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  1. I beg you to find one other program that replaces all but 1 starter and dominates the following year. I don't think any Iowa fan is under the illusion that they are favorites this year but to make a blanket statement that the program is in decline when they just had the top recruiting class a year ago is insane. Ripping on freshman wrestlers is asinine. What did Dan Dennis, Phil Keddy and Dan Erickson accomplish their first year on the mat? All they did is go on to earn All-American status.
  2. I spoke too soon on Gambrall. He just lost in 2nd overtime. Locked hands then gave up reversal.
  3. MM, Ballweg, Gambrall, Janssen, Lofthouse(s) looking good so far. Ramos wrestled a solid match against Futrell. Janssen looks like he has officially supassed Kerr on the depth chart.
  4. You're not really this stupid are you? Ripping on Nick/Nate Moore, Evans, Mark Ballweg and Ethan Lofthouse when they are Freshman/Sophs. Baldasaro isn't even on the team. The team hasn't lost a dual this year after replacing all but one starter. Why did you conveniently forget to mention Brands' recruits McDonough, Ramos and Gramball? Johnson, Ramos and Ambrose were not bluechip recruits so I don't understand your argument there.
  5. Don't pay attention to team scores this early.
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