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  1. This is a plandemic not pandemic.
  2. This is only the 2nd time ever in 7 years Snyder has lost to an American at the senior level.
  3. If we could be a fly on a wall at the annual Bildeburg conference I think you would realize that most other countries do not matter outside of northern Europe and North America unless they are being fleeced by the super elite few dozen families. Then they matter. Like the Ukraine oil scandal. They have been rocked and I think they are pissed. You can not have america first mentality because that takes major money out of their pockets. That is all this is about. And you and I are paying the price for it. The misinformation out there is extreme and it is causing all of us to fight/argue with each other. That is what they want in my opinion.
  4. And why would anyone think that? Let me see here we had the Russia scandal designed to impeach Trump or make him resign. Then you had the hooker scandal to make him resign. Then you had supreme court sex scandal. Then impeachment itself. Then a double hit job with Covid/race riots. Any other made up scandals that I missed? I think they were all fake. Covid may not be fake but the response to a disease that kills .4% like that is what is fake. But I will say I would not be surprised if Trump is in on all of it as a bad actor to divide us to make money and raid the US treasury. All I know is something is not right with the worlds elite/leaders. They appear to have a plan for you and me! O and most of them hate wrestling!
  5. I think the numbers are way over inflated because the elites for whatever reason need this to be bad to do whatever it is they want to do with the world's wealth. I especially do not trust the CDC who have high paid scientists on the payroll and are sub servants to the politicians and these hidden elite families. This is all about money and control. I was a Trump supporter but now think he is in on it-he has to be! I think the race riots and Covid-19 are both a manufactured crisis. But you can think this is a bad disease but I simply do not. Not going to play statistics with you only because I think they are all manipulated numbers. And the topic of this thread is 2021 Olympics. I bet we don't have them at all or a very abbreviated version unless the elites get all their power and money back. I hope Trump is on our side but that maybe wishful thinking. And also one more thing it sucks not to able to believe anyone, anywhere or anytime because you don't know who to trust. It is very sad!
  6. Neither can you sir. I was being sarcastic with my 99% sort of. No ones numbers are accurate and they are always changing. I don't trust anyone especially the scientists and the politicians and that includes yes Mr Trump. That is if you thought I supported him. I don't support anyone in leadership because I think all of them are raiding the US treasury over this fake response to a minor virus no worse than a bad flu season. They are about to cut wrestling programs and any other sports they don't like from little league all the way to the professional level. Something is seriously wrong about this pandemic and I think all of the worlds elite are involved. Why? Because there is no way 150 countries would have shut down like that without hardly any debate. That takes the absolute highest power to do that. And it is only about a few dozen families doing this from what I have heard. It will never be reported. Never!
  7. COVID 19 is 99% political and is not very deadly at all. Under 1% death rate for those who do get it. They could have picked any flu strain and played it all over the worlds media companies and the death rate would have been close to the same. This is a manufactured crisis and will go away if Trump loses. So Olympics is 50/50 if Trump wins and 99.9 if he loses. A few dozen uber elite families are the cause of this hysteria with Covid and the race riots. Covid=shutdown the economy. BLM/race issues = divide us. They are doing a dang good job. They must be losing crazy money under Trump or Trump is actually part of this whole thing as a bad actor in order to loot Americas treasury. I don't trust anyone in power right now.
  8. Your right he was 20 sorry. Forgot about redshirt. But pretty stacked weight at 187.5 for Burton to get through that field of Sanderson, Hartung, Fullhart, Kading, Van Arsdale, and Gutches. All those guys had better NCAA careers than Burton.
  9. Don't forget Hartung, Kading and Fullhart at 187. Burton would be a surprise there I guess with that field. Sanderson was only 19 though.
  10. For real. Cael is the only champ Lee ever beat. Lee wrestled Gold medalists in Cael, Romero, Sajidov, A. Satiev, Ketov, and Magemedov. He may have wrestled Gatsalov also. If so he didnt beat him. He only beat freaking Cael! Not only beat but beat 4 times. More than any other person on the planet! Cael did win their one folk match 5-2 in the MIdlands final so even in folk Lee was close! Someone needs to write a book on this:-)
  11. Lee trained exclusively for Cael for 3 years once he finally got over the hump of Gutches, Burton and Eggum. He lost to those guys a bunch from 98-01 then I think through training his arse off passed them and then focused on Cael and it almost worked. The thing is with Lee is he was like 0-10 against Romero, Satiev, Magomedov and Sajidov. Sanderson was about .500 against them so I think we sent the right guy.
  12. I was pulling for Dake but now hope JB has one more run in the tank. Vegas odds have to favor Dake but I really hope JB makes history. If he wins this and then Olympic Gold it will be his biggest feat and it would put him as our greatest wrestler.
  13. In my opinion JB wins a folk match in their primes. But right now I am picking Dake to win the trials. However Dake has put a lot of pressure on himself after that interview. If he doesn't win he is going to look like a smuck. I know it is smack talk but he basically laid out the groundwork that there is no way JB wins at this stage of their careers. I kind of agree with him but dang I felt uncomfortable watching that.
  14. Dang I didn't realize Geno and Akgul got bronze that year! Gatsalov said in an interview that he was not much over 220! Geno 255 and Akgul 265- a fit ripped 265?
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