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  1. Question about the 2019 Journeymen Fall Classic http://www.tournaflex.com/splat.asp?target=brackets3.htm Does the person who wins today's OVERFLOW bracket get a chance to enter in tomorrows brackets with all of the ranked kids? I can't find any information about this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Great interview. Thank you very much. Loved it.
  3. Interesting name there buddy. "RED" sounds very much like a "moronic liberal" code name to me ;-)))) You communist are always trying to get one over on us, aren't you "RED" [very clever]. Are you trying to subconsciously trick people with your nickname [if that is what it is--wink wink]. Are you a Russian spy? "RED" would be the perfect name for one.
  4. Shoot... and I missed the show today I guess.
  5. I think they are very knowledgeable in many ways and enjoy the banter for the most part. Logan would be a great addition :-))). My main issue with FRL is the childish xenophobia by Pyles. In contrast to the other boys, CP is your typical American who has never traveled overseas really, and of course, has never lived anywhere either. Aside from the shallow American way of looking at the world, I think he/they add a great deal to the sport. I was glad to hear Willie and Nomad wanted to live outside of the US for a while to learn more about wrestling and life. Quite a contrast from the other nationalism, intolerance, and bias we hear from CP. But to cut him some slack, he is like your bright, yet clueless nephew who visits for the holidays... he has a lot of interesting ideas, but from a global perspective, he is quite naïve and inexperienced. Keep up the good work Flo... but yes... bring in some folks with deep experience more often.
  6. Frank, any way to post a link to the participants? Also, any links to past results? Thanks.
  7. I love days when I agree with Cradle. Makes me feel like a good Buddhist :-))) This comment made my day.
  8. I is offended by this for some reason... I'm not going to stand by and have you bad mouth :-))))) Good luck to both guys tomorrow. Hopefully, the winner is World Champ!!!!
  9. What time is Vito’s final EST? Thanks in advance.
  10. He could still be Russian. Russians do make up a small percentage of the Azerbaijan population. A few years ago, when Vito's brother was wrestling my nephew, I believe they were speaking Russian.
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