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  1. So many Hawk fans live in la la land. One fan posted at their website that Iowa would have at least 3 finalists and Penn State only 1, CALLING it! Good job. Glad 2 c Gill go down AGAIN!
  2. I actually know who you are, ban basketball, and I suggest you refrain from calling me a knothead, you loser!
  3. df must be the most ignorant human being on the planet.
  4. This is getting silly. The real nagging question is, how would Dake's paternal grandmother fare against Taylor's maternal grandmother?
  5. Clark, Ramos, Burak and Telford wrestled above their seeds. St.John and Evans barely below. At 141 and 149 we were non-seeded and a 13 so I expected what we got. At 165 and 184, while we wrestled well below our seeds, that is pretty much what I expected. At 157, we got a "free" 3 points in the 5th place match due to injury. Sometimes things just are what they are.
  6. Zelph is right on the money. Cael, Gable and Smith are truly poor human beings and cowards. They have done little if anything to help our society. I do not think any of them have been a plumber, either! Imagine that! Thanks for your service, Zelph but I too served in actual combat, as did many in my family, going back to the early years of our nation. It is mathematically stupid to think all, or even any large percentage can serve in a military capacity, or are even equipped to to it. Why you are zoning in on milirary service and PEACE CORPS is beyond me. God made different people with different talents, spiritual gifts, personalities amd temperaments to do different things in life. Get a grip.
  7. Sure glad to see the discussion of wrestling and mma. Hughes, Militech, Frye, Askren, Lesnar, Carwin,Velasquez, Jones, Evans, Ortiz, Kerr, Coleman, Severn, on and on it goes. Wrestlers are the best fighters and athletes around. I'd like to see Askren fight other top 170 pounders in the ufc. I could see him taking Hendricks down and Hendricks not being able to get up and out. When I was younger, I got into many street fights and always won with a simple wrestle, ground and pound method. My 3 boys did the same EVERY time.
  8. To wreferee: my neighbor lives in Highland in East Waterloo. You may be confined to a psychiatric ward but I am not. I take no medications.
  9. At a Hawk website, there is a prediction of 10 Hawk AA's, 6 who have never done it, 7 have never done it at the weight, lowest AA was 2 at 7th, 6 in the top 4, with 5 in the top 3. A neighbor of mine says the Hawks are " a lock '.
  10. I doubt I will be here to see it but Iowa will have to have a lot of improvement from a lot of people, and hope that Minnesota, Okie State and PSU wrestlers do not improve for the Hawks to win. They have had highly rated recruiting classes as well. You can maybe throw in Cornell, Ohio State and Michigan into the mix. I do not see Iowa winning.
  11. It doesn't matter whether or not 62 or 63 teams would trade places, the Iowa standard is winning.
  12. Another 4th place finish. Ramos, StJohn and Lofthouse gone. Dziewa, Kelly, Moore, Evans and Telford will be gone the next year and still no titles. Wish I had been wrong.
  13. 4th place; right again.
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