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    Thanks for the kind words. You were always a good friend and great teammate. Your ability to perform in matches was matchless. One of the things that I ( and Dale Carr) were always proud of was that we taught you the Granby and you used it 3 times against Yatabe. I loved the thread you had going on the old forum about coaches etc. I should have jumped in, I have some good stories ones too.
    It is interesting you brought Uetake's name up. He and I are good friends. The friendship started at the World training camp in 1966 at U of Michigan. Basically we got in a major fight after I took him down 3 straight times( he claims it was the only time he was ever taken down, I think he meant by an American). He punched me and I tore into him and knocked him down. Myron Roderick and Doug Blubaugh pulled us apart. We wrestled everyday for about 10 days, I definitely held my own.
    Stan, I remember the 72 trials well. I agree, the match between Donnie and Rich at 125.5 was as good as any match I've ever seen. They were both wrestling with the Gold Medal in mind. Both had previously won Silver. Donnie was my teammate for 3 years at MSU. We worked out everyday.
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