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  1. For those of you that don't know, Kurt finally lost his battle with cancer. He will be missed.
  2. I like that twist in stats =D Was Dake able to avenge every loss or did some escape having to face him again?
  3. I have been watching the US Cellular project for what seems like forever now on my rides to and from work everyday. I will probably have already seen the inside by the time March rolls around, but I will be there all the same. For those wondering,there are many areas that have now been newly renovated since the flood of '08, but there are also many areas that bare the reminders of that summer. Three of my family members homes were tore down after it was over, and those areas are just empty lots . It's great to see things finally getting finished now.
  4. There were whispers a long while ago of Ok St, but the most recent rumors were when the Olympic committee made their announcement. It was thought Chance may forgo college altogether and focus on FS. Glad he has chosen Penn State route......
  5. Q was apparently affected greatly as well by a shoulder injury. We are stretching by saying anyone benefited from the injuries, didn't Delgado already have a win over McD before the injury? It is possible that the outcome is the same injury or not. Also possible that the lower weight guys do more scrambling and that puts them in more awkward positions throughout their careers. Both my shoulders are bad, but primarily from a different sport.
  6. two-six


    I remember reading a quote from Ruth or Wright that covered them getting to go against Cael and it gave me the impression that nobody is even close to Cael still. So I agree with you, I doubt Cael has fallen that far off.
  7. This ^^^ is our biggest obstacle.
  8. Did you watch his interview this post season? He stated that exact goal.
  9. I know you are having fun, but could you imagine what Brown would look like at 165! Taylor and Ruth have very little competition at their weights, but that could change we'll see. Howe however is jumping into "a burning ring of fire" to steal from Mr. Cash. I would agree Howe is the favorite, but totally different situation.
  10. Taylor isn't going up. I thought PSU had a guy at 174 that was halfway decent? Does Howe look past him like Mr. Evans and Mr. Storley did? J/K Last I heard was that it was going to be Howe vs Ruth at a catchweight ;)
  11. two-six


    Not that I disagree with you entirely on the "invincibilty" hypothesis, but Bubba showed the world DT could be beaten, but other than Dake he takes everyone to the woodshed. I think that the factor larger than fear with everyone they face, is the confidence of the great ones themselves. Dake knew he was going to win. Ruth knew it. I think Taylor knew he was going to beat Dake and once in awhile we are lucky enough to see two very skilled guys who believe they are going to win every single time.That is imo what makes the records, not the opponent fearing the victor. The victor kowing he is going to win and imposing that will onto his opponent until he breaks. There admittedly are matches though where guys are beaten before they ever shake hands.
  12. Excitement is relative. It's worth remembering, IMO, that head to head in freestyle Dake generated a heck of a lot more excitement vs. Taylor. I will grant you that Taylor runs up the score better against inferior competition. For those who find that more exciting... well, there's always WWE - that's more entertaining, right? :roll: You're such a hater =P He also runs up the score on the tough opponents. Comparing that to WWE is just like you though. Good one. If only Taylor could have beat Caldwell ........ he is probably inferior too right?
  13. In the three major tournaments that had team scoring this year I would say that more attention was paid to the individual achievments, but team scores were a factor in both the media and discussions. Duals are real similar, with the individual match ups outweighing the team results, but probably not by much in some cases. My signature suggests Q might disagree with me though.
  14. It's funny to see some of you that just won't admit to being wrong. This version of National Duals was a failure, and you want to blame it on a few coaches who didn't cooperate with a poor plan. This trash was pushed down our throats in countless threads over quite a few forums and I read all kinds of nonsense about how the current team race was irrelevant. This season proved you all wrong, it was relevant. Fans did care. I'm sorry that Lock Haven, or for Scribe's sake Cornell didn't have the muscle to be a player this year. PSU wasn't a player from 1953 until recently and I never cried about changing the format so they would have a chance to beat Iowa...... Time for a new argument. Move on now and let's get behind something that doesn't tamper with the greatest tournament in this sport or any other. It's what we should have done from the start.
  15. I'm not happy that National Duals is canceled, but I am happy that the team championship stayed where it belonged. As I said many months ago the issue was dividing fans so it's not surprising at all that some are happy to see this development. It became a battle at times and one side has at least for now prevailed. I wish they would have found a way that left NCAA in March alone and we could have all got behind it. For me this is a better option than what their proposal showed me.
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