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  1. I heard he left the team. Is there any truth to this.
  2. I've made contact with the mothership and they have given me permission to terminate my account. A few last Internet thoughts before I stick to reality. 1) USA wrestling site needs an OVERHAUL. Let's present the sport online like a first rate sport. 2) No dual meet championship! Less duals per college season. Focus on sell-out duals for every program. The individual tournament allows even the smallest of schools to get excited about a wrestler or two with a hot hand (App State, Ivys, and more) 3) Get wrestling in gym class! Not every kid is going to participate in competitive wrestling but all should experience it to respect it. Boys and girls.(watch the Wonder Years or ask someone over 55) 4)Rotate the NCAA championships to New England, the mid-atlantic, south, west, midwest, etc. We need to get wrestling out of the basement. 5) Matside weigh-ins k-12. 6) Get involved with a youth program.Ref. DO something. Make it fun. 7) Promote the Taylors, Dakes, and Ruths of the sport. A smiling well spoken fit champion wrestler at a top school is sure to excite the moms of the world and enroll their children in wrestling. How could you not like these guys? 8) Find ex-wrestlers who aren't aware of FLO and other online resources and get them involved. Too many walk away forever. 9) It's just a sport! Let's remember that. It's been a fun time but my time needs to be elsewhere these days. See you all around!
  3. What ever happened to Mario Mason?
  4. If Taylor goes to that special Jedi mind place he usually goes to he could tech or pin Dake. On the other side, if Dake stays in the Yoda zone, he will pin or tech Taylor and might even wrestle @ 74 all weekend too.
  5. Not exactly a true Penn State fan...but I do like them these days..and it could be a motivating factor...JUst time to move on from the boards...I'm glad I have two fans here...But really, there is no "delete account" button?
  6. How can one delete their account on here?
  7. pretty sure you can stay and you still get scholarship or you can be released with or without scholly depending on school.
  8. Reason #5649494 tournaments are bad for our sport.. "hey you wanna go see some wrestling?" "sure, what time" "7 AM on Saturday morning until 10pm on Sunday" "Ummm...I think I'm busy this weekend"
  9. I am not a fan of the multi-mat finals. Early season "whatever" tournaments it doesn't matter. EIWA's, come'on!
  10. By second stringers I was referring to Dake, Bosak, and Garrett...But seriously, 2nd string is used loosely. Obviously Cornell's back-ups are first stringers for most teams. Also, maybe I should have used the term "new-comer" or something...def. was not trying to offend anyone up in Ithaca.
  11. I did notice the second stringer line-up. It is scary when an Ivy team can send out back-ups and still blow-out another Ivy team. No one has an answer for Dake and I think Kent is a true Freshman with lots of grit. Although he got pinned, now he nows what a 3x champ feels like to wrestle. Bethea also could have been stacked, and he went home with some answers for how to get to the next level. I thought Rappo would be more impressive this year, but double OT I guess this is what happens. Any ideas if the Ivy will ever balance itself out?
  12. Rutgers just inked a 5-year deal with Goodale. RU is happy they aren't the laughing stock of wrestling. AA's would help, but hardly influence the AD's decision this year.
  13. 1160espn.com has a nice audio feed....for free!
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