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  1. Would be surprised to not see bonus here.
  2. I think Taylor's size might nullify some of Dake's tools that he used to edge out Taylor in the past. But betting against Dake is usually a fool's errand. I have no idea.
  3. Dake vs. Reader should be a good one. Reader will challenge his gas tank, no doubt.
  4. That would explain why I didn't see the extra tilt then. Thanks. Regardless, Perry was just wrestling until the ref stopped it. He could have seen the score on the scoreboard to be 6-0 just as we did.
  5. Perry didn't give him an extra tilt as far as I saw - not sure but I don't think so. I think he needed two tilts to win, and after the second, Valencia kicked him in the face.
  6. Ruth got jobbed by some big calls that changed the momentum of the match. Not gonna say that Taylor wouldn't have won otherwise, I have no clue, but wow those seemed pretty bad to me. Ruth guts him for four from a tripod and they give Taylor 2, plus 1 for the lost challenge? Then Ruth redirects Taylor's attack to throw him for four and they give it to Taylor. Not the match I wanted to see.
  7. Valencia kicked Perry a few times in the face after he got teched, so Perry got back on top of him. Valencia turned around and started throwing punches, and then chased after Perry trying to throw more punches. What a lame-O. Get out of seniors if you can't take the heat kid. Terrible sportsmanship.
  8. My opinion, Ruth kinda got screwed on two big calls there. Would be surprised to see that match have the same result again next time.
  9. Wow. Valencia just tried to assault Perry. Hope he gets DQ'ed, no place for that crap.
  10. I don't think the question here should be whether or not the current method is unfair, at least from the standpoint of the tournament itself. It's not really questionable that the wrestler sitting in the finals has a physical advantage over the wrestler who has to go through the challenge tournament. Consider having to wrestle multiple NCAA-champion caliber wrestlers over the course of a long day, win all those matches (four or five, let's say), only to face the toughest of them all who has had all day off and have to beat him twice. It's not debatable that the wrestler in the finals does have an unfair advantage in this case - the body of the wrestler sitting in the finals is in much better condition. Anyone who has ever wrestled at a moderately competitive level can attest to the fact that wrestling four or five matches takes a large toll on your body (plus all these matches have been against the best wrestlers in the country). To say that the wrestler sitting in the finals is not working from an advantaged position is, to me, not a legitimately arguable position. The question is whether or not this unfairness is okay. From Dake's perspective, it is not; he is an equal competitor who should be given a fair shot at the championship, or at least one that is more fair than the current system provides. From USA Wrestling's perpesective, it is; this system is conducive to putting wrestlers in the lineup who have previously shown the best results, and thus (in theory) will help the USA have better results in the future. My stance on the issue is that it's fine to give a defending medalist an advantage - HOWEVER, I do not think that it is fair for this advantage to be a physical one. Imagine telling the competitor that sure, fine, you can wrestle the defending medalist for the spot, but you have to do it with a three pound weight strapped to your ankle. Not saying this is a perfect comparison, but it's still a somewhat similar physical advantage, and to me, that situation just feels wrong. Personally, I don't see why USA Wrestling wouldn't have the challenge tournament one week, and then wrestle the best 2 out of 3 the next weekend between the winner of the challenge tournament and the defending medalist. The defending medalist still has the advantage of not having to make it through a brutal domestic mini-tournament, but he does not have the physical advantage of wrestling someone whose body is, by any normal standards, close to exhaustion.
  11. Jaroslav, I like you as a poster and agree with the vast majority of your posts. You have always been a level headed source of discussion and reason on these boards. I wish you wouldn't try to trivialize my argument or the discussion at hand with your personal insults. It's a bit disheartening. All I'm saying is, I think there exists a format that would be much fairer to all athletes competing for a World team spot and could level the playing field. Sorry if I upset anyone.
  12. The snide remarks are adorable, but nobody's made an argument that holds any water against the arguments presented- besides armspin who at least attempted to, and even he admits that one day could be a good idea. Tell Kyle Dake he's a drama queen. It's easy to say things over a message board when the only thing you see at stake is some random dude named "supyall46" responding angrily. These are people's lives and careers we're talking about. The same people's lives and careers that you spend all year watching for entertainment.
  13. Define: injustice Definition: lack of fairness ???
  14. While we appreciate people calling it "lots of tears" and "whining", some people are actually trying to fight against injustices in the system and you could at least address their arguments with some sense of humility.
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