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  1. Ching

    The call

    The ruleset has never been better or more easily understood than they are currently. The situation in question always has been and always be controversial and will continue to be called differently by officials. You would need to know what was in the mind of the wrestler to get these calls perfect. My personal opinion is different from the call. The roll through was not a result of the momentum of Zain's finish, it was clearly initiated by Yanni Zain attempts to stop the roll with two different actions: with his right arm, he releases the single and blocks the inside of Yanni's right groin. He also throws his legs back as a counterbalance For me, letting go of the single with one of his arms to block indicates it was Yanni's move. Refs typically give the benefit of the doubt in these roll-throughs if the attacking wrestler maintains their lock on the leg(s) through the roll. Zain dropping his right hand into the crotch is a defensive move. I do hope they don't change the result though. I hate video review passionately, but I hate Monday lawyer video review even more.
  2. Ching

    Suriano vs Colon at BTS

    Colon will smash him.
  3. Ching

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    MFF should not count as a loss. Look, the guy was injured, nobody beat him. Also, Medical Defaults should not be a loss either. Do you really think the healthy wrestler earned that victory? Finally, we really need to look at a way to help kids that get hurt during a match, finish it and lose. I think it should be considered a no contest. It really isn't fair that they get a loss on their record when the reason they lost was likely injury. Wrestling needs to be fair. Not just in the rules, but also with regard to unfortunate circumstances that may happen. Food for thought, what if a kid gets bad coaching? Should that count against him? How about bad nutrition, missing sleep, extra hard classes? These should be discussed in relation to the effect on their record.
  4. Ching

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    I have a rule change request, everything should have swipes. 2 swipes for a takedown, 7 swipes for stalling, 1 swipe for an escape, 2 swipes for a pin, 3 swipes for a reversal, 1 swipe for a false start, etc, etc. This would make the ref's job much easier consequently ensuring they do a good job.
  5. Ching

    Dake Accepts Final X Birth @ 79KG

    I think this is great news. I don't see the advantage of going down this year for his career and his chance of a medal at 74 this year is much less than at 79.
  6. This is a story about friendship, betrayal, and revenge. Very few people know this history other than the principal members and myself. I am personally indifferent to each of the actors and I have sworn no oath to hold my tongue. I will not divulge how I came by this story but rest assured, it was a dangerous affair. Our saga starts before the days of the Bryant run "board". I was a semi-frequent poster back in those days, not as @Ching but another benign know-it-all. As many of you remember, when Bryant took over, he was a strong departure from his predecessor in the realm of censorship. His threshold for banning a thread was tighter than the Spanish Inquisition. One particular firestarter that always seemed to evade Generalissimo Bryant was our good friend Kentucky Mudflap. Mudflap and Bryant formed a friendship through DM long before Bryant took over the reins of the board. Bryant appreciated Mudflaps ironic persona and Mudflap likened Bryant to his well connected straight man. The genesis of Mudflap’s best posts was in the DM of the board with Bryant. The friction started almost as soon as Bryant started at USA Wrestling. By the time he got there, the board had dissolved into the Wild West of forums. Hate wars were common and could be triggered by the mere mention of any two of the following: “Virginia Tech”, “Tom Brands”, “Brent Metcalf”. Bryant’s commission was to clean up the mess, shut down the riffraff, and take control. As I said, Mudflap seemed to always get a pass, but that wasn’t the whole story. Only a portion of Mudflap’s content was seeing the light of day. Bryant had grown ruthless on his unrestricted power over the board. He had special preview controls on content and he would block whole posts by MF. Others he would edit heavily, even changing large passages to correct grammar or remove a targeted person. As you can imagine, Mudflap was incensed. Another foible that ruffled Mudflap’s feathers was Bryant contacting him directly with Mudflap’s personal e-mail address instead of DM. When Mudflap originally created his account, he didn’t seem to consider that anyone would ever care what his e-mail address was, so he used his work address that was structured: first_name.last_name@company.com. Bryant had the ability to unmask him and was only too willing to hint that he would do it. While Bryant was running roughshod over the board and his former friend, Mudflap played a card Bryant had no idea he held. Unbeknown to Bryant, Mudflap was tight with a higher-up at USA Wrestling. When I say “higher-up”, I mean way up. This ace essentially forced Bryant’s manager to send him packing. On the surface, the departure was seemed cordial, behind the scenes it was anything but. Bryant desperately wanted to find out why he was suddenly persona non grata and USA Wrestling was only responding with “change of direction”. Bryant’s friends on the inside tipped him off that he had somehow “displeased leadership”. Bryant was dismayed, angry, and could find no solace. Bryant didn’t have to wait long to find out what happened, his old friend Mudflap, using his “personal” email address, let him know he had powerful friends. Bryant fired back that he was now absolutely going to unmask Mudflap and that there would be a piper to pay in Iowa. Mudflap countered that Bryant could try that, but it would make him look very foolish. The email address Mudflap had registered with was as fake as his avatar. Bryant did some research and confirmed that the company was fake (and registered privately with the domain name registrar) as was the name. Bryant was not willing to let this go and told Mudflap he would interview a fake Kentucky Mudflap on his popular podcast network. This interview would destroy KMF’s credibility with the board’s other posters or force KMF to unmask himself. The rest you all know. The fake Mudflap did the interview and the real Mudflap has yet to acknowledge it for fear of crossing the fourth wall. It remains to be seen the effects on Mudflap’s board cred. Some of you have been calling for MF’s resignation long before the fake interview and others seem to love him even more. Either way, this war is still going on behind the scenes. Bryant is not only seeking out Mudflap’s identity so as to finally unmask him, but he’s also trying to find out the USA Wrestling leader that sent him packing. Mudflap hasn’t been idle either. He has been inserting negative “Jason Bryant” subliminal messages into his posts. It takes an expert in this field (I happen to be one) to decipher how he is injecting the negative propaganda, but be advised, it is having an effect. Bryant’s approval rating among board members and casual readers is at an all-time low (including his days as The Sheriff).
  7. "Wake up"...slap, slap..."wake up"
  8. Scenario: Assume Iowa presents serious problems to Penn State's title aspirations next year. The NLWC offers Spencer Lee a significant check to drop out of Iowa and pursue his international career full time. They pay him a salary and also tuition costs. Iowa loses its best wrestler and future Hawkeye Club 57kg in one transaction. I don't see that ever happening, especially Lee, but you none of you would put it past the evil empire with their vast sums to try it.
  9. Who you got, it is going down! Arsen has started doing his "charger" training, whatever the H-E-double hockey sticks that means.
  10. Ching

    Lose a challenge, lose a point

    I have a better solution, get rid of video review. It doesn't fit well with wrestling the subjective nature of wrestling, it is hard to implement without causing negative consequences, and it slows down the flow of matches. The next best thing is the award a point to the opponent if the challenge is denied as @tommygun has posted.
  11. Ching

    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    Dude, you should have asked me for the data! I would have saved you from retyping it. Thanks for doing this. If I'm reading your analysis correctly, the RtR has not been proven to not be bullsh!t. I'm going to call that a win until you can definitively say it is bullish!t. Either way, I will still be crowning a champ every year.
  12. Ching

    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    I actually think it makes sense. By optimizing for the seeds, you are bringing lower ranked wrestlers higher up and they are more likely to flame out with 1-2 or BBQ. The inverse is also true, a higher ranked wrestler getting pushed down to optimize is more likely to outperform their ranking.
  13. Ching

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    I doubt he will be wrestling Ben a week before the world team trials.
  14. Ching

    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    If any rankers want access to my spreadsheet with breakdowns, DM your e-mail address. I don't want to share publicly because the rankings are copyrighted.
  15. Ching

    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    I would like to do this, but only you are WrestleStat could provide that info. The issue of two top 8's connecting in the second round is definitely a problem and the reason I include the seeds as a player. Also, if you have a wrestler ranked 8th and they go 2-2, you still get 6 points. That is the same number of points you get if they place 5th.