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  1. He looks alot better than his older brother. That is scary.
  2. Ferrari handles Sealey. Wow. He is a lot older but still. 18 vs 16 year old.
  3. If you is up by 1 with 10 seconds left should he just give up a reversal so he can be the only 2,2,2,2 ever? There has been what about nine 4 time finalists? Taylor, Varner and Cael are the only 4 time finalist to win O Gold. Smith 1,1,1,1 Cael 1,1,1,1 Olympic Champ Varner 2,2,1,1 Olympic Champ Taylor 2,1,2,1 Olympic Champ Nickal 2,1,1,1 Branch 1,2,2,1 Dake 1,1,1,1 Stieber 1,1,1,1 Goldman? 2,2,2,1 So yes Fix should throw the match if he is winning! The only thing that could rival this feat would be the Buffalo Bills from 1990-1994!
  4. Not sure. But can you imagine the scattering in that weight class. So if your in FL at the 160lbs division you have been put on notice. :-) He said in an interview he is moving up a weight class for the next high school season.
  5. Yep and Mach is one of his coaches. Sealey's dad is actually from NC. So first time for everything. Don't want to hype him to much but Kolat and Cael comparisons are out there. Just like he came from nowhere.
  6. Ok I see he won national prep title at Sem. But that is their state title right? He is going to claim NC from one of his interviews which makes sense he was there until this year. I am 50 years old and I don't ever remember the #1 recruit in the nation being from NC. And before him the #1 recruit was from TN- Chittum. So all those transplants from the Northeast to southeast is paying off? GA and FL as well are on the move upward. Not top states but the gap is closing. This is very good for wrestling.
  7. Already has win over Mesenbrink and Chittum dropped to 145 at super 32-there only possible match that I can find. Chittum won 145 and Sealey place 2nd to Ruiz at 152. That was 10 months ago though and Sealey was very young then. Super 32 in October will be very interesting this year. I suspect Sealey will dominate.
  8. Could be. It appears he is 16 years old. What is cadets age range 15-17 right? You mean hold back type stuff? Possibly. I see he was MVP of the team at Wy Sem! That is pretty impressive at the #1 ranked HS in the nation. Just going by what Green said, this kid is different. Not sure what that meant. I guess a unique feel kinda like Cael or Kolat. I really enjoyed watching his matches.
  9. James said that he and Sealey went live during WT camp and it was pretty even! A lot of people laughed and said old man James. Greene is Sealeys weight and is only one year removed from competing. Would love to see him against Zain. Sure Zain would get him right now but in the very near future this Sealey kid is gonna own the 154 spot!
  10. And how did I not know who he was until this year? His trips and handfighting are just sick. Really is ashame he has two more years of high school. Just read something that he is moving states again. He won state titles in NC, then PA and now is heading to Florida and then maybe another state to win his 4th. Looks like he is the type that likes to break unique records. The recruiting battles for him must be fierce!
  11. Sealey is a HS sophomore. Could he win a NCAA title right now at 16 years old? In everyone of his worlds matches he absolutely dominated them! And Coach Greene thinks he could threaten Zain right now. Anyone this young ever make this kind of noise? Snyder was 16 when he came on the radar right?
  12. Pretty amazing kids on the U17 team as a whole. That quote about Sealey just stood out to me. But yea lets see how he does against the world!
  13. Yea I think he probably meant future as well. But he didnt say this about any of the other kids on the team: Green on Sealey: “I feel like Joe Sealey could make the national team at the senior level after going with him. The kid has lot of talent. He has heavy hands. He’s got an extreme, hard pace. I think he’ll be making a lot of people tired. They’ll need some help up off the mat.”
  14. Coach Green in an interview said that High School sophomore Joe Sealey could possibly make the senior team. So that means he could give Zain R a run? He should know I guess..... that was his weight. Can't imagine this is true? Didn't even know who he was until trials
  15. I think the best kid here is the 71k champ Joe Sealey. I see he is the #1 ranked sophomore in the nation. Did not have a close match the entire event. Just looked him up. Finished 2nd at super 32 as a sophomore. And also beat the 80k champ Ryder a few months ago at super 32. Also was the MVP of the team at Wyoming Seminary this year. They are the #1 team in the nation! Going to be watching this kid at worlds. My first time seeing him.
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