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  1. It is unfair to factor in the injury, as injuries are common in the sport, and obviously a competitor is not at their best. When comparing a match up it only works if you compare with both wrestlers healthy. Otherwise, you could say, if Fix was injured and Lee wasn't the results would flip. It is also unfair to talk about Fix's improvements, but not mention Lee's improvements.
  2. It is honestly a bummer that so many things about wrestling are in the dark. If a QB or RB for Alabama that was on the same talent level (for his sport) as Suriano this would have been resolved weeks ago, and potential schools would have been released by ESPN. IIRC when A&M lost both of their 5 star QBs a few years back, both guys announced it on twitter almost immediately following the season.
  3. Is it proof that duals stink? Or a different way to show strengths and weaknesses? I for one love the atmosphere of a competitive dual, against rivaled teams. Yes, you can have a poorly attended, uninteresting dual just like you can have a non competitive, disinterested tournament.
  4. I agree, they had some battles! It will be interesting to see how Martinez wrestles Joseph the next time out. He has a lot more time to rebound then he did with Nolf.
  5. He would be the underdog on paper, as he is 1-2 in the series, but I would have them pretty close on the mat. Nolf has an extra year under his belt since he lost in the Big Ten and NCAA finals, but they would also wrestle at least 2 times if not more. It will be interesting to see how IMAR bounces back from last years defeat.
  6. As an avid sports fan (except basketball - I just think it's boring) I hate the whole discussion that comes up when guys get hurt late in the season. Suriano could just as easily broke his ankle the first match of the season, or he might have aggravated it in practice, and been wrestling a match on a weak ankle. Teddy Bridgewater tore his knee doing a three step drop in practice. For the sake of wrestling, and what he brings as a competitor I hope Suriano makes a full recovery.
  7. I'll be honest. I haven't watched much of any of his matches, haven't lived in MN for about 8 years. From the results though, and what he is doing on the World stage, I could easily seeing him make an impact and challenge for a title. That being said though, IMO I think it is easier to excel in freestyle with easier/more ways to score points. I don't know the type of folkstyle comp he has had, and he might run in to some tough 2019 seniors (Nevills, Hall)
  8. Depends how you look at it. If the answer is yes, then Marable, Dake, and maybe Taylor could make the same argument at 74KG. Not taking anything away from Gomez and he might have had just as good a tournament, but since he isn't wrestling everything is subjective. I would think being able to scout McKee and past meetings helped Gomez out, and improvement. McKee is wrestling a great tournament, you wrestle again next weekend maybe he doesn't fare as well.
  9. I think people throw out the 4 timer possibility far too often, and easily. Aside from Cael (don't know too much about PS career) Kyle and Logan needed some good fortune to win 4. Logan had controversy in two of his wins, and also had an injury that gave him a do over on his FR year. Kyle, while we have seen now it might not have made a difference, but was always a year removed, or ahead of some studs that came in to his previous weight class. I'm not at all saying this to say these guys are undeserving, rather just how hard it is to win 4. Look at guys like Taylor, Martinez, and Snyder. Ironically all three of them, lost a title by pin fall, with Taylor losing another to Dake, and Kyle and Isaiah having one more year. It's why NCAA is the greatest tourney ever, anything can happen!
  10. I probably forgot about Konrad because there were several one time champs between him and Nelson, when the most recent 2X curse began. Excited for Gable to hopefully bring the HWY belt back to MN.
  11. I know nothing about the situation, the Suriano's, nor have sources but yes it could be about less than 100 percent. If Mr. Suriano feels like Nick is deserving of 100 percent, especially if Cael is pushing for him to stay, and take a scholarship cut I could totally see the dad saying, "fine, we will go somewhere that gives us 100". Now, is the main reason, and driving force behind that? Maybe not. If Nick was already wanting to leave though, PSU not willing to budge on scholly money might be the nail in the coffin. Pride can motivate someone for a long time.
  12. Probably the most unique thing about Snyder losing (if he did), he would be the third straight HWY to fall short of a third title. Gwiz stopped Nelson, and Snyder stopped Gwiz. IIRC Nelson and Gwiz also both placed 7th their FR season.
  13. 25- Lizak 33- Gross 41- Thorn 49- Zain 57- Smith 65- Massa 74- BOJO 84- Martin 97- Moore HWY- Snyder
  14. It seems like as the sport progresses so does the ability to close the gap. Stieber went from a poor performance against JO in the dual, to turning the tables in the finals. Yes, with some controversy. It would be interesting to see how a Snyder would do against Cael, or an Ed Ruth when Cael was still at 184. It seems like the superstars are more able to have a slip up at least once, each year. Logan losing to Dardanes, almost losing to brother Nick, Dake losing in the conf finals.
  15. Big Ten, I have often asked this same question but have since changed my tune a little, and not for the "watered down" reason. Wrestling already has enough of an uphill battle to be in the OLY, trying to convince the IOC to double our entries just isn't going to happen. Track and Field have the benefits of being able to get 8-15 (depending on the event) or 8 for swimming in multiple heats, where as Wrestling can only have so many mats going at a time. Is it a justifiable reason? Maybe not. The other issue is what I am always discussing but the fact is anyone will watch someone run in circles for the OLY or swim laps, not just anybody will watch two big boys "sumo wrestle" for 6 minutes.
  16. When I was going through MEPS 2 years ago for the AF, I didn't know that there was a height/weight requirement (recruiter never told me). I was 4 lbs over what the "max" was, so they taped me. The AF requires your BMI to be under 20 if you get taped, the Army requires 25. I think mine was 23/24. I had run a half marathon two days earlier, and even the doc could see I was more than fit to pass the test. Still had to come back two weeks later to weigh in again, made it easily. Once you get in at least for the AF as long as a male waste is under 39 inches, and you pass your PT test, they don't care what you weigh. My point for that story is yes, BMI can be a decent tool to get an idea of one's fitness but it shouldn't be a hill we die on. I've seen guys who probably have a BMI of 7, who can barely run 1.5 miles, and I've seen guys who might be "obese" crush cardio.
  17. I do. Schlatter's defense from Neutral was very similar to KD, and Schlatter could tilt anyone from the top position if he wanted to.
  18. It is too hard to compare guys as far apart as Zain, Espo, and Schlatter. So much has changed in 10 years, and the competition is always changing. Dustin had some incredibly talented wrestlers in his weight classes while competing, and was nearly untouchable when he was healthy. Don't forget he gave Metcalf a tough match, despite being injured in that match with Metcalf's "aggressive" wrestling which was very close to wrestling after the whistle. Zain has had the good fortune of never really having a serious injury, and his competition the past two years has not been near what Schlatter had. I'm not taking anything away from Zain, I just don't think he handles Schlatter.
  19. The issue is people are putting it on the media source or someone like USA wrestling to grow the sport, when in reality it is just the facts of life wrestling will not get much bigger than it is right now. I wouldn't really say the major sports are growing year in and year out, they have just always been popular, because they are easy to understand and everyone can do them whenever. Yes, certain minor sports have spurts of growing exposure but then they top out and are just another sport out there. It seems like the mission of Flo is to grow the amount of exposure, that will appeal to the fan that already exists. I could be wrong on this. With a sport that takes hard work (weight cutting) you cant just go in the back yard and play around (like baseball/football) and no pro league, how much bigger can it get? How will it appeal to the common fan?
  20. It's comical how you make someone pay for something and they act like the world is falling apart. Take Flo away and who steps up to cover wrestling? I don't think I have ever seen anyone complain about Intermat's platinum service, because most people probably don't care about it. What have other companies done to grow the sport? Yes, charging a monthly fee might not be the best way to attract new fans, but it does allow Flo to give the ones willing to pay more access and coverage that no one else is willing to do. I have seen ESPN cover robot wars, and guys playing video games on ESPN 3 before, they are a bad example, because they will cover ANYTHING as they have the money and resources to put it on an extra channel. As for NBC, the US championships which in non-OLY years is the qualifying meet for the World championships was on NBCSports (Cable subscription) and even at that they only covered the more popular events. It would be like NBCSports showing 74 and 86 Kg for the WTT. You do have the option to subscribe to individual sports and get all access but it is about 70 bucks a year per sport, cheaper yes, but they bring in way more money, that doesn't give you technique and documentaries.
  21. If Cael is being held responsible for losing while redshirting, then the same could be said about when Kyle loses at an international tournament during the college season. Everyone is saying wrestling is wrestling, well then Kyle has lost since his true freshman year. I will need some help on this, was it as popular and acceptable to focus on Worlds while still in college when Cael was competing. The opportunities have changed so much in the past 10-15 years, that who is to say if Cael was in college now he wouldn't be winning worlds in between the seasons. Maybe he just didn't really care that much about winning a bunch of worlds and cared more about making a ton as a coach.
  22. Nom, it's clear that you have painted the question in your head to have Snyder be the best, and that is fine, because you could make a very strong argument that he is on the top of that list. My one problem with Snyder is, he mostly wrestles 1 of the 3 positions in college. He has something like three or four career pins? I also think him being at heavyweight is why he can afford to only wrestle folkstyle 1/3 of the season. He wrestles FS as much as he does at 149/157 I don't think it goes so well. Again, this is all speculation, and KS has one of the best work ethics based off of what others have said. Anytime wrestlers have FS accomplishments while still in college, it is almost impossible to have a fair conversation about them in college, because people can't/won't put the FS accomplishments in a different subject.
  23. It would be interesting to see the difference in back points between tilts and pinning situations. My point being, if they remove points from tilts, even more fans will cry stalling, and wonder what the top wrestler is doing. I understand why people want mat-side weigh ins, but I feel this would seriously drive down the numbers for wrestling, it is enough of a stress on a kid always worrying about his/her weight, making it mat side doesn't take this away. Kids still have to be under the weight, and the weight classes are so close together, you would go to having 3 157 pounders instead of a 141, 149, and 157 each. Not to mention, I feel all this would do is put two wrestlers against each other who would be zapped because they've been working out for an hour before the match.
  24. Or perhaps JO benefited from the extra help he was getting, I've never bought the whole "it happened by accident" excuse given by athletes. Even if it might be possibly true, it is the job of the athlete, trainer, and agent to know exactly what is going in your body. That being said, I agree that Zain will not medal. I don't think his style will translate well to the international guys, I see Zain having a similar career as Metcalf.
  25. The highlight from all of this will be when Pico gets ready for his next flight, and FloWrestling starts covering it again. (Which I have no problem with) The board will then have 30 pages on "why is this kid still relevant"
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