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  1. Joe Smith was unattached, but since John is his dad he can coach him. If you notice, the other unattached wrestlers were not coached by actual coaching staff of the schools they attend.
  2. I think the jump from being a high school coach to a Division 1 B1G coach would be a little much. They without a doubt need someone with a good resume of division 1 asst. coaching to step in. the amount of responsibility and understanding of what it takes to develop next level athletes is not one that you can magically develop after coaching high school wrestling for 12 years. And who's to say that Roy Hall would develop athletes? Hall was blessed with athletes like the Metcalfs, Reader, and Donahoe moving into the school district. They were all at the next level when they stepped into his room for the first time.
  3. The ranking that gets me is Roth. He isn't even in the line-up. Cullinan is having a good start to his season and it is as if they haven't even checked to see who is wrestling.
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