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  1. Tofurky, I understand what you are saying, and I can get on that train, but when you want to get that specific, you have to start being more objective all around. If JB all of a sudden decided to retire and KD had a bad tourney, and DNP, and USA lost by 2 points would people say "if we still had JB...", probably so, should they? No! Sports has turnover all of the time, and it is just part of the game that teams change, and different guys hop in. Russia is still the giant in Int. wrestling, however when something comes out saying an entire nation has been cheating, how do you ignore that? Unfortunately its a pro and a con, because now everyone will always use that as a scape coat, but maybe they aren't wrong in that.
  2. I think the outlier here, is that Sadulaev has done so well at 86Kg, it is almost similar to if Cael would have lost his last year at 197 to Trenge, would some have been saying the weight was too much? I understand that weight makes a huge deal, and that posters are always referencing that, but if we can be objective about it, how much of a difference does it really make? It isn't like Sadulaev weighed in at 86 then wrestled up for the fun of it. He has been planning this move for a while, yes he may be smaller, but are we actually saying that every guy every year is the exact same weight as their opponent?
  3. Here is what makes that tricky to be true... When was the last time a guy did this, and was the 2 seed going in to NCAAs. In fact, Long might me the most recent to be taken back with open arms. Find me a coach who wouldn't take back a guy like Suriano... Even Brands let Marion back on the team.
  4. We have to remember, based off of a number of things (how Cael operates, how Suriano is quiet on the social media platforms, and how wrestling is in the dark) almost everything we have to go off of, is hearsay and simply articles. Wrestling is huge on "inside sources" and it never gets past that. For all we know, Nick was thinking about leaving, it got blown way out of proportion because of how stacked PSU is and there success the past 10 years, and no one on the team blinks an eye about the matter if Nick stays.
  5. I was more so responding to Cletus, because I found it funny to even mention if Cael would or wouldn't punish him.
  6. I highly doubt Cael would punish the kid, unless it was a "suspension" and he had to miss the first open of the year...
  7. With countries like Iran and Russia, are their top guys constantly wrestling against each other? I remember a few years back, JB was saying he was essentially done with the open because it gives guys a chance to get their hands on him. Based off that I can't imagine he trains with the top guys at his weight. I fully understand the logic here, but at some point I feel like you are handicapping yourself by not being exposed to the best available.
  8. Would this work that if put in to place, if Nick lost a year he could get it back?
  9. Are you going to espn.com or watchespn.com? WatchESPN is how you stream things online. Since it was around 6 months ago, they might have removed it, but if you search replays and NCAA wrestling you might get lucky.
  10. I'll try and give an honest unbiased MN outlook... 125: Lizak 1-4 (It will be interesting to see how Sanders has been able to improve his neutral game this offseason, we already know what he is capable on top. If NATO moves down, I don't know if Lizak can beat him, but he will get a few looks at him. Is Mosey going to be back this year? Healthy? 133: McKee 5-8 (CP pointed out a while back that Mitch hasn't had quality FolkStyle wins, obviously he has some now, but I just think he is better at FS and the lower weights are too stacked. 141: Thorn 5-8 (I love the Thorn family, grew up down the street from them and would go to tournaments with Dave, that being said, there are always a few guys no matter how close they get they can't crack the code (Russell for Mike, Ramos for Dave). I think Tommy has a great year though, and picks up some upsets) 149: Bleise R12 (I'll be honest, with this kid transferring I don't know much about him. Hopefully Eggum and Schlatter can help him improve and he can have a good year) 157: Short R12 (Jake has always gutted it out for the team, and had a GREAT tournament this past year, I just think he might be a little too inconsistent to string off 3-4 wins through the backside. Hoping he can have a senior year like Danny Z and get that AA) 165: Wanzek (see reasoning for short) 174: Pfarr (Great kid, great family! Love the sacrifice and time he has put into the program, I just think he is a step behind everyone above him) 184: Webster NCAA Q (I'll be honest don't know much about him, it will be interesting to see how the JUCO helped him) 197: Steveson R12 (Didn't really see much last year that has me convinced he can AA. Maybe 197 will be better for him and 197 has cleared out a little, but I'm not sold on an AA yet.) HWY: Streifel NCAA Q? (See 184, hopefully the Gophers can continue their longstanding tradition at HWY) Team finish: With only 3 AA predicted and 2 being low, hopefully they can squeeze in the top 10. Would love to see Eggum have them ready the same way as last year and surprise some people.
  11. Does Gwiz have plans to move up to the NLWC full time? If not, I would go to NC State.
  12. Wasn't Early one of the ones suspended for the first semester? I fully understand when a coach has been fired, they let things slide (maybe they shouldn't) but when you are 1/4th of said reason coach got fired... There were a lot of rumors going around as well that Eggum's philosophy didn't match up with Early and Stroker. If that is the case it probably makes letting a kid leave a lot easier. Is it also possible that this whole thing is Poppa Suriano living vicariously through Nick, and Nick is committed to the counsel of his dad, so he thinks this is the best thing for him?
  13. I agree that a wide range of this topic is solely sour grapes. Most of the time I like to simply just troll the popular team. Minnesotans are accustomed to very little championship success in the sports realm (Vikings, Twins, T-Wolves, Wild), so I would love to know the feeling again of a winning team. lol. It seems like a large amount of posters are convinced that the waiver process is an easy one. I'll be honest, I'm ignorant to what the standard is, I think wrestling just doesn't see transfers as often as FB or MBB, so we think anything can be pencil whipped and made happen. If there is literally no way around the situation (which I think there is, I've learned in the military; anything is waiver-able) I will have no issue with PSU, and what happens with Nick. If there is a way around it, then I hope we can all admit PSU is being very careful with how they are telling the story (and I don't blame them at all for doing that, from a PR stand point)
  14. Tobus, I understand this is completely non wrestling related, but I haven't found a CFB forum I like yet. What are your thoughts on how the whole Stoops thing went down? Forced out? Left early so he had his say in Riley taking over? I feel a school like OU would want to open a national search.
  15. Big Ten, I agree completely that there is a double standard in sports, based off of success. Look at NCAA football, the moment a random team starts being at the top for a few years, here come the allegation violation rumors (maybe they were cheating the whole time). The point being if you can't handle the things that come with being at the top (not saying you as a fan, or PSU can't) then don't strive for it. When MN had the incident last spring, people were saying left and right before we knew much, "if these kids were non-relevant this wouldn't be an issue, they would have been gone that day". Is that true? We will never know. Turned out that two of the wrestlers involved actually played a pretty big part in NCAA's this year. I might be wrong on this, but as much as all of the PSU fans are saying this is precedent, you can't honestly tell me if this a kid at a weight PSU had a better option for, or just a decent guy who liked wrestling this would even be a story.
  16. YouTube is the best option, and they have past years as well. Search "2017 NCAA Wrestling Championships"
  17. I guess if you are a current NC contender, and a powerhouse team needs you, a rule by the Big Ten exists and is non negotiable. But if are a decent middle weight then you can go wherever in the country.
  18. TBar, legitimate question here. When Cortez transferred and lost a year, what was the honest mood in Happy Valley? Were PSU fans honestly like, well BigTen rules are rules, or were people questioning the Illinois coaching staff?
  19. I don't know why two months later people are still looking for answers, but only from credible sources. If someone had a legit source they would share that, and what was said. Even at that though when someone has a legit source no one believes them anyway.
  20. You are right, there has never been a wrestler who had a successful career at a school other than those three, except... Ben Askren Jake Herbert Keith Gavin Nick Gwizdowski Tony Nelson Cole Konrad Joe Dubuque Angel Escobedo Also, let's not make it look like Ashnault has had a terrible career. He has done as good, and better than plenty of other studs out of PA, IA, OH, and NJ. Its funny how easy it is to be close minded when you want to prove a point. And I live on earth, and am not from NJ. I wouldn't even consider myself a fan of Suriano, but I know he is great for wrestling.
  21. 2 of the 3 tournaments you mentioned for Lee missing are exhibitions. Why would he rush back from injury to wrestle in a match that doesn't count. We can keep the results of Lee losing to Fix to give an idea, but wasn't the original discussion over what happens in college. While FS and Folk are the closest, the same wrestler can also have widely different results in both styles. JG never made an NCAA final, but is a world bronze medalist. Cael, had losses on the FS scene, while still in college. Metcalf, never placed at WC's. I could agree with that, and is probably a better explanation then what I was originally replying to. I didn't like the poster that said, "Lee is injured". Yes, a non-healthy Lee would lose to a healthy Fix, because a non-healthy Lee lost to DeSanto. When I consider fantasy matchups I like to assume both are fully healthy.
  22. Actually, 3 as Hall had a loss early in the season when he was still RS, but is officially on his record. But, for all we know, if Hall wasn't RS during that tourney he probably would have had more focus, like Sanderson would have had against Jenn.
  23. You are always going to run into the large majority of wrestling fans who think access should be free, so I think it would be a hard selling point.
  24. I never said it wasn't ok to look at past results. Several posters main support for Fix is either, he has made huge improvements since the last meet up, or well Lee just got hurt so obviously Fix would win. My point was obviously a guy isn't 100 percent coming off an injury, and its ignorant to give credit to one guy improving, but not the other guy.
  25. Nothing wrong with that either. I guess I was speaking more to the fact that if this was a major sport, it would be on ESPN non stop
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