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  1. Year-by-year results (including international results but excluding his redshirt and comeback year) are found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20101224123655/http://www.caelsanderson.com/results/1998-1999-results/ http://web.archive.org/web/20120327231008/http://www.caelsanderson.com/results/1999-2000-results/ http://web.archive.org/web/20120327230609/http://www.caelsanderson.com/results/2000-2001-results/ http://web.archive.org/web/20120327230532/http://www.caelsanderson.com/results/2001-2002-results/ http://web.archive.org/web/20101224124214/http://www.caelsanderson.com/results/2002-2003-results/ http://web.archive.org/web/20101224113816/http://www.caelsanderson.com/results/2003-2004-results/
  2. Try this: http://web.archive.org/web/20120328060834/http://www.caelsanderson.com/media/
  3. I went to an archived copy of caelsanderson.com and found his match-by-match record. If someone wants to do the counting, here it is. 1998-1999 COLLEGE RECORD: 39-0 · Unofficial: maj. dec. E. Brown (Neosho CC), 15-4 · Unofficial: tech. fall L. Bridgeforth (Unattached), 20-5 · Unofficial: tech. fall C. Koop (Unattached), 27-6 1. maj. dec. Lucas Kluever (Iowa State), 13-4 2. maj. dec. Nick Preston (Ohio State), 17-9 3. pinned Steve Bartolotta (Cumberland), 3:53 4. maj. dec. Josh Heffernan (Ohio), 13-4 5. tech. fall Steve Alf (Wisconsin), 24-8 6. tech. fall George Flannick (Marquette), 20-5 7. tech. fall Joe Brougard (Augustana), 20-5 8. pinned Steve Burleson (Coe), 1:57 9. maj. dec. Brant LaGrange (Simpson), 21-8 10. pinned B.J. Shelly (Cornell), 3:21 · Unofficial: pinned William Rufis (Ellsworth), 0:53 11. tech. fall Paul Jenn (Iowa), 19-4 12. tech. fall Tom Ciezki (Northwestern), 23-7 13. tech. fall Mike Gadsby (Pennsylvania), 19-4 14. dec. James Brimm (Michigan State), 5-0 15. dec. Greg Gingeleskie (Navy), 5-0 · Unofficial: dec. Aaron Simpson (Sunkist Kids WC), 9-3 16. dec. John Van Doren (Lehigh), 11-4 17. pinned Ryan Rettke (Minnesota State-Mankato), 5:29 18. dec. Tom Ciezki (Northwestern), 6-3 19. pinned Casey Strand (Arizona State), 1:14 20. dec. Mark Munoz (Oklahoma State), 5-1 21. maj. dec. Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 20-8 22. maj. dec. Paul Jenn (Iowa), 10-2 23. maj. dec. Mark Munoz (Oklahoma State), 10-2 24. pinned Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 6:40 25. by inj. default over Brad Vering (Nebraska) 26. dec. Vertus Jones (West Virginia), 6-5 27. maj. dec. Scott Coleman (BYU), 17-7 28. tech. fall Matt Carpenter (Southern Colorado), 22-7 29. maj. dec. Jason Moore (Missouri), 19-6 30. pinned Tony Spiker (Truman State) 31. dec. Casey Strand (Arizona State), 6-2 32. tech. fall Ken Bigley (Northern Iowa), 5:51 Big XII Championships 33. maj. dec. Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 13-5 34. dec. Brad Vering (Nebraska), 9-5 NCAA Championships 35. pinned Josh Dideon (Cleveland State), 4:46 36. maj. dec. Nate Patrick (Illinois), 18-6 37. pinned Andy Hrovat (Michigan), 4:24 38. pinned Brad Vering (Nebraska), 1:58 39. dec. Brandon Eggum (Minnesota), 6-1 1999-2000 COLLEGE RECORD: 40-0 1. tech. fall Ryan Rettke (Minnesota State-Mankato), 26-11 · Unofficial: tech. fall Bouwman (Waldorf), 20-5 · Unofficial: pinned Schmauss (Iowa Central), 3:44 2. dec. Brandon Eggum (Minnesota), 7-4 3. tech. fall Swarm (Nebraska-Kearney), 24-5 4. maj. dec. Andorf (Wartburg), 17-7 5. tech. fall Jessman Smith (Iowa), 17-2 6. dec. Damion Hahn (Minnesota), 4-3 7. tech. fall Joe Terrill (Wisconsin), 23-7 8. pinned Chad Karnal (Augustana), 3:55 9. tech. fall B.J. Shelley (Cornell), 22-6 10. tech. fall Nick Ackerman (Simpson), 17-2 11. pinned Joel Schrimpf (Minnesota State-Mankato), 4:35 12. by disq. over Paul Jenn (Iowa) 13. pinned Donavan True (Ohio State), 0:38 14. tech. fall Joe Cotant (Michigan State), 20-5 15. pinned Brian Falciglia (Bucknell), 3:52 16. tech. fall Sean Salmon (Montana State-Northern), 20-5 17. dec. Lionel Halsey (Cal State-Bakersfield), 5-1 · Unofficial: maj. dec. Kevin Vogel (Cliff Keen WC), 17-5 18. dec. Nate Patrick (Illinois), 7-2 19. maj. dec. Isaac Weber (Oregon State), 16-7 20. pinned Cash Edwards (Boise State), 4:54 21. pinned Dave Murray (Lock Haven), 5:36 22. by inj. default (Hofstra) 23. tech. fall Jeff Knupp (Penn State), 21-6 24. pinned Lionel Halsey (Cal State-Bakersfield), 3:14 25. pinned Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 1:53 26. maj. dec. Brandon Eggum (Minnesota), 8-0 27. maj. dec. Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 20-9 28. tech. fall Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 19-4 29. dec. Brandon Eggum (Minnesota), 6-1 30. tech. fall John Maze (Missouri), 27-10 31. pinned Mike Marshall (Arizona State), 2:49 32. tech. fall Charles McTorry (Nebraska), 22-6 33. pinned Kyle Hansen (Northern Iowa), 0:57 Big XII Championships 34. maj. dec. Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 17-7 35. dec. Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 8-4 NCAA Championships 36. pinned Adam Schaaf (Millersville), 3:51 37. tech. fall Dax Pecaro (North Carolina-Greensboro), 21-6 38. tech. fall Rob Rohn (Lehigh), 20-5 39. maj. dec. Brandon Eggum (Minnesota), 16-5 40. maj. dec. Vertus Jones (West Virginia), 19-6 2000-2001 COLLEGE RECORD: 40-0 1. pinned Nick Curcio (Oklahoma), 5:15 2. pinned Ralph DeNisco (Wisconsin), 5:25 3. maj. dec. Josh Lambrecht (Oklahoma), 12-4 4. maj. dec. Viktor Sveda (Indiana), 16-3 5. pinned Mike Odle (Loras), 3:51 6. tech. fall Anton Talamantes (Ohio State), 20-6 7. tech. fall Ben Blood (Coe), 18-3 8. tech. fall Paul Okins (Minnestoa State-Mankato), 19-3 9. pinned Bert Watford (William Penn), 0:51 10. pinned Adam Kellogg (Simpson), 2:55 11. pinned Jeff Pangborn (Central Michigan), 1:22 12. pinned Jessman Smith (Iowa), 2:17 13. pinned Josh Bocks (North Carolina-Greensboro), 3:26 14. dec. Marcus Schontube (Pennsylvania), 16-10 15. pinned Francis Volpe (Harvard), 5:11 16. maj. dec. Viktor Sveda (Indiana), 14-5 17. maj. dec. Nate Patrick (Illinois), 16-7 18. tech. fall Francis Volpe (Harvard), 18-0 19. maj. dec. Ralph DeNisco (Wisconsin), 17-6 20. pinned Jason Rossotti (Fresno State), 0:35 21. pinned Ralph Everett (Hofstra), 4:04 22. pinned Ed Aliakseyenka (Montclair State), 6:45 23. maj. dec. Josh Lambrecht (Oklahoma), 16-8 24. maj. dec. Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 14-3 25. pinned Andy Hrovat (Michigan), 0:38 26. pinned Jessman Smith (Iowa), 6:44 27. dec. Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 10-3 28. pinned Shawn Scannel (Rider), 0:39 29. tech. fall Josh Lambrecht (Oklahoma), 25-10 30. pinned Ry Stone (Missouri), 1:43 31. pinned R.D. Pursell (Arizona State), 3:49 32. pinned Matt Fletcher (Nebraska), 4:55 33. maj. dec. Kyle Hansen (Northern Iowa), 21-8 Big XII Championships 34. pinned Ry Stone (Missouri), 5:16 35. dec. Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 8-3 NCAA Championships 36. tech. fall Kyle Hanson (Northern Iowa), 7:00 37. pinned Jeremy Wilson (Portland State), 1:37 38. pinned Jessman Smith (Iowa), 6:16 39. maj. dec. Victor Sveda (Indiana), 21-7 40. dec. Daniel Cormier (Oklahoma State), 8-4 2001-2002 COLLEGE RECORD: 40-0 · Unofficial: pinned Kovarik (Iowa Central), 4:29 1. tech. fall Broadway (William Penn), 21-6 · Unofficial: tech. fall Bietz (Iowa Central), 4:50 2. pinned Wallace (Nebraska-Omaha), 4:56 3. pinned Chris Skretkowicz (Hofstra), 2:20 4. pinned Nick Thomas (Pennsylvania), 5:53 5. pinned Peter Mosley (Brown), 4:50 6. pinned Daegen Smith (Duke), 2:45 7. tech. fall Greg Sawyer (Rider), 6:37 8. tech. fall Brent Miller (West Virginia), 20-5 9. pinned Aaron Granell (Augustana), 3:35 10. tech. fall Joe Compton (Cornell), 23-7 11. by inj. def. (Coe) 12. pinned Bart George (Simpson), 0:15 13. pinned Jareck Horton (Wisconsin), 2:34 14. pinned Ryan Fulsaas (Iowa), 1:41 15. pinned Jim Kassner (Eastern Illinois), 2:28 16. pinned Nick Curby (Illinois), 2:54 17. tech. fall Chris Skretkowlz (Hofstra), 22-5 18. maj. dec. Jon Trenge (Lehigh), 16-5 · Unofficial: dec. Lee Fullhart (Team Excel), 5-3 19. pinned Jason Payne (Northern Iowa), 4:03 20. pinned Erik Gladish (Arizona State), 4:11 21. pinned Tommy Grossman (Oklahoma), 4:38 22. pinned Bill Stouffer (Central Michigan), 3:22 23. pinned Will Gruenwald (Oklahoma State), 1:31 24. pinned Kyle Smith (Michigan), 2:24 25. by inj. def. over Ryan Fulaas (Iowa) 26. pinned Jason Gore (North Carolina State), 4:32 27. dec. Jon Trenge (Lehigh), 6-1 28. pinned Will Gruenwald (Oklahoma State), 4:40 29. pinned Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 1:23 30. tech. fall Scott Barker (Missouri), 22-7 31. pinned Scott Hollingsworth (Arizona State), 4:50 32. tech. fall Justin Ruiz (Nebraska), 25-9 33. tech. fall Jason Payne (Northern Iowa), 23-7 Big XII Championships 34. tech. fall Tom Grossman (Oklahoma), 24-8 35. tech. fall Scott Barker (Missouri), 21-4 NCAA Championships 36. pinned Eric Mausser (Clarion), 3:32 37. pinned Kyle Cerminara (Buffalo), 6:33 38. tech. fall Jason Payne (Northern Iowa), 23-8 39. maj. dec. Nick Preston (Ohio State), 18-7 40. maj. dec. Jon Trenge (Lehigh), 12-4
  4. My dad was a football and wrestling coach for a perennial power in both sports in our state, and because my mom worked the 3-11 shift as a nurse, I spent a lot of time from a very early age attending practices watching really good wrestlers (and footballers) grind (and wrestling the other coach’s kid in the corner). Entered and won my first “tournament” at age three and wrestled the other coach’s three-yr.-old son and a five-year-old. My dad stopped coaching me at age five when I got up off an opponent and yelled at him from the mat “I got this, stop yelling” during a match. I respect that he backed off, and it was because he did that I sought his advice and coaching later. Was “called up” to high school varsity in the 7th grade to wrestle 135 due to several injuries on the high school team. I won a couple matches but lost many more before being on the end of headlock that resulted in a spiral fracture to my humerus bone. It hurt and ended my season. In eighth grade, I was called up again and beat a senior to wrestle 145. I won a few and lost many more before I pulled out the growth plate in my hip, it became infected, and I spent two weeks in the hospital nearly dying a couple times. It hurt and ended my season. In high school, I started all four years at 160 and 171, placed in three state tournaments, and only had one more season-ending injury—a broken wrist that I wrestled with for a month before it was too painful (the bone actually ended up “dying,” had to be surgically replaced, and I was in a cast and/or brace for a year). That’s the year I want back, as I was favored to win the state, but if I’m honest, I also was pretty burned out, too. In college, I tried to be Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders, playing both baseball and football, but it was too much after two years. I finished my football career as a two-time lower-division AA who had workouts with three NFL teams (also in school’s hall of fame). I credit my college football success to the many hours grinding in a hot, smelly wrestling room. I also credit wrestling with my ability to work hard to get good grades enough to get in and complete a Ph.D. at a top-rated program. Quite frankly, I wasn't more talented than many of my teammates or grad school colleagues, but there wasn't anyone who could outwork me...and that's because of wrestling. And, when my college cross-country running girlfriend told me that I couldn’t run a marathon (at 250 lbs.), I proved her wrong by completing one before she did. Wrestling is the only sport I continue to follow. I certainly love the action, but I love the wrestling community and mental toughness it gave me even more. At 40 and as someone who doesn’t coach, I wish there were more opportunities to wrestle (not competitively) other old guys for fitness and fun. Wrestling is the oldest and greatest sport!
  5. It was 1975 according to this article on Kurdelmeir. They used a 74 feet by 74 feet mat against the Sooners. Described under the heading "From big mats to big money, Iowa's innovator." In all of the matches, only one was stopped for going out of bounds, and the entire dual was wrestled in 56 minutes. Also, fans received McDonalds for holding the Sooners under 10 points that dual.
  6. Yeah...that first name should have been obvious, given my handle :-) .
  7. Chris Taylor pinned his way through the NCAA tournament in 1973. This article claims he was the second to do it at that time. I'm not sure who did it previously or if anyone has done it since, but that's max points. "His two year career as a Cyclone was nothing short of spectacular. Taylor won NCAA individual titles in 1972 and 1973, leading Iowa State to NCAA tournament crowns both seasons. The “Gentle Giant” pinned his way through the NCAA tournament in 1973, becoming only the second wrestler to pin his way through a 32-man bracket. Taylor's overall career record at Iowa State was 87-0-1 with 70 pins." LINK or http://www.cyclones.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=205435327
  8. 165 POUNDS Moreno (ISU) vs. Jordan (UW) First Period 1:13 0-2, Takedown Jordan 0:59 1-2, Escape Moreno Second Period Jordan chooses down 1:11 1-2, Stall Warning Jordan 0:34 Fall Moreno FINAL: Moreno Fall in 4:26 Iowa State 9, Wisconsin 4 Here's a link to some of the highlights. LINK
  9. This year alone, three former Cyclones won NAIA titles: Finch (Grand View), Cozart (Lindsey Wilson), and Thompson (Grand View). Also, former Cyclone Brandon Jones (NYU) took third yesterday in DIII.
  10. Nicholson got beat by Mizzou true freshman Joey LaVallee at the Harold Nichols Open. Granted, LaVallee is gonna be really good, but hard to say that's off to a great start for Nicholson, isn't it? Are medical forfeits counted as "getting beat?" http://www.cyclones.com/pdf9/2568184.pdf
  11. I saw on CycloneReport that Reader beat Gavin 5-2. Reader then lost to a Russian who subsequently lost to Foster, knocking both Gavin and Reader out of the tournament.
  12. Though I'm not sure about his percentage of bonus points, Chris Taylor pinned 42 of 48 opponents his senior season at ISU. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/articl ... rsity-1993
  13. Brandon Eggum was the best I ever wrestled. I'm proud to say that I kept it (i.e., stalled my way) to a major decision (i.e., 14 point loss). I had no business stepping on the same mat.
  14. I hope Kyven made it back in time. I saw he tweeted he was on his way to give his dad his Big 12 medal. Thoughts and prayers to Kyven and his family.
  15. This thread prompted me to reminisce about Cael’s career and was looking through his match-by-match record. I remember him being dominant, but I was surprised how much I had forgotten about the level of his dominance. Time does change memory, I guess. I’m not trying to persuade anyone, but I thought you all might be interested in a few highlights. Redshirt year – couldn’t locate, but we all know that he lost to Paul Jenn (6-4). Redshirt Freshman Year (184): He was 39-0, which did not include four unofficial victories against unattached, community college, or senior-level athletes (Midlands). Of the 39 victories, 9 were decisions and the rest were major decisions, technical falls, or pins (77% in bonus points). At NCAA’s his only decision victory was in the finals against Eggum (6-1). Redshirt Sophomore Year (184): He was 40-0, which did not include three unofficial victories. Of the 40 victories, 6 were decisions, and the remaining victories were bonus point victories (85%) At NCAA’s, his closest match was an 11-point victory in the semi-finals over Eggum. He majored Vertus Jones in the finals 19-6. Redshirt Junior Year (184): He was 40-0, and he did not have any unofficial victories. That year, he had 36 bonus point victories (90%). Three of the four decisions were against Cormier, including an 8-4 victory the NCAA finals. His next closest match at NCAA’s was a 14-point victory in the semis. Redshirt Senior Year (197): He was 40-0, which did not include three unofficial victories. During that season, he only had one regular decision (6-1 over Trenge during season). The rest (97.5%) were bonus-point victories. His closest match at NCAA’s was an 8-point victory over Trenge in the finals. In addition, on the season he had 23 pins, 11 tech falls, and 2 injury defaults. In other words, he dismantled 36 opponents (90%). Cael’s final record was 159-0 (10 additional unofficial victories), and he scored bonus points in 87.4% of all his matches (if my math is correct). Though I wish he had made the decision to stick around at ISU, I have a renewed sense of appreciation for what he did on the mat. Wow!
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