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  1. With a sport like wrestling, there will always be situations where people want a case by case approach. Final X originated from people saying it wasn't fair that a guy could sit the whole day and then wrestle two matches fresh. US Open winners started to get a bye to Final X if they won and the weight wasn't occupied by a previous world medalists. IMO the process changes too much. I think it should go back to being the trials is how you qualify, take away Final X and take away the bye to the finals. I know it is for more reasons then just the bye with some guys but it isn't good for our sport to only see some of our best guys wrestle 2 matches on US Soil, maybe 3 with BTS.
  2. While overall, I'm sure very little would use this to the level of the hypothetical originally mentioned, there are some other factors. Lets be honest, everything revolves around Football, maybe Basketball. For simplicity lets say the football roster is an average of 100 players. Year 2019 you have 15 guys who want to stick around and keep playing the game. Maybe even more if the NFLPA decides to use this as a way to "develop" guys. You mix that in with the recruits coming in, lets say 25 recruits. Overtime that is more and more players to pay for equipment, access to trainers, traveling, access to tutors, and not to mention now athletes getting all their meals covered. This doesn't even consider scholarships. There has to be a good amount of people leaving each year.
  3. That is the heart of every viewpoint involving how much points something should be worth; the opinion of how many points are needed for wrestling to be excited. IMO this is why the 4 pt near fall even became a thing. One thing I don't like about freestyle is how wrestler A can get a tight trap arm and the match be over in 15 seconds. At the end of the day, you won't be able to please everyone. I have always thought if you wait a little longer to award TDs you will have less of those 3 second escapes. If you ask me, leave the scoring as is, and in turn require wrestlers to invest time in all three positions.
  4. Ragu, In regards to your view on riding, this allows the bottom guy to just sit there, and wait for the top guy to get called for stalling. College kids are strong enough where most of them can sit there long enough, especially if they know they aren't in danger. Points or the lack thereof are not always a perfect result of how hard a guy on top is working. For your points discussion, you have mentioned several times a certain amount of points shows domination, but you think a three point takedown makes a tech fall easier... If there is just take downs and no near fall, you can get a tech fall in 15 takedowns with it worth two points. If TDs are 3 points it takes 8, the same number if you take away the escape point and keep the TD at 2 points. If a guy can take you down 8 times in a row, he has earned the tech fall. In freestyle, it only takes 5 straight take downs for a tech. What I like about the 3 pt takedowns and 1 point escape is that the point differential is the same but you reward the guy for finding a way to get back to neutral.
  5. Anthony Cassar is an interesting story because of the fact that he missed so many years to injury. On top of that, he took the spot of a 2X AA, who probably would have made the finals this year if he was the starter. I think people aren't giving Cassar enough credit. Yes, he was the 2 seed, and beat Gable two weeks before but in a lot of ways I don't think it is out of the possibility to have him and Foster sharing the spot for least likely this year. On a somewhat side note, perhaps Flo is starting to create a title curse CP says MyMar is not going to lose, or be touched...he loses CP and the guys say Gable is not going to lose...he loses twice Nomad says Zahid will never lose to Mark, he loses after that prediciton, and has a very close title match. Obviously it is just irony and it shows no one is unbeatable, especially at this level.
  6. I think that is where the two camps are for the most part. Several people are acting like the no-call wouldn't have made a difference because Nolf would have found a way. The other people are surprised as Nolf has never been controlled or at least not for a while like that where he is in a situation where the match is 3-2 in the final seconds with a leg in the air. Obviously if Nolf was losing one would hope he would have kicked it into the next gear. The way he always wrestles, and the way he looked in that Semi, I'm not convinced he finds a way. At the end of the day, Nolf got his hand raised, destroyed Berger and I don't look at his title with an asterisk.
  7. How does the entire dynamic of the match change then, in your opinion?
  8. I will agree with half of this. I agree that you can't just "add" two points that weren't there. The score is the score on the board. At the same time, I disagree that you are so confidently predicting the dynamic of the match changed. By saying that you are doing the same thing those who saying "Nolf lost" are doing. If Hidley gets that takedown I am not convinced Nolf turns it into a different gear and rattles off three takedowns. If he could have done that, he would have because that is what he does. Give a lot of credit to Hidley in that match. I think that was one of those "I'm putting every ounce of blood sweat and tears" into this match. Even if they had wrestled again the next day, the match most likely been much different. It is disrespectful to Hidley and the competitor he is to assume Nolf would have found another gear if he was losing. Mainly, because the Nolf we all watch finds that gear regardless.
  9. In Cassar's match it looked like Cael actually got on the mat in referee's position to show a move, might have been Varner. If that was Cael that is the most active I have seen him during a match. A few times he has shown some excitement post match, like when Nickal pinned MyMar last year. People used to always give Metcalf a hard time for never showing excitement. Some guys just don't express themselves like that.
  10. I wasn't able to watch as much of NCAAs this year as in the past. What I did notice though was the lack of explanation from the referees whether they reverse the call or not. Perhaps if they explained why the call is confirmed or changed it would appease people. Also, in NCAA wrestling do they use the same terminology as the NFL? For example, in the NFL I know they say "stands" if they might have been lacking certain angles. When it comes to these challenges and percentages we have to remember that sometimes these coaches throw the brick in desperation, because what do they have to lose?
  11. IMO if a guy is/was able to avenge that loss, that should give him a leg up over others. For example, Bo avenged his losses to both guys, so has Nolf (Van Brill) and Yianni. Next after that may be how many times they avenged those losses. For example, DT only lost to two guys officially, Bubba and Dake. He never got a chance to avenge his loss to Bubba, but was also never successful avenging his loss to Dake. Where as, Bo has avenged his loss to MyMar several times.
  12. So, ESPN has never had any issues? There have been times I am watching on the ESPN app for one reason or another as opposed to the cable channel and I have had to refresh the stream or I lose connection, it happens. Flo's services offer way more than just live streaming. At the end of the day it is your money and your decision, but is it fair to judge them for a product you yourself have never really tried?
  13. I haven't seen any of the Big Ten Finals on Flo's site as they did not broadcast them. Remember, Flo streams what is available on BTN plus, not the actual Big Ten Network. I have never been able to find matches that were on BTN on Flo's site. For the streaming, the weather Saturday was pretty crummy in Minneapolis, and Sunday still had some affects from Saturday. I'm not sure how much this affected the connection for others as I was at the tourney, but weather can always affect signal/connection. When I get a thunderstorm at my house in San Antonio, I don't call DirecTV demanding a refund, I'm just like well its a hurricane, that sucks. I know that is maybe a bad comparison but due to advancements in technology we lose our mind when it takes an extra minute for Facebook to load pictures and status updates.
  14. I can see where everyone is coming from as across the board it does not seem like the committee used the same thought process across all the weights. In the same fashion, does it really matter if Cassar wrestles Gable Friday night or Saturday night? Since White beat Cassar you can't fairly say the two best are wrestling in the semi-finals. I doubt if Gable wins the rematch Cassar is going to say, man I wish I could have lost that match in the NCAA finals. Most likely he will be upset he lost at all.
  15. In the same context, starting x-number of threads every time a new person is upset with something Flo does, doesn't do any favors in my opinion either. I think the opportunity used to be there, but it has unfortunately turned into threads and posts calling out Flo in a very negative way, or calling out the Flo guys in a very negative way. Most of what I see goes right past constructive criticism and straight to name calling. Do we really expect the people at Flo to take things seriously when there is a lack of professionalism? Or is it more that a poster wants their two-cents on how they disagree with what Flo is doing? Some people still give professional, constructive feedback but it gets lost in the overwhelming negative based posts.
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