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  1. Not the thought of MZ or anything to do with him being involved with wrestling! I can tell you that!
  2. Well, I'd say you seem delusional! So what!
  3. Again, you can have your opinion and I'll take mine. I wouldn't let the sorry SOB anywhere around our program or our kids. He can take his money and shove it up his backside! So your principles involve violating the laws and Constitution? No wonder we are not seeing this point through the same viewpoints.
  4. Sir, you can have your opinion and I can have mine. Creating a web page and program is not exactly the "hard work" I have in my mind. I don't dislike him because he is successful. I dislike him because he is an issue within our country. He violated our laws, he limited free speech, which is against our U.S. Constitution and he admitted he helped the FBI. It is criminal and treason! You want that worthless POS involved....so be it...I don't! He paid million to people involved in the 2020 elections, which is also against our laws. I don't care how much money he has, I'd like to think our community is above him and I wouldn't take a dime of his money. That is just my take!
  5. I know what type of forum it is! I don't give two **** how much money that POS traitor has, he is a worthless sellout sheep! He doesn't deserve to be apart of anything to do with wrestling and I think it would be a total insult if anyone, any group or any institution took his rotten money! There is a thing called hard work, honor, respect and character involved in this sport. That POS doesn't have them!
  6. This worthless ****ing POS needs to be arrested for treason! Tried and once convicted, faces the punishment for TREASON!
  7. No, it is NOT the country! It is the liberal sheep and media fools and big tech pushing for big pharma!
  8. What a stupid ****ing message! If my kids was at ASU, I'd pull them ASAP! ****ing ignorant!
  9. then say what you mean and don't leave it to interpretation!
  10. any way to watch Big 10 Network without having a tv provider?
  11. I don't see him listed on either teams web sites. Where is this info coming from? Can you verify it? thanks
  12. Anyone have an update on Parker's status? When will he return to the mat? thanks
  13. Wasn't he supposed to be wrestling at the Southern Scuffle today? Anyone have any info on him?
  14. The site bumps me out all the time and I have my own membership. I've called, written emails and Facebook posts several times and they have yet to fix it. I have changed my password several times as well. They always respond with i've given my password or not using good enough internet/browser. Good luck!
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