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  1. Yes. ”All Sees” did. He is a true European linguist.
  2. I love older slobs putting down kids that make a World Team with their “I won’t take that back” sophomoric nonsense. This kid has done more in his life of wrestling than you will ever accomplish. Period. And he is still a kid. To put down a kid who made the world team and almost placed is a special type of insecurity. It must be painful to be so insecure. You only wish you could be a tenth as “athletic”.
  3. What time EDT are the semis? Thank you in advance.
  4. You could very well be correct. And it was still scary. my brother videotaped the match. The reverse guts were brutal. It literally hurt to watch it. Too bad we lost that tape after my brother passed.
  5. Jeff was good. Maybe he would medal. It is important to note Jeff took third at a lower weight, and was dominated by twice, at the senior nationals. That is when he decided to move up to heavy. Jeff had an amazing run in LA. Karelin teched Jeff after he won the Gold in LA when he was 15 or 16 I believe. It was scary to watch. The bottom line is no one has any clue how any of our teams and / or individuals would have done because it was not even close to a real Olympics. The least affected weight class in both types was 125 pound Greco. The top 5 were the best in the world at that time and had previously beaten all East Bloc wrestlers. The US took 5 th at that weight. Again. Jeff had the tournament of his life and the Swed had a bad day. For everything Jeff had gone through, what he did was amazing and he is greatly missed.
  6. That is exactly what he is saying. Porta John is not the deepest thinker on the reality of military recruitment. Thank you Antitrol for all of your insights. You are spot on.
  7. Is the feed down for anyone else?
  8. Sad... but better safe than sorry.
  9. This is a great pick up for them. Cooper Kropman commits to Cornell http://armdrag.com/read?article=25635
  10. What do you mean. A Tpyo is a VERY big deal. You act like a friggen pandemic is going on now. ;-))))
  11. LJB wouldn’t know proper wrestling technique if it gut wrenched him. Or her.
  12. FUNNY GUY. Just in time to start wearing masks. Nipped that one in the bud. :-)
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