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  1. What's to stop Terry Brands from starting a club called the "Black and Gold Club" and inviting whoever the hell he wants from 1,000 miles away? It seems like the RTC is just to add level playing fields to something that had none in the past, but who forces the affiliation? In MN, there are wrestling clubs that pay coaches from the U of M to coach their club practices, why couldn't they start their own club?
  2. I have this same question. What does the recognition get the club? Is there an agreement with the university to allow the training to be on campus if they are recognized by USAW?
  3. If it makes the wrestling better, I'm all for it. If it helps extend the career of wrestlers, I'm all for it.
  4. Nailed it! This is spot on.
  5. John, were you just laying there when your brothers were trying to rip your soul out during greco parterre sessions?
  6. At the 2019 NCAAs, there were 7 falls in the Quarters, Semis, and Finals At the 2018 U23 Worlds (most comparable age), there were 8 falls in the Quarters, Semis, and Finals BTW: the argument that the NCAA D1s should be compared to the Senior level is laughable. NCAAs has limited eligibility, an artificial end date, and academic restrictions. It is not a system for determining the best wrestler, it is a system for determining the best wrestler few years of their high school graduation that has achieved certain test scores, has been accepted to a D1 school, attends said school full-time, and maintains decent grades at said school. Take out the age restriction, the max of four years, and everything academic and that would be THE APEX OF FOLKSTYLE WRESTLING.
  7. I just got word that I'm the new 2012 Olympic Champ!! Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited.
  8. Thank you for your agreement on the ignorance part. If you want to be recommended readings to get up to speed, let me know. I personally wrestle Ching style wrestling. I am the only practitioner but when I compete, it IS THE APEX OF CHING WRESTLING. I don't think HS is more entertaining, that was a poorly worded absurdism.
  9. How are tilts working toward a pin? I've seen more people pinned in a gut wrench than a tilt. And who says you can't half, cradle, or bar (see Steiber's WC run) in freestyle? Again, if you are comparing college folkstyle to international freestyle, they are different levels. I don't dispute that bottom defense in freestyle is purely a defensive position. I would argue there is more stalling in college top/bottom than freestyle parterre.
  10. Much of this is plain ignorance. Bottom defense is a thing and if you don't work very hard at learning and practicing it, you will get teched very quickly. There are wrestlers that have no interest in trying to turn, but that is the same in folkstyle. Why do you claim pins don't happen? I bet if you look at Junior and U23 World Trials (the best proxy for NCAA) the fall count is at least comparable. You can't compare senior international because that is a higher level. High school wrestling is more exciting than college because they have more pins. Actually, I could say, high school wrestling is more exciting than college because there is no riding time.
  11. Spey, can Flo lead the way here further? FloNats was a great start, can you get other tourneys on board. USAW should follow suit and make Pre-Post season nats Free/Greco. Post-Season Nationals and Heartland Duals are the biggest PITA for Free/Greco coaches at youth/hs level.
  12. The ruleset has never been better or more easily understood than they are currently. The situation in question always has been and always be controversial and will continue to be called differently by officials. You would need to know what was in the mind of the wrestler to get these calls perfect. My personal opinion is different from the call. The roll through was not a result of the momentum of Zain's finish, it was clearly initiated by Yanni Zain attempts to stop the roll with two different actions: with his right arm, he releases the single and blocks the inside of Yanni's right groin. He also throws his legs back as a counterbalance For me, letting go of the single with one of his arms to block indicates it was Yanni's move. Refs typically give the benefit of the doubt in these roll-throughs if the attacking wrestler maintains their lock on the leg(s) through the roll. Zain dropping his right hand into the crotch is a defensive move. I do hope they don't change the result though. I hate video review passionately, but I hate Monday lawyer video review even more.
  13. MFF should not count as a loss. Look, the guy was injured, nobody beat him. Also, Medical Defaults should not be a loss either. Do you really think the healthy wrestler earned that victory? Finally, we really need to look at a way to help kids that get hurt during a match, finish it and lose. I think it should be considered a no contest. It really isn't fair that they get a loss on their record when the reason they lost was likely injury. Wrestling needs to be fair. Not just in the rules, but also with regard to unfortunate circumstances that may happen. Food for thought, what if a kid gets bad coaching? Should that count against him? How about bad nutrition, missing sleep, extra hard classes? These should be discussed in relation to the effect on their record.
  14. I have a rule change request, everything should have swipes. 2 swipes for a takedown, 7 swipes for stalling, 1 swipe for an escape, 2 swipes for a pin, 3 swipes for a reversal, 1 swipe for a false start, etc, etc. This would make the ref's job much easier consequently ensuring they do a good job.
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