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  1. Mike Zadick is missing. That's what's missing
  2. In addition to the head job at Buffalo, these colleges are currently seeking assistant coaches or head coaches - who do you see filling these openings? Some may have filled but these are what my sources have relayed to me in recent reports: Michigan State - 2nd Assistant Coker College - Assistant Ferrum College (DIII Virginia) East Stroudsburg University - two assistants University of Cumberlands (women) Ridgewater College (NJCAA MN) - head coach Chadron State (grad assistant) Williams College - head coach Upper Iowa - assistant coach Iowa Lakes - assistant Southwest Oregon CC - head women's coach (part-time) Labette CC North Carolina - assistant
  3. Husker, just because you chimed in, I might stay. I am close to securing a programming job with Track Wrestling so I didn't want it to be a conflict of interest. But for you and my buddy JB, I might stay now. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Racebannon is back and Fast Willy is out. What a trade eh? Later message board posters. It's been fun.....
  5. I'm a huge fan of Tom Ryan and think he's doing a great job. Also, when I think of Ohio State I definitely think of them as an elite program,. I know they could be top 10 every year, top 5 many years and maybe one year win a title, but definitely be a contender for top three. I think many feel the same about the program.
  6. why wouldn't anyone? Western NY is an extremely nice place to live. NY is surrounded by NJ, PA, and OH. With a high level coach, kids would flock to UB. Great academics. 9.9 scholarships, new room, huge weight room, supportive administration, the Buffalo/Rochester area is loaded with really tough high school programs. With a big name, maybe they could start pulling some of the studs away from PSU and Cornell, and grab those Long Island boys. Many people don't know, UB is now a Regional Training Center. Brands or another top-notice coach like Lou R. could bring their wrestlers with them. Not saying it would happen but I believe a person like Terry Brands could turn UB into an "Iowa" It's good to have dreams. That's all I'll say.
  7. Why in the world would Terry Brands take this job? Does anyone who knows anything about wrestling actually think he would leave Iowa for that job? Come on!
  8. I think high school wrestling is covered very well throughout the country. Any time the local teams succeed or a kid does well in sections or state, there is coverage. High school wrestling has a huge fan base and local papers know this. I would say it gets more coverage than many other sports, like volleyball, swimming, cross country and so on. Could there be more? Sure, every sport could say there could be more but overall I can't see any reason to complain.
  9. The NCAA is as crooked as they come. National Communist Athletic Association. Let's say Bauman is a business student, an entrepreneurial major, for example, whatever, it shouldn't matter, he should be able to sell whatever he wants on itunes. He wrestles, that does not define everything he is or everything he does. The goal of college is to develop young men and women to succeed in life. Because he is on scholarship he can't say he wrestles for the U of M, when in fact, he does and that is the truth? There is no way the NCAA is right about this. The NCAA is the biggest scam organization out there. Well, besides the government, that is.
  10. Okay one wrestler who did something. The rest though.....
  11. Yawn. Two guys who did nothing at the next level. This is a spoof post right? It isn't serious?
  12. Is there any wrestling program that has done so little yet gets so much attention on these boards? What is the obsession with Rutgers wrestling? When has Rutgers ever been good? What have they EVER done? If the best a fan can do is congratulate the school on a move to the Big Ten conference, then what does that say about the actual wrestling program? It says they haven't done anything worthy in wrestling! It's pretty comical how much time and attention is wasted on a subpar program with a history of doing nothing. At least Michigan State will no longer finish in last in the Big 10 with Rutgers joining. But hey, "we joined the Big 10" and that's a heck of an accomplishment that likely will reserve a place in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. There will be Gable, Sanderson, Dake and Rutgers getting accepted into the Big 10 on the Wall of Fame. It's being created now.
  13. Gee, I wonder how he got involved in that? http://www.citypages.com/2010-06-03/new ... robe/full/ If you are going to post that, you should post the follow-up showing there was nothing wrong going on here: http://www.mndaily.com/2010/05/21/j-rob ... estigation
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