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  1. PRyan2012

    Kyle Conel

    Not many of us are built like a Cyborg! Freakishly strong but that type build usually wears out 1/2 way through the match if you can survive that long. He made it very exciting! Was really looking forward to him and Nickal!!! Darn it!
  2. PRyan2012

    Alans Tournament

    Wow what a stacked tournament! Yarigan tough! Look at 86k! Has Taylor wrestled Urshiev?
  3. PRyan2012

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    213 is not that tough for him. He was 230 when he wrestled heavy. And he bulked up for that. Only bad thing is I think he places 2nd at both 213 and HWY. But it is all about the shoe deal and his family. He has little ones to feed. He has got a two more years left in him plus he never has had any major injuries. He will decide soon.
  4. PRyan2012

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Jden will be four years older in 2020 taking on Taylor with his metabolism not being as good. I like his chances better fat and happy against Snyder, Gadsen, an old Varner maybe:-) and a few up and coming young bucks.
  5. PRyan2012

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    He is not sure. And what weight. 213 or Hwy. Had good wins over Bradley and Nelson and had a razor close match with Coon but 213 is his best weight. The only reason he would even think about it is money. He just resigned a new shoe deal on the Varner's at the beginning of the year. He stands to make a lot more money if he competes through 2020. If it is 213 I still think he places 2nd which would be good enough to keep the shoe contract through 2020. So chuckle all you want:-)
  6. PRyan2012

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Four former champs will not make the team. Logan, Varner, Cox and Burroughs. I think Taylor, Snyder and Dake, Oliver/Zain are solid favorites for 2020
  7. PRyan2012

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    First we have to see if Askren is worthy. If so against Lawler then who is next? Askren was talking about a catch weight against Khabib. For the title or just for money? He said he can not make 155. If he beats Robbie then a lot of doors and big money fights will open up. He said he will not fight Woodley so where does he go???
  8. PRyan2012

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Askren v Lawler is a great test for Ben. We will see very soon if he deserves a title shot against Khabib if Khabib is willing to bump up. Also just saw that Khabib's wrestling coach is Sajidov-small world!
  9. PRyan2012

    Looking into the future - 65kg

    I asked Zain that very question. He said maybe about that Yarigan. Right now he is making money on select camps. He said he would be wrestling full time starting in January and his goal was to make the world team and he even mentioned the Olympic team in 2020. So that leads me to believe he is not going to the Yarigan. Hope he does.
  10. PRyan2012

    Looking into the future - 65kg

    Once he gets more freestyle savvy LS or JO will not touch him. His addition will make us team champs!
  11. PRyan2012

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Wonder if Askren will get a title shot right away!
  12. PRyan2012

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Askren is headed to the UFC as we speak! Not a done deal yet.
  13. PRyan2012

    World Champs vs MMA Champ

    Would love to see Cormier callout Sad. I would pay a lot to see that fight.
  14. PRyan2012

    Russian Revolution

    A big reason is religion. Armenia is the oldest Christian nation and has more Christians than the USA. Like 94%. Georgia is Christian but way more secular than Armenia. Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Ossetia are over 90% muslim. So there you go. Major crossroad of cultures here. No devout elite Muslim wrestler is probably going to Armenia unless it is their last option.