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    Aliyev was a bronze at the Olympics at 57kg. Not his ideal weight, but he was small enough to make it.
  2. Ching


    I think Stieber would contend at 61. Not so much at 65. He can out-muscle smaller guys - doesn't have enough shake and bake for the bigger dudes.
  3. Ching

    Stoll and Turk

    That song popped into my head as soon as I heard about the shooting. Not as talented as DF though.
  4. Ching

    Stoll and Turk

    I wrote a song called "Sam Stohl" (only has one verse) Sam Stohl came home, To his roomate's par-tee After serving in the conflict at Erie. And the time that he served, Had shattered all his nerves, And left a little shrapnel in his knees. But the Yuengling eased the pain, And the grass grew round his brain, And gave him all the confidence he lacked, With a wooden trophy and a monkey on his back. There's a hole in Sammy's knee where all the scholly goes, Tommy lied for nothin I suppose. Little froshies have big ears, Don't stop to count the years, Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.
  5. Ching

    Chavez out, Perkins in

    What I find interesting is that it is across all three groups. Injury mitigation should be very high on the priority list of world team members. I heard stories that John Smith was very particular about who he would wrestle when he was training for worlds/oly and I would think this would be normal.
  6. Ching

    Where is Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin?

    I have a hard time getting on my high horse when I'm happily paying to watch two dudes (or dudettes) have a street fight in a cage with very few rules. Conor didn't seem to have a problem with it.
  7. Ching

    Can Someone Summarize Worlds Seeding Please

    The top athletes may not care, but I want the best two guys in the finals. Our sport should want the best two guys in the finals. I'm not sure I'm ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater on UWW seeding, but it needs to get better if they do it. Including the Worlds next year will help.
  8. Ching

    Flo Announcers

    Over the last few years, Flo has gotten very good at understanding freestyle wrestling (the rules, tactics, and wrestlers). This has significantly improved their product and set themselves very much apart from anyone else who even attempts it. I do agree that using a traditional pbp and color roles would help improve their live productions.
  9. Billyshole, I understand AND/OR well enough and I can add and subtract as well as the next guy. I will turn this around, you should learn how to read. Where did I use the "OR" operator (also known as "||" in the C based languages OR "|" in R).
  10. I don't. If you think Burroughs and Snyder will both win, you risk 4,000 for 100. If you think IMAR and Gadson will both win, you risk 100 for 2,500. I don't think they have to be symmetrical.
  11. This is the line I've set. It is for both Snyder AND Burroughs having the same result.
  12. Snyder and Burroughs winning -4,000 Gadsen and Imar winning +2,500 Are these numbers big enough?
  13. I would like to see the data on how much challenges help vs hurt. I don't know the answer, but I would guess it would either be a push or net negative to the wrestler.
  14. Thank you very much, yes I wrestled. I had fantastic coaches that happily called out instructions from the corner. At least I assume they were, I never heard a word. Apparently, wrestling took up my focus.
  15. Who the hell cares. They are not sending in plays like a football coach - they are props for the fans. Put Pat Downey and Dylan Palacio in each corner and it would NOT change the outcome.