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  1. I have never criticized any announcer before, but “ Fretwell” is the worst. Ever. it is almost like he is trying to tell you how dumb he is. Constantly saying things like: “ I can’t read!!!” Very odd they would have such unprofessional announcers. Also, is is hard to pull up a wrestler’s bio? Give some real data about them? Instead of saying: “I think he was ____ in the Jr Worlds….” And be completely wrong. Very odd these are the two they picked.
  2. Jake Logan’s elbow. I have never seen anything like that. I watched him in high school and don’t remember it like that.
  3. Late start? Or do I have the time wrong?
  4. I can’t believe people would think it is so difficult. First, you need to just go for advance Ph Ds from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Berkeley, Ryukoku, and Kyoto Universities. after you finish these degrees from all of these places. It is very simple.
  5. What ever happen to both of them?
  6. THIS ONE. On This website not sure why it is too hard to find https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/December/10/Mark-Reiland-passes
  7. Yes. ”All Sees” did. He is a true European linguist.
  8. I love older slobs putting down kids that make a World Team with their “I won’t take that back” sophomoric nonsense. This kid has done more in his life of wrestling than you will ever accomplish. Period. And he is still a kid. To put down a kid who made the world team and almost placed is a special type of insecurity. It must be painful to be so insecure. You only wish you could be a tenth as “athletic”.
  9. What time EDT are the semis? Thank you in advance.
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