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  1. TLV

    Lee Kemp

    Besides being a great wrestler, a nice guy......and a gentleman off the mat...and one heck of a businessman. The son of a friend of mine roomed with him at UW-M really respected him. Actually he could be gentleman o the mat as well I sat in the corner of the an ex-UW-PS wrestler with Coach Jim Koch in the finals of the Northern Open one year. Our kid was a fine wrestler-multi time Div II and NAIA(Parkside did both back then) as well as an NAIA champ and State Champ from Big Foot. He came over and said; "any advice?" I said something to the effect"does't matter, you are(expletive deleted)"; he look at Jim who said: "yep, he's right; just enjoy the experience." Maybe not so good coaching but realistic. Lee let him shoot and get in and then counter him and more likely than not would take him to his back. Our kid was a tough competitor and fight off his back and Lee would let him up and they'd go thru the same scenario. Now days, it would have ended in a TF, but the point was that our kid got 7 minutes with one of the best wrestlers of all time and did learn from and enjoy the experience. Great story, Lewboo!(And I enjoyed watching your comeback as an old dude a couple of year ago....I was cheering for ya all the way!!!)
  2. Thought Brancale's first throw was just luck. Then it did it again! Amazing...
  3. Telford will be the new #1.........at least for a while!
  4. Ness got a crazy Reversal and 3 point NF at end of mat. Frankly, it looked like a fall, but the ref didn't get inot position quick enough. He's SO dangerous from the bottom....and St. John is so tough from the top. I'm a UM fan, but I didn't see that coming.....Didn't see Brankcal coming either. Did see Telford winning over Nelson though.
  5. from what I've read, he was a sick puppy this weekend. I really dont' think that it is an excuse for a bad tourny. But, the proof will be in the pudding in 2 weeks. I think that Storley will be in the mix for NC.
  6. TLV

    Iowa Style?

    Tim, I post on TWT (when it's working) as Zapp Brannigan and I know who you are. As MSU posted, he took the official picture and got off the stand. I was directing my post to the TS, I hadn't seen your post when I posted Thanks, Zapp. Got to admit that even though I'm a MInny fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this tournement. Didn't think that KS would beat ER, but loved the match. Though SS did a great job, but I'm a real fan of Q. I kept yelling at SS "dont' tie up"......;-) Thought Liegel of Sconny would do better than he did. Wish that I'd been there. Next year is in Madtown and I will be there for sure. Take care.
  7. TLV

    Iowa Style?

    No, of course he didn't run away. He hopped off of the stand and walked away. He looked PO'ed. Others looked surprised. JD chuckled. Vak attack..........you can go to thewrestlingtalk to see who I am. It was just an observation. I've spend my professional life in a career where you win adn lose. You do not gloat when you win and you do not sulk when you lose.
  8. Nice........I agree. Terrific ending to a very well wrestled match by both guys.
  9. TLV

    Iowa Style?

    It was on the live video. He bailed off the stand...........a couple of the other looks at him like "what are you doing" and Delgado chuckled. I was kind of surprised with his action as was under the impression that he was a pretty square shooter. Not a good moment in college wrestling IMO. :oops:
  10. Simply put: Barry Davis does not get the respect that he deserves. The guy has college wrestling creds; international wrestling creds; his wrestlers love him; he is full of energy and one hell of a coach. Sconny is never going to be Iowa or Pennstate because the administration doensn't give a damn. BD is a good guy.
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