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  1. then say what you mean and don't leave it to interpretation!
  2. any way to watch Big 10 Network without having a tv provider?
  3. I don't see him listed on either teams web sites. Where is this info coming from? Can you verify it? thanks
  4. Anyone have an update on Parker's status? When will he return to the mat? thanks
  5. Wasn't he supposed to be wrestling at the Southern Scuffle today? Anyone have any info on him?
  6. The site bumps me out all the time and I have my own membership. I've called, written emails and Facebook posts several times and they have yet to fix it. I have changed my password several times as well. They always respond with i've given my password or not using good enough internet/browser. Good luck!
  7. Does anyone know why Scott Parker hasn't been wrestling? Is he hurt? Is he done for the year? thanks
  8. Great viewpoint! Very well stated!
  9. I can agree with that but I always thought he was better than Synon though and had more tools for the weight. I guess I can see how some would see him as an outsider and maybe that is valid. Next year, i'd say he AA's and makes even more strides and improvements.
  10. well, that is your opinion and your entitled to it. I have always like he kid and family. He is tough and finds a way to compete and win. I wasn't shocked he did well. In fact, i was more shocked he didn't find a way to the podium to be honest. I just think he wasn't through about or talked about since Eierman and Leeth were the "paper" staters and their HS careers.
  11. Agreed! Also, love seeing the Class 1 guys step it up and represent at the big level. The LemonPie douche who trashed Smith for having Eierman go 33 at the start, that team looked great on paper and would have been awesome. But that is the key, the on paper plans have to work out and it didn't for MU. McGhee didn't come through, Eierman couldn't hold weight and compete, Leeth got hurt and out for the year, Wisman was too hit and miss, no true talent or backup at 84 and Myers wasn't the answer at hwt. .....so what is a coach to do, oh yeah, keep working and get the best out of what he has. 5th place in the NCAA's with that lineup is great. You just don't get it or you're a clueless, homer assclown!
  12. 125 - Punke 133 - Erneste 141 - Eierman 149 - Leeth 157 - Lavallee 165 - Lewis 174 - Wisman 184 – Koelling/Marriott/Raschka 197 - Miklus HWT – Myers/Campbell Although I could also see this lineup: 125 - Punke 133 - Erneste 141 - Eierman 149 - Leeth 157 - Lavallee 165 - Flynn 174 - Lewis 184 – Wisman/Koelling/Marriott/Raschka 197 - Miklus HWT – Myers/Campbell No way I trust or let McGhee back in that lineup. ​I could also see Wisman redshirting next year depending on the other guys. Leeth just has to stay healthy and he has a shot, I think or I hope. ​Lewis, at either spot has to be in shape and come through, wrestling to his top ability. Myers, I am still very skeptical of as well. A change wouldn't bother or hurt. With PSU, OSU, Iowa, Arizona State coming on, Michigan coming back the trophy race will be indeed tight, fun and exciting as ever. Go Tigers!
  13. No, you need to watch the match again. My lord, I'm an MU fan and I love Eireman's wide open style but he got taken down 2 easy times in the first and almost again in the 2nd. He gave up a lot of RT and didn't ride out or reduce the RT which is a strength of his. I'm sorry but it wasn't a close 5-5 match. Hell was "cruising" and felt no pressure at all, thus giving up the TD late in the 3rd. Had that been for the lead, Heil doesn't stop moving or give that up. Maybe a weakness on his part but part of the wrestling and knowing the score and positions. LemonPie...eat it douche! Smith lost some duals big deal, we had some kids underperform, some outperform and some out injured....overall B. Smith is an outstanding coach and deserves top tier respect. He does it without the top recruits too. It is what it is but MU had a great tournament.
  14. I can agree with almost all of that and the effort was there, no doubt. Erneste is tough and I love watching him wrestle but I just don't think he hits the podium. I sure as hell hope i'm wrong, great kid and great family! Eierman must find a way not to give up his legs so easily in my opinion. Can't win giving up 3 takedowns at the NCAA's! Yet, like you stated, he was seconds away from evening up the score last night and forcing OT, great effort. I'd love to see him move around more and bring some more offense of his own to the table. He's quick and can't strike from so many positions I feel like that'd be his best defense. One time last night he faked and could have just grabbed Heil's leg anyways but didn't. McGhee has to find himself and prove himself at the NCAA's! Wisman has to put together a great tournament of his own. I think Lewis is having some trouble with his weight and that affected him somewhat. I have nothing to base this on but that kid is an absolute hammer! Heck, he rode Deiringer last year! Now, Rogers is good too and is just tough but I don't think it is because Lewis's has "lost" anything. So forth and so on, to get the trophy at the NCAA's...that is a lot of "IF's"! I sure hope i'm wrong and I'd love it. GO TIGERS!
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