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  1. Pretty easy answer here. OSU coaches can't develop talent. Top talent typically underachieves at OSU.
  2. Everyone needs to remember Bo is only about 80%. Probably as strong as he gets this year with his injury. His struggles from neutral show this as a healthy Bo wouldn't have opponents getting in on deep shots or him generating little offense.
  3. Outside of Logan and Jordan, this team is vastly overrated. On paper, OSU should roll. Once again we will see the impact of inferior coaching either keep this closer than it should be allow PSU to steal a victory.
  4. Glad you brought up Haines. After they lost Nevills how much time do you think they spent evaluating Haines? Pretty much none. Top 10 per intermat, must be great. Lets go get him. Applaud the coaches for getting him to come here, but time will tell if he ever contributes. Early reports weren't glowing then he gets hurt. Won't even get the benefit of a redshirt because he is inactive.
  5. Iowa fan stuck in Columbus.......hate Ohio State more than any program in country. Lazy staff always looking for the easy way out. Have seen so much talent leave state while ryan and co chase big name out of state kids. Give them the intermat top 100 recruit list and there work is done.
  6. Ohio State fans always crack me up. Love how they have pointed to this being their year. Please! Ryan can sure bring in the talent, but that's about it. Very few ever get better under his guidance. Ohio State will never be a consistent contender. Iowa match not even close. Nice try Buckeyes......maybe next year. 125 - tomasello looks like an Iowa wrestler but has too many mental lapses Iowa +3 133 - has this kid ever beat a higher ranked opponent? Talk about lack of development. Hold onto the wrist Johhni just about all you can do. Iowa + 3 141 - logan is logan. OSU + 4 149 - don't expect little Stieber to wrestle. Dealing with a tough injury and he is just too weak to fight through it. Will never be an all american again. Mark my word. Iowa +3 157 - like OSU here OSU + 3 165 - wishful thinking Buckeyeyes. Still too green Iowa + 3 174 - again no development. Martin came in with a lot of upside and never got better. Evans will grind him into the mat.Iowa +4 184 - does courts have a heart? Sure does not have a gas tank. This kid was a better wrestler as a freshman in HS. Iowa +3 197 - Snyder doesn't have a single back point this year. OSU coaches probably still yet to realize he has zero mat skills. Wish this kid would have went to a school that could actually develope his all game. What a waste. Still enough to win here. OSU + 3 HWY - no chance. Iowa + 3 22-10. 7 matches to 3. Good thing this is OSU's year. Stick to football!
  7. klaw

    Tom Ryan

    Has to be the most overrated coach in college today. Has anyone ever improved under him? The only kids that perform well are those that are expected to. Recruit Ohio and you should be top 5 every year. Time for a shake up. Nobody on this team has improve since last year. This includes Logan. Will be evident when he wrestles Ramos
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