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  1. Yeah, You're right. It's always best to shoot from the hip and make decisions based on random thoughts and feelings. Sarcasm aside...Gathering information to make decisions from is not comparable in any way to the willy nilly rule changes of the IOC. There is a time and a place to shoot from the hip, this isn't that time or place. Making a well thought out calculated move is also different from hemming and hawing over it season after season.
  2. I haven't read all of the posts but here are my thoughts: A one week adjustment to a later date for championships seems very reasonable. It avoids the busy opening weekend of March Madness but piggybacks in some ways on the energy and viewership of the "Madness". That said...A marketing research firm could probably paint a much clearer picture to make decisions from instead of wrestling people just throwing ideas around. A non-biased analysis of who our fan base and potential fan base is could really have positive impacts on the sport. They could also tell us what is and what isn't exciting about the sport to that potential fan base. Has there been any significant effort by NWCA or anyone else to try to compile an analysis of this sort?
  3. It's terrible! If we are trying to sell our sport to a larger audience, and we are, it's exactly the opposite of what we want them to see. I might be okay with one review per dual or tournament per coach, but the reviews after nearly every score in the finals was ridiculous. Would it be nice if every call were correct? Sure, but at what cost to the sport?
  4. Also, That realignment that I saw proposed appears very lopsided with many of the most talented teams all in the same region.
  5. There are some great early match ups! Yes, that is the same Martinez that wrestled at Wyoming.
  6. I can't seem to find tie breaking criteria for a college invitational tournament. Does anyone know what the criteria are, or do they exist? It seems like there would be something in place but I can only find dual criteria. Thanks!
  7. Sweazy, That was Cagnina that beat Stots at the Cyclone. He won that tourney last year too. He's a 2 or 3x'r from NJ and was a D1 qualifier for Lehigh as a fresh. He'll be a very tall order for anyone in the Juco ranks this year.
  8. Pinnum, There is another new NAIA school Benedictine College in NE Kansas that starts competing this year. Awesome map!
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