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  1. Sebastian? Isn't the 182 Joel Dixon from OK? Maybe that change was after your post.
  2. Thanks, I'm sure a lot of us will be interested in those videos.
  3. Macri over Krivus 4-3. In the last two weeks Macri has beaten Krivus, Forys, and Headlee. Coy over Smith 5-2!
  4. Krivus over Headlee 7-2 Macri over Forys 11-5
  5. Wow, there were some fireworks tonight! Couple of notes from the Quarterfinals: 126 - Krivus, Headlee, Forys, Macri all win, tomorrow around noon it will be Krivus vs Headlee, and Forys vs Macri. 132 - Tyler Smith was on his back to end the first period and as a result was down 4-2. He then proceeded to dominate the rest of the match with takedowns and won a 15-8 decision. 138 - Michael Kemerer was also put on his back with a Peterson but still won a 17-7 major. 152 - the 12 seed John Cole upset the #5 last night and the #4 tonight. Making himself the lowest seed to make the semi's this tournament. 160 - this is an action packed weight class! #8 TeShan Campbell over #1 Dom Scalise 4-0. (Scalise Ranked #10 by Flo won this match 6 days ago with a buzzer beater takedown, score 7-5. #5 Jonathan Avon over #4 Devin Austin 7-4. #7 Colin McCraken over #2 Brendan Burnham 4-3. Semi's will be #8 vs #5 and #3 vs #7
  6. We place 8 per weight, which as far as I know is pretty much standard now a days. We aren't talking about watering down the competition. Let me get you up to speed. This discussion is about how in our opinion the WPIAL should get a 4th qualifier. Currently a region which the wpial continuously out preform at states has the 4th qualifier. In the AAA PIAA'S, there are 5 regions. 4 of those 5 regions send 3 to states, where as the other region sends 4. That's not watering the state tournament down. It's making it tougher by sending a #4 that would actually be doing some damage.
  7. Needanap, Kuhn is one of the more exciting heavy's to watch, moves like a middleweight. Worthings bump to 220 was a smart move. He is the #1 seed at WPIALs now, i wonder what the run looks like for him at States. He is not only a tough wrestler but a great kid as well. I enjoy talking to his dad at tournaments and meets. Great people. Coy is the real deal! I wrestled with him a bit just an hour ago at little scrimage a few teams got together. He has a ton of talent, I'm really excited to follow his career. I saw that semi between Solomon and Pletcher. Solomon is like a leech on top, really hard to get those legs out once they are in. And to think pre season he was projected as a 106er. Lastly Allesandro lives in the Norwin school district, but wrestles for Hempfield as he is a student at Greensburg Central Catholic. He is the 3 seed behind Kemerer and Joseph. I'm rooting for him to make a run and grab a state medal.
  8. I just checked the AWN rankings and they do not have Vincenzo Joseph of Pittsburgh Central Catholic ranked! He is #3 on Flo, #4 on Intermat, but not in the top 20 on AWN. I've got to think that is a mistake.
  9. I do not subscribe to Flo's rankings, but who is the 4th ranked kid from Latrobe? McCoy? Coy from Penn Trafford is ranked at 132 by other rankers such as Intermat and AWN. Yes, McCoy is # 20 on Flo. If you prefer Intermat than you could sub out # 20 McCoy (Flo) and put in #16 Coy (Intermat). I believe that is the only ranking disparity for WPIAL wrestlers, as far as being ranked. Of course most of the other guys ranked by both sources are at different spots in each ranking service. So if we want to make the WPIAL look as strong as possible (which I do). Then we could use both and bump the number of ranked wrestlers for the WPIAL and section 1 up by 1. I wouldn't mind that at all. :D
  10. I've got some numbers here that I think you guys will find interesting. This weekend at the AAA WPIAL tournament will feature; 17 Nationally Ranked Wrestlers ( I used flo's rankings for this number ) 5 Returning State Champions 17 Returning State Medalists ( State Champs included in this number ) For you guys inside the WPIAL here goes some section breakdown numbers; Section 1: 11 Nationally Ranked, 4 Returning State Champs, 9 Returning State Medalists Section 2: 1 Nationally Ranked Section 3: 3 Nationally Ranked, 4 Returning State Medalists Section 4: 2 Nationally Ranked, 1 Returning State Champ, 4 Returning State Medalists Section 1 looks loaded, but to be fair the bulk comes from State Champs Franklin Regional with 6 Nationally ranked wrestlers, and State Runner-Up Latrobe with 4 Nationally ranked wrestlers. Hempfields Sam Krivus accounts for the 11th ranked wrestler out of that Section.
  11. In 2012 as a Freshman Headlee was the "odd man out" at 106lbs. He finished 4th behind 3 state placers that year, and all three are currently nationally ranked. 1: Michael Kemerer - 2nd PIAA'S that year and current nation rank at #2 138lbs 2: Vincenzo Joseph - 7th PIAA's that year and current nation rank at #3 138lbs 3: Dom Forys - 3rd PIAA's that year and current nation rank at #9 126lbs 4: A.C. Headlee
  12. Macri over Headlee tonight in the section 4 tournament by score of 9-3. I didn't see it because I was at the section 1 tournament, but the score sounds pretty convincing.
  13. I'll throw mine out. 1: Krivus 2: Macri 3: Forys 4: Headlee
  14. That will determine the semi final match ups for WPIAL's next week. Loser will get Krivus, Winner will get Forys. Seeds will likely be: 1: Krivus (returning State champ and 2x WPIAL champ) 2: Winner of Macri/Headlee (Macri State 2nd - Headlee returning WPIAL Champ) 3: Forys (WPIAL 2nd to Headlee) 4: Loser of Macri/Headlee
  15. You're giving all this away for free! I'd buy the book.
  16. There are 49 Schools in that region. There was a tough group at 119 in 2003, the first year with out the 4th qualifier. 3 returning state medalists - Drew Headlee, Mark McKnight, and Sean Clair. In fact Headlee was a returning state champ. Clair won it, Ashtin Primus who was a freshman and went on to be a 2x state champ took 2nd, and McKnight beat Headlee out for the last qualifying spot leaving a returning state champ out of the state tournament. McKnight went on the win the state title that year.
  17. Pitt #19 tournament & #6 dual... I understand the difference in scoring and all that, but that is quite a jump.
  18. That may be our strongest team but can't see them doing that. That's putting 6 of 13 wrestlers out of the weight class they competed in. Actually probably 7 since I think that the will have to drop either Lizak or Parker to the 113 spot.
  19. Flo moved Chisko back into the 145 rankings. Him being ranked at 138 was the only thing I've heard about him dropping so I doubt he drops. Neither Galasso or Chisko will be taking the PA 145lb spot from Nolf. Assuming Chisko does wrestle 145 at PIAA's that should set up a Chisko v. Galasso final.. hopefully the winner will get the PA 138lb spot to make the PA Line up stronger.
  20. Flo has Chisko at 138, if he does drop I'd have him in over Zacherl.
  21. Coleman Scott (8-5-2-1) was redshirting as a freshman but was pulled out, so technically never got a redshirt season. No youth redshirt either.
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