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  1. Let's Put it this Way, If they don't Win Tonight RU may Never Beat Lehigh ;)
  2. No offense to Pritzlaff but why would Hahn take a job as his assistant. IMO it's either Damien or Donnie for the head job as they are both ready to take that step. I couldn't see Hahn leaving Cornell to be as assistant somewhere else. Yes, I would agree... with Hahn maybe the better choice I still think Goodale has done a great job and is not done... yet Another Great Choice would be Brian Snyder from Neb, Easton, Pa Native & it would bring Him close to Home {Just a Though}
  3. Thanks But a Guy Named Don Murphy from NJ deserves the Credit,{this was all Don's Idea}it has Really taken off. {For a Great Cause} :) Over a 1000 Hits on this Forum has been Great, hopefully it has Helped
  4. http://www.facebook.com/groups/191301667644916/#!/photo.php?fbid=2659524462744&set=np.21013187.100001682794522&type=1&theater&notif_t=photo_tag
  5. Finally got it all on there
  6. True FT, I just finished the Post, didn't know how to C & P both at the same Time
  7. Copied from the FB NJ Wrestling Forum: What a great Day of Wrestling on the Garden floor. Now heres My problem I got NCAA champions to sign a shirt Dan Gable, Terry Brands, Bubbs Jenkens, Frank Molinaro, Damion Hanh, Jordan Bourroughs, Kyle Dake and a few others also Frankie Edgar now the question is..... We need a good cause to donate it to???: The Proceeds will be going to the Pinto Family: The Shirt has been Put on E-Bay {Don Murphy is the Man that got the Autographs & is doing this} http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/12/dalessandro.html
  8. Chief, could I use Ur Crystal Ball if I go to Vegas :)
  9. It's not how U Start the Race that Counts, it's how U Finish it {Do well in March & Nobody Remembers Nov} ;)
  10. Not sure about the Under-Study, I guess if U go by a Yr Younger U could say that. Chris had One of the Best Careers ever to come out of Blair {3 Beast Titles & # IronMan Titles} Three losses in HS & they were all before Jan of His Fr Yr {1 at IM, 1 at Beast & 1 at the Hurricane} Mario had to Deal with Injures His Sr Yr. {Like I said Two of the Best I ever saw in HS}
  11. So the Prep model doesn't prepare kids for college? It does the oppositte because Buxton doesn't travel with them? Will they all go to Lehigh now and have their lives regimented and win National titles? Why didn't all the other Blair kids flop if this is the case? Are you saying Koll, JRob and Goodale? Give me a break- Mason has to own his training habits. Why throw Villalonga in there, are you giving up on him already? He could definitely AA this year. I love the way U twist things around. Give Up on Chris Villalonga, U don't know ME very Pal. Is all I was saying is that Chris has had a tough Time of it so Far, nobody is Rooting any Harder for Mario & Chris to AA then Me Except there Families. IMO Some Kids Struggle after leaving a Prep Schools where everything is a Structured Life-Style BUT Not Surprised that U Wouldn't Agree with Ur Far Less then Positive Attitude Mr Gloom
  12. I Agree But with the Best Team Goodall has had yet I can't figure why they went to a Weaker Schedule this Yr {7 Sr's on the Team & they only Wrestle a Couple Teams Ranked Higher {Not sure Lehigh should be Ranked Higher, Time will Tell} This should be the Yr for RU to Shine. They Wrestle PSU the Last Match before the EIWA, I would think U would want Ur Team to Feel Good about themselves going into the Tournaments {How Good can U Feel when U could get Shut-Out or Injuries} PSU will be Peeking about that Time. OUCH {JMHO}which don't Mean Shiet
  13. IMO Only: I think one thing hurts Mario & Many other Blair Wrestlers is there is No Coach Buxton. Mario & Chris Villalongs were Two of the Best I have ever seen in HS BUT they had Buxton for a Coach & a Father, there Lives were Structured when to Eat, Sleep, Study & Wrestle & They had Jeff there to make sure it Happened. All of a Sudden No Buxton & Blair, U are on Ur own & I don't think it Always Out. There have been a # of Great HS Wrestlers at Blair that never came close to what was Expected of them in College {Like I Said it is only MHO But that's the way I Feel}
  14. You can always follow along on my live blog! & I will say U do a Great Job the the Blog SHP & I Thank U for that :)
  15. http://www.tournaflex.com/splat.asp
  16. Exactly, I've been to Every NCAA Tournament there has been in St Louis. {Never seen any Problems} there Places in every City U don't go or Ur in Trouble. St Louis & OK City could alternate every Yr & I would be Happy
  17. Lehigh Coach Pat Santoro never Won a Pa St Title. Princeton Coach Chris Ayres had a Great Career at Lehigh & I don't think Chris ever Placed in the NJ States {Pat & Chris both did a PG Yr at Blair}
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