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  1. i don't know how much i would worry about it next year as the tournament is being held in a football stadium...
  2. My numbers concerning ok state came directly from the OSU ticket office. I spoke to them today to get a sense of how many ticket they got and what the likely hood was of me getting the chance to get a pair for my wife and I. The NCAA notifies schools in mid January of how many tickets they are going to receive. The other numbers came from the guy who runs a wrestling facebook group.. "the weigh in".. Anyone can call a schools ticket office and ask about it, I have in previous years when I needed tickets. In years past a teams performance and fan base dictated how many tickets they got, lately it seems like a large number of tickets are released to the general public a year early (literally a year, I remember being in Omaha and looking at tickets for next years championship tournament). once they get released they get bought up very quickly and put up for resale at a substantial markup. the rest of the tickets then get divided up between the schools. Your question about Lehigh stumped me for a minute, perhaps because they are a Pa school, or that number may be wrong... here's a article about it.. Minn requested 600 and only got 240.. http://www.papowerwrestling.com/heres-what-is-causing-shortage-of-ncaa-tickets-in-pittsburgh/?fbclid=IwAR2zUqA2JoR4Cqieb6A6GnZe4W4IULoJEaAK50XfLAasC1M2fxqnoHHZoGg
  3. the outside world has caught on to the nature of this event and realize there is a market for reselling these tickets at 3 to 4 times face value.. the NCAA doesn't seem to be setting enough aside for the schools. Lehigh asked for and sold 1200 and got 480. Oklahoma got 108 tickets. Minnesota asked for 600 and got 250! ok state asked for 900 and got 300... I can't help but think that there are people at the top making a killing of us wrestling fans.
  4. Hey everyone, Ok state and Iowa fan here, I just got off the phone with our ticket office (OSU) and wanted to share what I found out, the basics of the information may apply to everyone wondering about tickets. OSU requested 900 tickets and only got 300. we all had to submit a request for nationals tickets during the preseason along with a credit card # and a $10 deposit. According to our ticket office, those not getting tickets will be notified and those that will get them will get charged later this week and the tickets mail out per usual. If I were an Iowa fan interested in tickets, I might call your ticket office and find out if its any different for you guys. hope this helped.
  5. does anyone have experience? it looks like I may have to deal with scalpers this year.
  6. does anyone have an extra pair?
  7. I just found out OK State doesnt have enough nationals tickets. Any suggestion?
  8. I may have missed it, have they announced where the future d1 tournaments are going to be?
  9. did you guys get a box this year? we didnt see you at any matches....
  10. the guy from west va wrestled a total of 2 seconds in the tournament. he got a wild card. osu didnt even need to wrestle the highly ranked guys to get them into the tournament. it seems they could have just relied on the wild card
  11. im saying do the medical default one second in...
  12. just a question from a ok state fan, what would have happened if at big 12's if morrison, oliver, Alex Dieringer, caldwell, perry, chewy, and z all defaulted out and relied on getting a wild card? they all get in and get the conference extra people to nationals with no lose of seed? no rule against it, but sure doesnt seem right.
  13. i found some for 350 a piece, im kicking myself because I had a chance to order more than the two i have and would have been content to resell them only high enough to cover snacks for my wife and I. (maybe +50 apiece) is demand suppose to be as high next year?
  14. are there still people looking for nationals tickets?
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