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  1. Milhof has sucked since he wrestled for Cody......just sayin' Do the math.
  2. Show yourself and your reason(s) for for your anti-cody bs.... I'm available to you...if you'd like to talk about it....65 Longpoint Drive.....Brick, NJ Stop by.
  3. Oh? So you with your constant anti-cody invective is Christian? Seriously?
  4. Look at the numbers.....Cody has the numbers to back up his candidacy.....AA's....national champions....
  5. I'm curious... Why do any/or all of the very well-informed posters here take all of the nonsense that lemonpie/sheetforbrains posts as informed seriously?
  6. Really? Can't get a sniff? This just shows how out of touch/misinformed you are...... Davidson is in the mix as is another ACC team...... Moron.
  7. You are the punk's punk. I get that your kid got bounced for his illicit behavior.....get over it. That's on you. As most realists....and honest observers know and understand....Mark Cody has produced national champions and multiple AA's over all his career... He is ..by far...the best coach available....
  8. Left the cupboard bare? The same "core 4" and all Cody recruits elsewhere - result different. If Roselli couldn't convince Milhoff it was in his best interests to stay...that's on him.
  9. Forgot to add. Lat year 5 finalists...two champions. This year two finalists....zero champions.
  10. What? Are you smoking LemonPie koolaid? Last year #7 at this point...This year #17 Last year scored 100 pts...Also 2nd. That's your idea of a huge turnaound? Get real
  11. WIN Magazine thinks he had a pretty good recruiting class. TOP RECRUITING CLASSES (WIN MAGAZINE RANKINGS) 1. Penn State 2. North Carolina 3. Nebraska 4. Rutgers 5. Iowa State 6. Iowa 7. Cornell 8. Oklahoma 9. Purdue 10. Lehigh 11. Ohio State 12. Princeton 13. Virginia 14. Virginia Tech 15. Harvard 16. Minnesota 17. Oklahoma State 18. Wyoming 19. Air Force 20. Missouri 21. Army 22. Old Dominion 23. Stanford 24. Pittsburgh 25. Michigan State
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