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  1. Add bussiello to the mix after next year. I think Teemer is the best shot for a title, his athleticism combined with D1 coaching and partners is scary. Rumor is arujua will be down at 125 which is insane to me. I know hes been bred to cut a ton of weight and not complain but jeez is that a cut. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You stated that Long Island is a joke, ny is weak and that we don’t wrestle in the off-season. All false, senior nationals is not Fargo but winning that directly refutes your statement, didn’t realize senior nationals is a joke now. I am not disagreeing that we would like to see more success at the d1 level, but I’m going to take a wild guess that you aren’t involved in off season wrestling in the area or any where for that matter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I am a coach on Long Island and my room is open 12 months a year and I know quite a few of my peers run the same type of show. I can’t personally go to all the post season tournaments (nats, war, flo nats) because I have a young family and I also don’t charge my kids for off season but they are well attended by LI kids. I do believe that NY also just won senior nats and LI was a big reason why. We have some strong clubs, vougar and the barn probably being the toughest. Not sure what the answer is to why we aren’t seeing the success at the NCAA right now, can’t speak to the 70s. Maybe we do need a stronger club scene where iron sharpens iron rather than the studs being sprinkled around. The closest thing we have to a young guns is vougar but the clubs on LI don’t really travel with each other. As far the off-season wrestling goes in Long Island hs rooms, the good ones are open 12 months. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I agree, thought FRL could have dived deeper. I mean odds are anyone listening to FRL watched the whole tournament but still could have unpacked the tournament a little more. My speculation on TROW/FUNKY is that Ben is in the midst of applying for the Wisconsin job. It sounds like they are doing things quick over there. He might be going radio silent until that process is over. Just my speculation.
  5. If you are Cael, do you ask Zain to go to Mongolia with Molinaro? Zain obviously right there as far as one of our best representatives and two is better than one as far as giving us an opportunity to qualify the weight. On one side, he's on the Olympic team/Olympic ladder if the top two go down. On the other side it is a brutal travel (35 hours), another weight cut, competition after the grinding college season and trials, time off from school, ect. Would be pretty selfless if he went. Curious if this will be brought up.
  6. There needs to be OT, had non wrestling friends over last night and made them suffer through watching the finals, they actually started to get into it until the lack of OT came into play and they were disgusted. Terrible for sport. Simple solution. OT is two 30 second shot clocks, if you don't score you lose a point. If score stays tied after two keep it going. It would result in action and scoring attempts.
  7. Question for the experienced ticket buyers, as I've only been to one other NCAA tourn. Are you better off buying the tix for next year tomorrow or wait to buy through a school?
  8. How is this not happening? This would be sell out an arena and be watched around the country. We need to make sure these duals happen, we are our own worst enemy when promoting the sport. I can't wait to not set my DVR for wisconsin vs. rutgers on big 10 network.
  9. Looking to buy one of those NCAA championships or Big Ten Championships big vinyl banners. If anyone has one for sale I'm willing to buy!!
  10. Greg Jones, I always wondered why he didn't compete after college. The guy had Burroughs like athleticism.
  11. Anywhere to find the videos of the russian match? Out on LI I was only able to watch the Iran match and had to coach freestyle practice. Debated going to a bar with satellite to watch but I was a good coach and missed the action.
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