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  1. Ching


    Let's really dress up the NCAA tournament. Eliminate four of the weight classes Single elimination (unless your loss is to a finalist) Two 3rd places
  2. You are correct and I should have been specific. My issue with Lee was wrestling Friday and not Sunday. Cenzo skipped Friday and Sunday. To be clear, there should be no qualifier if they are sick or not, only if they miss the dual. I'm personally a judgemental person and if you wrestle the dual on Friday against a fish but can't go on Sunday against a stud I'm starting to think things.
  3. I don't know the answer, but the black mark system Chap suggested could be worked. If Lee's backup still beats the guy, no harm no foul. If he doesn't, then it hurts your seeding. Shroder has a win over the best guy Iowa had to offer.
  4. Let's take this to the extreme. Imagine Joseph ducked every ranked wrestler he could have faced this year. Let's say he's 15-0 with about 6 MFF and about four duals that he skipped. Would he still warrant the #1 seed? This convo is kind of unfair to Joseph since he rarely skips matches. I'm more disturbed by Lee not wrestling the dual.
  5. That was a great post by Nomad and this topic needs to be looked at more closely. I've got a couple of points: 1) A lesser seed doesn't take an opportunity away from a wrestler. They still control their own destiny. 2) Seeds mean more to some wrestlers than others, but if I was Joseph, I would want the one and have Wick and Marinelli on the other side. I know he can and probably will beat one or both of them, it would just be nicer to only have to beat one. 3) Injuries are always a contentious part of this discussion, but if a wrestler is able to go (medically speaking) but doesn't, it is a duck - plain and simple. If they are not able to go, the injury should reflect negatively on their perceived ability to perform in the future. Illness is the only quasi-unfair part of this process. The reason I say "quasi" is because so many wrestlers still go if they are sick that it is almost expected that they do. Not only expected that they go but perform at near 100%. It's a tough sport for tough people, let's keep it that way. 4) I am not partial to any team in NCAA, I just enjoy great matches. I don't care who this impacts negatively and it should be across the board. Conf seeding rules are probably per conference, but NCAA seeding should absolutely adopt this system. I will be at the Big Tens in a few weeks and no doubt there will be more "ducking" going on. It a trend that has been growing in the last decade and it needs to be checked.
  6. Ching

    Yarygin 2019

    If your Aunt had balls, she would be your uncle.
  7. Ching

    Bey with a right hook

    What was the purpose of pulling the straps down? I'm not judging him, just curious if there was some technical element to his fighting that would require the straps down.
  8. Ching

    Drilling as we speak or ...

    Thanks, I had no idea employers were exempt from this.
  9. Ching

    Drilling as we speak or ...

    I'm curious why it wouldn't apply? Are students or student-athletes not afforded the same privacy protection as everyone else?
  10. Ching

    A great show of sportsmanship

    Almost positive it was 91. Have vivid memory of the kid that was forced to default flexing to the ref to show that he wasn't hurt.
  11. Ching

    A great show of sportsmanship

    Chaps, I was at that tournament. That was a weird deal, but the kid kept taking injury time and eventually the doctor shut it down. I don't remember if there was an actual injury time limit back then?? I didn't like when the crowd booed the kid that won, he did nothing wrong (I'm sure they were booing the officials, but the kid was standing on the podium when they booed). I would be very upset if one of my wrestlers shut it down when their opponent was hurt. They are either healthy enough to go or not. Most wrestlers have bumps and bruises at some point during the year and we don't ask their opponents to take it easy on them. Trying your hardest at all times is one of the pillars of good sportsmanship. It shows respect for the sport, your coaches and mentors, your opponent, and most importantly, yourself.
  12. Ching

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    I don't know how you could conceivably restrict coaches from taking additional part-time jobs at an RTC. What is the difference between working a camp and running RTC room? I do think you could restrict the athletes from training there during the season, but offseason is not practical.
  13. Ching

    RTC's - Wild, Wild West

    I get the concern that RTCs provide a workaround the NCAA rules, but what is the alternative? RTCs still exist and virtually attached to the college program, but offsite from the college. The schools wouldn't like this because it takes away funding for facilities. The donors would build an amazing workout facility at a warehouse space instead of on campus. My biggest concern isn't the number of coaches or workout partners (can't really do anything about this other than restrict athletes from training with RTC during the season), but any quid pro quo with a recruit and promise of future funds through the RTC after graduation. An athlete could conceivably take less scholarship with the implicit promise that the RTC will cover the shortfall after they graduate. I don't have any idea if this actually happens, but the framework is definitely in place for it.
  14. Ching

    Vincenzo Joseph so far = Kyle Dake?

    I'm all for it, #CenzoToPortal