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  1. leshismore

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    Got it... that makes sense. I hope you had a ball in Europe. Sorry I jumped on that.
  2. leshismore

    Forum going soft?

    OMG.... I may need therapy now. Thanks for sharing... I think :-)
  3. leshismore

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    The Xenophobia and fear / hatred of "the foreigner" is quite odd. It doesn't matter where he is from. Plenty of "American" refs do bad things. Unless your name is Bidziil, Chaska, Sitting Bull, Running Bear, or Chayton... you are all foreigners.
  4. leshismore

    Forum going soft?

    Very true sir. I need to watch myself
  5. leshismore

    Forum going soft?

    And please tell us. When is LI Marty going to be invited back. He was completely reasonable. ;-))))
  6. leshismore

    Forum going soft?

    Now THAT is funny. Or offensive. Or something.
  7. Wow... you got me... arguing about a quotation mark. Gee... that's deep. Must be painful being so insecure you had to pull the "Quotation Mark" defense. But don't worry, we believe you when you say that the communist, Bolshevist, Trotskyite Easter Bunny is out to get you and Bun Top at the same time. Got it.
  8. You can argue with a wise man, but you cannot reason with a fool. BiII Murray
  9. 13 Small brains, you obviously have not traveled enough or lived anywhere except your momma's basement which leads to your insecurity. We understand... we have see it before (BTW--are you the new LI Marty?) Aside from that, you go on and on resembling the shrill of Joseph McCarthy about socialism, communism, etc... something you clearly know nothing about. But sir, you are missing the point. The reason people found this "communist" quote by BUN BOY to be so odd is for one reason, and one only... and that is because it is simply ignorant and not based in any reality. "To the haters, trolls, naysayers and communists, keep that same energy." 0-2 BUN BOY has no idea what communist are... and they sure aren't out to get him. Let's just say, instead of the mythical "communists".... he said: "To the haters, trolls, naysayers and Jackalopes, keep that same energy." "To the haters, trolls, naysayers and Sasquatch, keep that same energy." "To the haters, trolls, naysayers and Satori, keep that same energy." "To the haters, trolls, naysayers and Leprechauns, keep that same energy." There is no difference. The Easter Bunny, Cyclopes and Communists are not after him... or anyone. So McCarthy-guy... keep up the good work... take your meds... make sure those RED commies are not under your bed... and move along. You embrace BUN BOY all you wish. I prefer Yanni, Cox, and thousands of others who don't embarrass themselves and fellow Americans by showing how uninformed, inexperienced, and culturally/historically illiterate they are. So 13 Small, remember--> "It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it."
  10. Small brains. What are you talking about? Was Downey your writing teacher? Who are you speaking about anyway?
  11. And why would that be? Enlighten us.
  12. Sorry. His ignorance is simply painful. I know there is anti intellectualism in the US.... But to constantly showboat your lack of simple knowledge and understanding only works on those who embrace the emotional and are intimidated by factual realities.
  13. leshismore


    JB had a really hard time. How was Downey's match. I missed it?