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  1. PRyan2012

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Maybe not but wrestlers have been so dominate some guys like Bo think they can go right in and dominate. I am just saying there might be some more thought in to it before leaving wrestling. But I am sure the $$$ will make the final decision:-) Imagine Bo vs Yoel Romero. I think Bo will get hurt.
  2. PRyan2012

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    I think the brutality of that KO may make some wrestlers change their minds about going UFC. Especially since Ben has a really strong chin and still got blasted like that. Most notably Bo Nickal.
  3. PRyan2012

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    He will get at least two more fights maybe three. If he wins his next one I bet he rematches Masvidal. Then a top 3, then a title fight. That is a big maybe. Dana has a lot invested in him but his investment is 10 years to late. Askren will not beat the elite guys in UFC. His game was good until he hits a top 5-7 guy in UFC. A guy ranked 7-10 in UFC would be a Bellator champ in most cases. Love Ben. Hope he regroups, would actually like to see a rematch with Masvidal.
  4. PRyan2012

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    That is what I thought. Everyone can't be like Snyder or a Herbert. I love those guys for that reason. They are an open book. My boy Varner and Cael, Dake or Taylor never share nothing:-) Hard to follow guys like that.
  5. PRyan2012

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    If we have a fully healthy Dake and Taylor..... they are on the team in my opinion. If healthy they beat Cox and JB at 163 and 189. But how serious is their injuries? I have read many blogs, twitter, etc. Nothing about what exactly the problem was on either of them.
  6. PRyan2012

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    You were a little off. Lol. Im going with: Cejudo? Does anyone think Cejudo and Pico could take the spot? Lee Zain Dake Nickal Snyder Cassar
  7. PRyan2012

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    Sorry I could have easily verified. Been to about 20 of these Opens WTT/OTT. Was all running together. I know I watched the match though. Anyway I was not trying to down Cox but was just having fun saying he loses to Buckeyes:-) He actually came right into the senior level banging with the best guys at 213. Surprised he dropped. I wonder if he would have kept Kyle from makes 4 teams in a row in the coming years?
  8. PRyan2012

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    They did wrestle. I watched the match. Below
  9. Askren on his podcast yesterday advised Nickal should wrestle U23. He can challenge Max dean for the spot at 189?
  10. PRyan2012

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    He also lost to Bergman for 3rd. Both OSU guys. He finished behind, Varner, Snyder and Bergman(all guys bigger than him) in his first event at the senior level. Amazing actually. Just pointing out he does slay PSU guys but OSU guys has been a different story.
  11. PRyan2012

    J'Den "Lion Slayer" Cox

    Cox slays PSU guys but lost twice to OSU guys here 15 WTT. Also finished behind the great Varner!!!
  12. PRyan2012

    Who will be the next Cael (as a coach)?

    Not while Cael is in his prime. He has got 10 more years easily! So I agree it wont be Taylor , Dake, Burroughs, Varner*, Steiber, Snyder or Cox. None of the recent college/world Olympic champs. *Varner will follow Cael so he will probably never get his own team unless Cael retires early plus they are best friends also! Dake to Cornell Taylor to Michigan Burroughs to Nebraska Snyder to Ohio St Cox to Missouri Steiber to ACC school The next Cael or Gable will probably wrestle for one of these guys in 10 years. Also Cael retiring early is not far fetched. He is known to go out on top
  13. PRyan2012

    Kyven Gadson

    It is hard being a chronic #2 guy for years. Joe Hesket comes to mind. Erikson as well. But they both after like 8 years made a team. Dake and Taylor were in that boat but broke through to remove themselves as a bridesmaid. A lot of hard work for sometimes no recognition. Most guys move on after a couple of tries.
  14. PRyan2012

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    At this point he is 33 so probably. Hard to cut weight at that age. But no one knows what Cassar is going to do and they are training partners.
  15. PRyan2012

    If Cox medals at World's...

    And then don't forget about 2015 WTT. Cox lost to JD Bergman.