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  1. Looking at Nebraska's roster it seems like they have some good depth at 149 and 157, so they might not of wanted to give him as much money as he wanted. Now, I will be honest I don't know the caliber of the guys in the room at those weights, but it makes more sense for him at MN as he can slide in to 149 2019 or maybe step right in at 157 next year. If MN decided/found a way to have McKee and Lee in the lineup, would they be the first team to have 3 True Freshman starters in a lineup?
  2. I think BTN only streams duals that happen at the Big Ten affiliates school.
  3. I wonder if the Big Ten will still provide the broadcasters and equipment, except now it will just be broadcast through Flo's website. I can't imagine Flo has the personnel/means to have their guys do every dual. I could very well be wrong though. I for one, LOVE this! Every year I would pay 15 bucks a month for the four month wrestling season, now I just watch it with the FloPro account I already have.
  4. Things change all the time. Maybe McKenna thought Hayes wouldn't be around and the spot was his for the taking, then Hayes changed his mind after McKenna made up his mind. Obviously all speculation but that is what forums are for.
  5. I'll be honest I don't follow boxing that close, but while it is a combat sport, the comparison is not the same. Wrestling is 6 or 7 minutes depending on the level and/or style. Boxing can be what 36-40 minutes? Wrestling points are everything, boxing is off points as well, but way more points are up for grabs. I see both sides of the argument. It takes skill to move a man across the room, when he is fighting just as hard, however if someone wants to focus on push outs, they simply counter the opposing wrestler focusing on set ups and use that to their advantage.
  6. Mark Hall threw everyone for a loop by competing in HS for his RS season. Was able to develop without the publicity of colleges getting a look at him at opens. Please know that this is 100% satire and sarcasm.
  7. Boy, it is easy to get PSU fans and anti PSU fans riled up. It is funny how little Cael's success actually affects our individual lives, and yet people let it bother them so much. Obviously Cael is one of, if not the best coach of all time. If I'm being unbiased and taking off my maroon colored glasses, it is clear this goes past simply his accomplishments. The kids that go through that program buy in to his mission (no pun intended) and respect the hell out of him. At the same time, could the same recruits go to MSU and do the same, perhaps, but we won't ever know.
  8. I would agree with just about all of that. It will be interesting to see how another year and the FS experience helps McKee. Thorn is definitely a talent mixed in with a dozen others. Both David and Mike improved each year and showed a lot of heart. Hoping Tommy can have the same results
  9. I think Squeek's point on Still having the injuries is with his past Hx there is a better chance he will be injured come tourney time, than healthy. Nothing wrong with admitting it, some guys time table just strikes midnight a lot sooner than others. Most people never knew if Dake would return after a string of feet injuries. For the sake of competition I hope Stoll can get and stay healthy.
  10. Best case scenario (without saying 10 obviously) I see Minny having 5, maybe 6 with those as follows... 125 Lizak - 1-4 133 McKee - 5-8 141 Thorn - 5-8 149 - Bleis - 5-8 157- Short - 5-8 197 - Steveson - 5-8 On a more realistic note I see MN having 3 125,133,141 The NCAAs always give us different results then we think would happen, it is scary that it isn't out of the realm of MN having 1 AA.
  11. I wish we could have seen Colin Palmer in college.
  12. This example is not to tear down Nike as they are a huge part for many sports being where they are, and this is a new camp for myself so it might have holes. I have always been one for letting athletes make money off their name. So, lets say the NCAA allows this, now it becomes "Oregon and Phil Knight are giving kids 100,000 for a "sponsorship" to go to oregon." Whats 10-15 million for them if it gets any kid they want there. Or, what would stop other companies from doing the same thing. Ironically I have no doubt all off this is already going on, so now it is just a decision if you legalize it or not.
  13. I feel like if NATO has already mentioned how his competition will be limited due to the cut, that he wouldn't be making a tough cut to 125 for a match that has no weight on the season.
  14. Flying Tiger, I agree that I believe that Hall still has some upside, and he obviously has more credentials than BoJo, I don't believe anybody is arguing that. It seems that because of said credentials you are automatically discrediting any chance BoJo has to win. I'm not ready to say that either one will have a guaranteed win. All people are saying is that it will be interesting this year if BoJo is healthy. You're telling me if Zain, or Bo, or Nolf had a serious injury you wouldn't factor that in? I'm all for some home team bias, but looking at a situation honestly is also required.
  15. On one hand, them waiting all year is great for the boards, as people can speculate all year what will happen. On the other hand, it reminds me of when Dake and Taylor wrestled right off the bat at the ASC, and then at the half way point. Obviously the credentials of Hall and Valencia are some what different, it would at least give a good measuring stick. I just hope the measuring stick isnt "Hall weighs less, it's pre season -PSU fans/Hall loss or the rest of the fans Valencia is sucking weight/got cheated excuse
  16. The only one of those three I see possibly jumping to tier 1 at 65 is Chance, if he has his focus in the right place. I see Marinelli as a contender for 5-8, and wouldn't be surprised if he was a round of 12 guy.
  17. Not necessarily, I picked Ruth for a few reasons, the main one being for the sake of putting an All-Star team together, I didn't want to double someone up at two weights. The second being, similar to 125 and 174 I never had the chance to see Cael wrestle so I was just going with his senior year as his best year.
  18. I could see how maybe the OP is going with how hard it is to score on Cox. However, I don't think there has been anyone at 97 the past few years that would have been on the same level as Cael's competitors.
  19. 125- Nickerson (similar to 174, didn't start following until 2005/2006) 133- Guerrero 141- Stieber 149- Schlatter (when he was healthy (Fr-So) season, he was nearly unstoppable, wasn't a huge scorer, but had a style more similar to Dake) 157- Dake ( see Schlatter, hardest one to judge because he never settled in one weight, so he "dodged" people against his choice, but best defense around) 165- JB 174- Askren (honestly, I never watched Pendelton wrestle, didn't start following until 2005/2006) 184- Ruth 197- Cael HWY- Snyder ( Not even considering his F/S here, I think he is just too athletic and quick for any HWY. I see Neal as a similar build to Gwiz and Snyder was able to get past that) I put little blurbs on picks others might find interesting
  20. The way I see it, this is going to continue happening, while kids continue to verbal as early as they are. Teams take different paths from when one first verbally commits to when they are ready to sign. Look at DT, he was committed to ISU then Cael headed East. Honestly no real way around the issue. It is definitely a letdown, especially for a program like Northwestern, who is trying to jump on that next tier.
  21. PSA for this upcoming season and possible future years... If PSU isn't involved in the topic, it is advised to not start a thread on, or write an article on as it is obviously simply trolling. How dare anyone forget that there are more teams in NCAAs.
  22. Getting back to the article, it honestly seems like NS is a little bit arrogant and seems to think PSU had it out for him. Again, he is a "kid" in regards to having to deal with the media, and it isn't a softball of a topic for him. He states that he had a title taken from him, and he never wanted surgery. At the end of the day, NS was in the bracket and had the chance to wrestle at NCAAs. I wasn't in attendance but did he try to give it a go and couldn't? If Cael let him wrestle how did he have the title stolen from him? Sounds like the kid is having a hard time dealing with injuries and that they are a part of life. It seems like he thinks PSU injured him. Again, maybe he isn't wording his comments correctly. But I didn't come away from reading that article having more points in his corner.
  23. I think if we saw anything from this year at 125 it is that anything can happen when we are talking about 1 match. I think everyone thought Gilman had an easy walk to the finals, obviously that didn't happen. Everyone thought Lizak would clean up on Cruz again, that didn't happen. Does Suriano have the talent and opportunity to win 1 if not 3 titles? Absolutely! Could he win 0 and never make the finals? Just as likely!
  24. I don't think anyone is giving Logan a free pass, including himself. It seems more like people are pointing out that J'Den had the leg up on the guy, and has the credentials to show some fight in the match. If JB got down early to a guy he was better then it would be the same story. Now, a guy like Logan obviously has a WC (even if it is a unique one), but like others have said, people expected J'Den to win easily, where people know LS had a brutal draw.
  25. What is the current status of J Ness as a coach? I know he took a year off to focus on making the OLY team. Is he back in MN room, thought D Schlatter took his spot. I know the Ness family loves the U, but with Sanders down low and Schlatter in the middle weights if Ness wants money, he might have to go elsewhere.
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