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  1. The greatest collection of Lt Heavies in the history of our sport. If you threw all of them in a room who would be the last man out alive? In a street wrestling match. No striking just chocking and locked hands in any position:-) I would go: Also who wins that bracket at say 210lbs? Cassar Varner Snyder Gwiz (May leave if Cassar goes Heavy for Olympics) Conel Nickal Cael Taylor Rasheed Who else is there?
  2. That is the 2nd biggest question out there besides where Jden is going. I think he should go 189. I would like to see Jden go with Nickal at Nickals true weight. It is hard to think that he would bump up just to avoid wrestling Taylor.
  3. Strength - Varner is stronger than Snyder. Only guy probably stronger than Jden. Scrambling- Taylor and Nickal are better than Snyder Athletic ability- Cassar is better than Snyder Coach- Cael All of these guys are Lt Heavies. Where on earth is Snyder going to get a better look and all the guys are near his size or bigger? Dagestan maybe.
  4. That is what I am wondering. Nickal can beat Taylor but would be underdog. 189 seems like the choice for him. He and Taylor start with no byes.
  5. Wow going to roll with Sanderson, Cassar, Varner, Nickal and Taylor daily! New look for sure! Where does Nickal go? Where does Cassar go?
  6. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=varner+snyder+Boulteav+2016+Yarigan&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dvarner%2bsnyder%2bBoulteav%2b2016%2bYarigan%26FORM%3dHDRSC3&view=detail&mid=4A43B4E4FB7D8AA80D334A43B4E4FB7D8AA80D33&rvsmid=7AE5FB0BEC4CB6BDBB717AE5FB0BEC4CB6BDBB71&FORM=VDMCNR Here is the pinnacle of his career. Takes out Snyder in the semis and Varner in the finals then he beats Gatsalov at Russian nationals to make the team. Then bombs at the Olympics and goes 0-1 losing big to Adritsiev. Then pops and just like that gone for good!
  7. I think he goes 189. I think in his mind he will say I got to do this one more time for the next 9 months then one more cycle at 203 and 213 in 2024. My prediction. If he wins out through 2024 he is GOAT:-)
  8. I agree. Makes winning Olympic Gold even more special for sure! It is a rare feat. Last 15 years you have 5 champs only! Cael, Varner, Snyder, Burroughs and Cejudo. Basically one champ every 4 years.
  9. Snyder has always just wrestled everybody within means. One weight down and one weight up. Wrestles the heavies a lot.
  10. I don't think Cassar has decided yet. But rumors are that he is going 213. Stevenson's learning curve would give him the spot but he has had some issues that could affect his training.
  11. I said from what I can gather from the interview. They were at least splitting their simulation matches. At least. Snyder said that from 86k-125k Jden gives him the best go.
  12. Snyder's 3 finals match opponents were much better than anybody JDen has faced. Gads, Gaz and Sad was an amazing feat. And like the someone just said Cox is 0-2 against Sharipov. I only see Cox at 189. If he does the weight thing right I think he overwhelms the field at 189. Then no more cutting after 2020. I think our team will be : Fix Yianni Dake Cox Snyder Gwiz/Varner:-) ..just kidding on Varner
  13. Just saying 213 is a much more difficult road for Cox. Several guys can beat him. Can he do it? I think he can. It is just that at 203 no one is close. Not sure about 189 after the cut. He has a big decision to make.
  14. Here is Mr Cox's last loss. Little over 1 year ago. How ironic it was to Mr Sharipov: 213 is going to be a harder go
  15. Snyder is not big enough to go 275. He is 225 when not cutting and is not a huge 213. He is going to have to beat Jden next year! He simulated Akgul when he came to Ohio St two years ago and lost all those matches. Kyle may make our team but it is no lock. Varner finshed 3rd behind Coon and Gwiz mainly because of size and Varner is a bit bigger than Kyle at 230.
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