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  1. Let's Put it this Way, If they don't Win Tonight RU may Never Beat Lehigh ;)
  2. No offense to Pritzlaff but why would Hahn take a job as his assistant. IMO it's either Damien or Donnie for the head job as they are both ready to take that step. I couldn't see Hahn leaving Cornell to be as assistant somewhere else. Yes, I would agree... with Hahn maybe the better choice I still think Goodale has done a great job and is not done... yet Another Great Choice would be Brian Snyder from Neb, Easton, Pa Native & it would bring Him close to Home {Just a Though}
  3. Thanks But a Guy Named Don Murphy from NJ deserves the Credit,{this was all Don's Idea}it has Really taken off. {For a Great Cause} :) Over a 1000 Hits on this Forum has been Great, hopefully it has Helped
  4. http://www.facebook.com/groups/191301667644916/#!/photo.php?fbid=2659524462744&set=np.21013187.100001682794522&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_tag
  5. Finally got it all on there
  6. True FT, I just finished the Post, didn't know how to C & P both at the same Time
  7. Copied from the FB NJ Wrestling Forum: What a great Day of Wrestling on the Garden floor. Now heres My problem I got NCAA champions to sign a shirt Dan Gable, Terry Brands, Bubbs Jenkens, Frank Molinaro, Damion Hanh, Jordan Bourroughs, Kyle Dake and a few others also Frankie Edgar now the question is..... We need a good cause to donate it to???: The Proceeds will be going to the Pinto Family: The Shirt has been Put on E-Bay {Don Murphy is the Man that got the Autographs & is doing this} http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/12/dalessandro.html
  8. Chief, could I use Ur Crystal Ball if I go to Vegas :)
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