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  1. The match between the Clark brothers has nothing to do with this situation at all. Jake was clearly the better of the Clark brothers, however, out of sheet respect, jake refused to beat his brother in competition. Even if it meant losing a chance to win a major tournament or make a world team.
  2. USA wrestling should not have I make a specific rule against this happening. This is a violation of the ethics of the world and Olympic team trials. As stated previously, at a random open tournament this is a non-issue, but this type of stuff happening in the world or Olympic team trials or even the US Open is not acceptable and cause for corruption. What needs to be done now is USA wrestling needs to hire jake dietchler for one weekend to go up to Fargo and knock Lester out of his bracket. Kind of like a hachet man. Then he would think twice about pulling this stunt again. Obviously, this last part is satire, but it might just be a reasonable answer.
  3. It has been clearly stated the plan for pico is to be ready by 2016. I don't know why people want to push him up so quickly. I personally like the idea of letting him grow into the sport and experience the world level at his age group until the push for 2016 comes along. It is not uncommon for a Fula junior world member to break out into the senior division in an Olympic year. We can watch him experience a high level of success at his age group until the big push comes around in two years.
  4. You don't like the proposed rule change, yeah, we got that. Maybe if you keep writing posts, and starting threads you can make a difference. You must be republican. If it's not what you want, just keep complaining and forget what other people believe. As long as they damn well know your stance, all is good. Pathetic.
  5. YAWN........ And I am still wondering why this guy hasn't been kicked outa here yet.
  6. I respect all of the senior level wrestlers completely. Anyone that has put as much work into the sport as these guys deserves a certain level of respect from the fans. That being said, looking at things from a purely competitive side, I am a firm believer that we NEED to have two of the three guys between Burroughs, Taylor, and Dake on the world team this year and possibly through the next Olympics in Rio for our US Team to be able to compete with the likes of Russia, et al. Does anyone think this is a real possibility to have Dake go up or down, Taylor go up or down, and Jordan stay at 163? I would personally love to see this happen. Thoughts?
  7. Ok, I will edit. And don't talk to me about personal attacks, the guy I was speaking of has made far more than personality attacks against me and many other forum members. I am sick of his stupid antics and it appears so are a lot of others. In any case, I will edit, even though he is getting what he has been giving out for quite a while now and nothing has been done about it. Hope you are happy.
  8. Ban- If I remember correctly it was you telling me that I had a "thing" for one of my relatives. And that I was a uneducated redneck because I made a joke about UNI a couple years back. Then I refuted your comments by saying you have an Oedipus complex. You then went off and cried to the moderators and threatened me through serveral PM's because you thought I should have known the whole while your mother was/is sick. Still today, you threaten to find me, and do something about it. So, yes, you are an internet tough guy and you think you are smarter than everyone else. The truth is, you have nothing better to do than to play tough guy on the puter. Good day. I am done arguing with you. It seems most everyone else on the forum has taken the same stance as I have with your tired personality.
  9. I agree with you on the Colon/Ramos thing. I thought it was super funny when Colon blasted Ramos after watching his idiotic stare. But this post has me a bit conflicted. So, is this anything like arguing with ??someone on a message board, and getting toasted in that argument, and then proceeding to get the moderators involved and send threatening private messages? If you want to send out the vibe that you are tough and witty, then get torched in an argument, then by your logic you shouldn't pass yourself off as tough or witty anymore. But for some reason, it's not the same. Please advise... Interesting logic. If something you do is associated with success 90% of the time would you be more likely to continue doing it? Now please don't cite something like driving with a hat on while driving drunk. Obviously you shouldn't be driving drunk in the first place, so having a hat on really has nothing to do with the situation. I'm not going to try to overanalyze something as stupid as this is, but let's just say that if the stare is an attempt to try to look like a badbutt, and/or an attempt to try to intimidate, if one then goes out and gets completely shelled by someone, I would think that the stare has now been rendered useless and makes one look like a nimrod, rather than intimidating. ;) Done deal.
  10. I would actually love to see this happen, because I think the Ramos stare thing is the most idiotic thing I have ever witnessed. However, the chances of Mango beating Ramos at the national tournament are very small. I wish it would happen, but I disagree with you, I don't think there is much of a chance.
  11. I am so excited I $h*! my pants a few minutes ago. Not even kidding. I am now in a competition with myself to complete my bracket predictions before I throw up from the smell or the reoccurring thought of what I just did, and how I am not handling it the way I should. I am now going on 8 minutes with a fudge dragon down there. And I am only on 174. Oh god.
  12. Yes, how dare the referee step in and flex his muscles about? What the heck is this world coming to when silly, power-hungry referee's won't stand for the innocent wrestler that has the ultimate goal in mind to win on riding time in 6 overtimes? And furthermore, what is Nick Dardanes doing? He thinks he can just walk in there and wrestle hard for the entire 7 minutes, and not even give his opponent a break to catch his breath? This is not the world I grew up in I can tell you that. Everyone needs to be rewarded, and there absolutely should NEVER be consequences for your actions. Sure, Villalonga gave up ground the entire match, and sure Villalonga never attempted one real shot, and sure Dardanes was pushing the action, and sure people in the stands were falling asleep, and sure Villalonga could not complete his plan of waiting until the 7th overtime to collect one more second of riding time to win the match, and sure Dardanes was just good enough to get out of the Cornell stall ride with the legs in, but DAMN IT that referee should never have DECIDED the match like he did. That's the most un-American thing I have seen in a good 3 1/2 minutes. I, for one, will be writing a letter to that particular referee to explain to him just how badly he messed up this match and Villalonga's dreams of winning this match in spectacular 7 ot riding time fashion.
  13. Watching Dylan Ness elevate and pin an undefeated wrestler reminded me of the days of old. Back in my college days, people were much more serious about wrestling it seemed. You be the judge... In the semifinals of an open tournament I was winning a match 14-4 with riding time not yet added on. There were no team points to speak of so we were literally on our own with nothing but our own matches to concern ourselves with. I was wrestling a short and stalky guy, pretty much feeding it to him. When I wanted to score I did, when I wanted to build riding time, I did. His poor technique and one dimensional wrestling style was easy for me to pick apart. My girlfriend, who was still a high school senior was at this tournament, and it was about time I did something to impress her since she was always taking the backseat to the sport that I loved. With about eight seconds left in the match we were wrestling from neutral and I decided it wasn't worth pretending anymore with this pretend college athlete. We were hand fighting and head fighting the past twenty seconds and of course, he didn't know how to get past my head and hands to shoot his only shot-- a double leg. And a bad one it was. Regardless of the circumstance, I was bored and thinking of going back to the bleachers, having a banana and some gummy worms and laying my head on the GF's leg as if it were my personal pillow. With eight seconds left I stood straight up and offered my hand out to save a couple seconds at the end of the match. This guy looked stunned. It took him about 1.5 seconds to realize the time on the clock had not expired so he drove me through on a power double. On the way to the mat and during my back-pedal I managed to gain an underhook and get my arm in place to grab his chin. Being the better athlete, I hit an elevator on him with him landing flat on his back. No points were awarded as the time expired about the time he landed. Just to be funny, when the ref tapped us and broke the match I stayed in my opponents face and gave out a big "WOOO" just like my idol RIck Flair. My opponent did not care for that as he frantically pushed my face away and scrambled like a toddler who had not learned the proper gate for crawling yet. Stunned by his response, I got off of him slowly, wondering if we would exchange pleasantries on the award stand later on, or if I had blown that opportunity. I of course got off of him, using his chest as a crutch of my own to propel me to a standing position. I offered to help him up, but he only slapped my hand away. When doing the real post-match handshake I tried to calm the situation by telling him "I was only trying to be Rick Flair, I'm sure you understand". To that he says very clearly, "*&%#$ you A$$H842". Geez, I thought. That guy must be bi-polar as he showed no signs of being so emotional during the first 6:52 seconds of our match. FYI- The gummy worms were great. We didn't speak a word to each other on the podium that day. Of course it wouldn't have been fairly rude of me to talk through two people while I was standing on the top and he was over there in sixth place. My girlfriend actually ran off with some other female about two years later. Some softball player at her girls only college. Who knew. Please feel free to share your Dylan Ness stories here also. Wrestling is truly the best sport!!
  14. ronald

    B1G 174

    Who, if any, of the other 3 still has a chance to wrestle Howe before Big 10's? In my mind, Kokesh and Evans are wrestling for the #1 seed on Saturday. And how do you come up with that, considering Brown has already beaten Evans? If Evans beats Kokesh and Storley turns around and beats Evans, the seeing would look like this: 1. Brown 2. Storley 3. Evans 4. Kokesh There is no other way to seed that weight if the scenario above happens that way.
  15. Travis Rutt, Eric Grajales, Andy Howe, and Destin McCauley drinking discounted coffee from Mcdonalds, and shotting dice to see who pays tomorrow. Nothing better than that thought. Merry Christmas!
  16. This guy shoots his mouth off before the 2008 Olympics, gets blasted at the Olympics, and quits. Then, the wrestling people in charge of all of these special events keep bringing him in to wrestle in "dream matchups". WHY? He quit, and chose to do something else. Which is fine. He calls out Dake, great, but Dake isn't a world champ or Olympic champ. Why doesn't Mr. Mouth challenge Burroughs to a match? Oh yeah, that's right, because then it would be a replay of the 2008 Olympics all over again. Some people think this is good for our sport?
  17. Quaker voice- I can handle this response. It makes sense to me. The results lately have been disgusting, but I am a reasonable person. It could be a LOOOOOOONG three years leading to Rio if we don't get some momentum rolling in the Greco area.
  18. After the Olympics he wrote and apology letter and promised changes. Now he has had his time and basically a one year extension. Time for him to move on and let someone else take over. I like Steve, but the times seem to have passed him by.
  19. Keddy is still there. He would probably fit the 184/197 profile.
  20. Howe is a bad matchup for Storely, probably in any style. Storley will beat Brown if healthy. That includes a best of three series.
  21. Congratulations to Brands, Sanderson, and Smith for leading college wrestling to a rather large step backwards. Sanderson is the ring leader and he is supposed to be some icon of the sport. The decisions he has made are based solely on what is good for him and his ego. He left Iowa State to boost his chance to "make it" as a coach. He refused to attend national duals because it could have put a blemish to his resume. This guy is not an ambassador of wrestling, he is out for himself, period. Brands... Let me just say, Gable would have never pulled out of an event like this. Gable would have readied his troops and won the damn thing. No wonder Iowa has went backwards since Gable left. These guys preach toughness and intensity, but follow up by bailing because it is too grueling of a tournament. Jeez, bring gable back, please. I don't know about Smith. He has been a great ambassador for wrestling. Maybe in his older age he just wants to win one more title before riding off. I don't know. As you can tell, this pisses me off completely. This is bad for wrestling to just cancel the event. They could have worked at it, but that wouldn't fit their egos.
  22. Monk and Sprenkle wrestle for NDSU. And I agree, NDSU will turn some heads. UNI will have one AA, and continue to build. ISU will do about the same. The Big 10 will dominate as usual. I agree, they will continue to separate themselves from the rest of the conferences in the country.
  23. Please, give me a break. Half of my posts are definately not about you. Don't flatter yourself more than you have already. I have attacked you because I disagree with what you have written in the past. When I disagree with you, you have come back with names of your own, degrading comments, and I believe you even threatened to hunt me down and come to my house to meet with me. I may have deleted the PM you sent me a while back, but I don't forget things like that. By chance, do you remember that? All because I made a comment that you took as me attacking your mother who I have never met and wouldn't be so immature to make a "mom" joke. By the way, attacking someone's grammar isn't always the best way to tell intelligence. I have several college degrees and I do just fine in my personal business. My family is not hurting for money, and my business is not hurting for work. I am not going to get into a "who's got bigger balls" contest with anyone, but I do just fine for myself and the ones I support.
  24. My secret? Knowing that you are a complete idiot and failure... And knowing that most everyone agrees with me. Good day.
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