.
  3. I could see if Nico said you need to follow Jesus and be like me but he didn't. For Willie to comment like that is pure 100% classless.
  4. What is even more crazy is the guy who stopped him from winning Gold stopped Snyder from winning Gold in 2019 and is Jden's last loss 8 years later. Sharipov has wins over three of our champs. But the great David Taylor teched him!:-)
  5. The great JB in his prime wins this match but at this point in both of their careers (Dake is at his peak) I would honestly be surprised if JB pulls it off. But man if he does JB is the greatest American of all time if he goes and wins in Tokyo. I would put him #1 if he does that.
  6. I think Dake is our best P4P even over Jden. I really think JB is a big underdog here. P4P I would go: Dake Cox Snyder Taylor JB Crazy depth!!!!
  7. I agree but history says Snyder wins in two razor close matches just like his NCAA and WTT matches against Jden-one score matches.
  8. Cox wrestled in the 2014 trials at 213. Looked pretty big to me. Lost a close match to JD. JD then lost to Varner.
  9. Varner should be given that Yarigan title!
  10. And if Taylor is healthy Cox to me is #3. I guess that will be settled at OTT.
  11. Wait until Dake and Cox wrestle Olympic weights. Otherwise I would put them 1 and 2. You have to remember Dake took a match from Cox up two weights! Dake to me is our hands down #1 guy right now. I will be really surprised if Burroughs beats him.
  12. I know but what the heck happened? He looks huge? I have never seen him beat elite wrestlers like this before. This a flash in the pan?
  13. This guy played with Snyder. He is on another level. I would say a couple takedowns over Sad.
  14. So this is the guy who Varner beat at the 2015 World Cup??? Great match. Reza had the same kind of bump when he went into hiding from 2008-2011. Came back thrashing everyone! Guy has got to be doping sorry my fellow Iranian fans. No one jumps levels like that.
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