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  1. If Red did expose, it would have been 2R 1B. If Red scored on an action and then Blue gains control, it is a one point move for Blue. It doesn't matter if it looks like he completed the takedown or reversed Red.
  2. Nickel gassing is a product of the size difference. If you wrestle someone bigger that has a modicum of wrestling competency, they will suck your energy like a heatsink.
  3. @JasonBryant has hinted that Women's beach wrestling would be the balance to greco in 2024.
  4. Don't forget the Pirate: https://wrestlingbypirate.wordpress.com/
  5. Don't help the noobs. They need to learn these lessons for themselves.
  6. @TBar1977 took that joke in stride, respect! Whoops, need to retract that last statement. Joke seemed to hit a little too close to home.
  7. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Does it seem like Jesus was being a little self righteous in his condemnation of the self righteous??
  8. Willie is a big boy and can take care of his own problems without the pretend lawyers wringing their hands over his steps or missteps.
  9. Why the hate on Willie? He's one of us, a message board warrior that took his views to other platforms but never forgot where he came from. I love the guy and hope the best for him even if I don't always agree with him. He has always worked his ass off to create a lot of content. As for the self promotion, he's got to put food on the table one way or another and his slightly ironic persona gets the more literal among us up in arms.
  10. Some of the super fight events allow them like Fight 2 Win.
  11. I think Bo will be able to escape the ground attacks for a while, simply because it is No Gi. But a 15 minute match is a long time and he can't do it forever.
  12. As a few have stated, Ryan won't have to pull guard, he just needs to get taken down. Get a takedown, give up a takedown, you end up in the same spot, on the ground. Once on the ground, Bo will have to use a lot of compensating explosive movements and raw strength to either escape or avoid sweeps and submission attempts. His real downfall will probably be the length of the match as that compensation will eventually tax his cardio while Ryan will not have to exert himself. It is a freak show match, but I'm still interested.
  13. What's to stop Terry Brands from starting a club called the "Black and Gold Club" and inviting whoever the hell he wants from 1,000 miles away? It seems like the RTC is just to add level playing fields to something that had none in the past, but who forces the affiliation? In MN, there are wrestling clubs that pay coaches from the U of M to coach their club practices, why couldn't they start their own club?
  14. I have this same question. What does the recognition get the club? Is there an agreement with the university to allow the training to be on campus if they are recognized by USAW?
  15. If it makes the wrestling better, I'm all for it. If it helps extend the career of wrestlers, I'm all for it.
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